Night Club Quickie – Short Sex Story

The door to the bathroom banged open as she was pushed back into it as he was kissing her. He stopped to lock the door behind them as the made out to the sink. She rubbed her hands along his back as he grabbed her ass and picked her up onto the counter. She reached down and grabbed his belt buckle and undid his pants. The pants hit the floor followed by him pulling his boxers down, exposing his penis. She started stroking it as he buried his face in her chest. He grabbed her and pulled her panties off, throwing them across the room. She let go as he pulled her back off and spun her around, bending her over the counter. He lined up and slid the dress over her back as he spread her legs. She grabbed one of her breast and rubbed it, keeping herself hot. He grabbed her ponytail and slid into her, getting a rhythm going immediately. She rocked with him head cocked back looking at him in the mirror, hand on her tit. He let go of her hair and grabbed her chest, squeezing roughly and pounding harder. She moved in response to make the thrust harder, moaning loudly. He pulled out, letting her go and grabbing his shaft, keeping himself hard as she dropped to her knees in front of him. She grabbed the raging erection in front of her and began to pick up the stroking as he groaned and bit his lip. The white liquid flew from him onto her face and dress, coating her in thick ribbons of jizz. She licked her lips, tasting him on her lips and moving to suck the remaining out of his mushroom and cleaning him up. He pulled his pants up as she pulled the mess off of herself and licked her fingers.

NSFW: yes

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