New Neighbours Part 5 – Lauren Returns [M39/F18] [cheating] [age difference] [age gap] [teen] [older man] [younger woman] [risky]

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“I don’t like you going out when it’s dark and icy,” Sarah pouted at Mikey.

“I need to get the training in. We hardly leave the house because of this damn virus. The bike is my only release,” Mikey explained to his wife.

“Well, if you stay here with me I’m sure we could find another way of giving you some release,” Sarah said with a wink.

Mikey laughed and kissed the top of Sarah’s head. “It’s cute that you worry, darling, but I’ll be fine.” Mikey looked across at their daughter and said, “Anyway, don’t you think we should wait until later on when she’s gone to bed to start trying to make her a little brother or sister?”

“OK. Well, I’ll be waiting for you when you get home.” Sarah kissed Mikey on the lips as he turned to leave.


Mikey rolled off Sarah and collapsed on the bed next to her – the early morning light illuminating the satisfied smile on her face.

“I didn’t know you’d still be able to manage it three times in one night,” Sarah whispered.

Mikey laughed. “Let’s hope it works. I don’t know how long I can keep this up. Things are getting a bit tender down there.”

Sarah ran her fingers up and down Mikey’s chest and stomach, lightly kissing his cheek and neck at the same time. “Well, even if it doesn’t work, at least, we’ve had fun trying, hey?”

They both laughed.

“Hey, I bumped into Anne yesterday. She mentioned that Lauren is back in town. Maybe you should see if she will go out with you on those late-night rides. I’d much rather you had someone with you.”

Mikey’s eyes flew wide open. Lauren! he thought. I haven’t heard from her in months. A sense of fear washed over him.

“Erm, I don’t know,” Mikey replied. “I doubt she’ll want to go out in the cold and she won’t want to hang out with me.” 

“I don’t know. You guys seemed to be getting on pretty well before she left for uni. I’ll ask Anne or David. I’d much rather you had someone with you, especially when it’s dark.”

Mikey’s mind was instantly filled with images of Lauren in her cycling gear. Her small round butt in those tight shorts. The swell of her breasts in that pink top. He closed his eyes and there she was. On top of him. Riding him hard in that field. Her full breasts bouncing high on her petite frame. Her face contorted with pleasure.

Mikey could feel his cock swelling back to life at the thought of his summer exploits with Lauren.

The sound of Sarah’s voice snapped him back to reality. “Oh hello there. Looks like someone has come back out to play.”

Sarah threw a leg over Mikey and straddled him. She reached back and took hold of Mikey’s now painfully hard cock and lined it up with her soaking entrance.

“Ready for round four?” she teased.


“That was pretty amazing last night,” said Sarah, winking as she tucked into her lunch. “It’s my most fertile time today. Reckon you can go another four rounds tonight?”

“I think you just about drained me last night, but I’ll give it a go,” Mikey said with a small laugh. “I think I’ll go for another bike ride this afternoon. Get the blood pumping. That should help revive things!”

“Oh. I sent Anne a message earlier. Lauren’s really keen to get out on the bike with you. She said she’d ring later to arrange a time.”

“Oh, you shouldn’t have. I like being out on my own.”

“Yes. Well, I don’t like you going out when it’s icy. But if you insist on doing it then you should have someone with you.”

With that, the phone rang.

Sarah picked up. Mikey could only hear one side of the conversation.

“Yes, he says he’s going this afternoon…”

“OK. I see…”

“Yep. I’ll get him to meet you there…”

“Three o’clock. Got it…”

“K. Bye.”

Sarah hung up the phone. “Three o’clock OK then?”

“I suppose so. I guess that was Lauren?” Mikey sighed.

“Yes. But you’ve got to meet her at a friend’s house. She left her bike there while she was at uni. She’s going to send me a message with the address.”

“OK then. I’d better go and get ready,” Mikey said, worrying how he was going to react when he saw Lauren again.


Mikey hopped off his bike and wheeled it up the path to the front of the house. 

Here goes nothing, he thought and rang the doorbell.

“You must be Mikey?” said the tall, dark-skinned girl who answered the door. “Nice outfit!” she said laughing and looking him up and down.

Mikey wasted no time checking her out too. Her skin-tight jeans and form-fitting top showed off her lithe body. She looked like she could be a track athlete, maybe a long jumper. Her pretty face was framed by long dark flowing hair and she had large dark eyes that seemed to be travelling up and down Mikey’s body. He guessed she must have been around Lauren’s age.

“Er, yes. And thanks. I know it looks silly but it keeps me warm. Is Lauren here?” he asked, feeling like a school boy calling on a friend.

“Yep. She’s just getting ready inside. Do want to come in for a bit? You can leave the bike in the hallway. I’m Tanya by the way.”

“I suppose so. It’s pretty cold standing out here.”

Tanya turned to lead the way into the house. Mikey’s gaze went straight to her ass. It was magnificent. Not large. Not small. But perfectly round and accentuated by her jeans. He propped his bike up against the wall and followed Tanya into the lounge watching the exaggerated sway of her butt as she walked. He quickly sat down before the swelling in his Lycra cycling tights became too obvious.

“Have a sea…” Tanya turned to point at the sofa Mikey was already sitting in. “Oh, you’ve already made yourself comfortable,” she said. “I’ll go and see if Lauren’s ready,” said Tanya as she hurried out of the room giggling.

A few minutes later, Mikey heard feet running down the stairs. “Bye,” Tanya shouted. “Just pull the door closed behind you when you leave. Mum won’t be home for hours.” And then the door shut behind her as she left.

Mikey went to the bottom of the stairs and shouted up. “Lauren,” he called. “If you’re not ready, I’ll just head out on my own. We can go out tomorrow.”

“Almost done,” Lauren shouted back. “Take a seat. I’ll be down in a sec.”

Mikey went back to the lounge and waited. Thoughts of his previous encounters with Lauren were spinning through his head, along with the mental image of Tanya’s swaying ass. The bulge was getting bigger and he couldn’t stop it.

He heard footsteps coming down the stairs. “Ready,” Lauren called.

“I’m in here,” Mikey called back.

Lauren walked in wearing her summer cycling gear. The same black Lycra shorts and purple top that struggled to stretch over her firm breasts.

“You can’t wear that. You’ll freeze!” said Mikey, inadvertently staring at her chest.

“Oh? I thought I’d warm up from the exercise?” replied Lauren, staring at the rapidly growing bulge in Mikey’s shorts. “So, did you miss me while I was away?” Lauren enquired as she moved closer.

“I. Erm. Well, yes, of course, I did. But we shouldn’t…” Mikey’s words trailed off as Lauren stood over him.

“We shouldn’t what, old man?” Lauren asked as she slowly climbed onto Mikey’s lap.

Lauren’s hands found their way into Mikey’s hair and she pulled him in for an intense kiss. She pushed forward and their groins met, two layers of Lycra separating them. Her hands reached down and started to undo the zip on Mikey’s jacket.

Mikey sprung to his feet. “No!” he said. “We can’t.” But he knew it was too late.

Lauren stood and started to pull the zip down on her own top. “Remember that first time? I wore the same outfit for you today.” The zip went lower. Mikey couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“Tell me to stop and I’ll stop,” Lauren said as the zip made it all the way down. She slowly pulled her top open, revealing her perfect breasts to Mikey once again. She shrugged the top off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor and stepped up to Mikey taking his hand in hers and guiding it to her chest.

Mikey’s breathing was fast and shallow as he slowly cupped Lauren’s breasts in his hands – his erection pushing painfully against the stretchy Lycra of his cycling tights.

“Oh my god, Lauren. You’re even more beautiful than I remembered,” he gasped and quickly threw his own top onto the floor with hers. He pulled her in close and kissed her hard then traced kisses down her neck, over her collarbone and to her breasts. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue, eliciting a small moan from Lauren.

Lauren reached back and hooked her thumbs into the back of Mikey’s trousers. “That bulge looks painful,” she said. “I think these need to come off.”

Mikey wiggled his hips and helped her push them down. His rock hard cock sprang free in front of Lauren’s face. 

“Oh how I’ve missed this,” Lauren sighed, taking his cock in her small hands. “Those guys at uni just don’t come close.” And with that, she bobbed her head forward and engulfed Mikey in her hot mouth.

“Argh,” groaned Mikey as he felt Lauren’s hot tongue swirling around his cock head in her mouth. “I’d forgotten how good you were at this!”

Lauren looked up at him with those big blue eyes that he’d seen so many times in his dreams over the last few months. She picked up the pace and it was all too much for him.

“Stop,” he called. “Lauren, stop. I’m going to cum. Argh.”

Lauren didn’t stop. She just increased the suction and pressed her tongue against the head of his cock.

Mikey felt his balls tighten as he fired into Lauren’s hot mouth. She had her eyes closed in concentration as she tried to take it all, but it was too much. She released him from her mouth and gasped for air as a second shot blasted her face, coating her cheek and nose in salty cum. Another shot sprayed across her chest and dripped off one of her nipples onto her Lycra shorts.

“Oh my god, Mikey. I couldn’t take it all. Look at the mess!” she said laughing. 

Mikey pulled Lauren to her feet. “We need to get cleaned up. How long have we got?”

“Tanya’s gone to the gym and her mum won’t be home for hours. Why? What have you got in mind?”

“Fancy a shower?” Mikey asked.

Lauren peeled her shorts off, grabbed Mikey’s hand and led him to the stairs. “This way,” she said.

As she climbed the stairs in front of him Mikey grabbed her naked ass. Then he slid his hand forward and cupped her pussy, feeling the heat and moisture coming from it.

Lauren quickly got the shower going and stepped in, pulling Mikey in behind her. She hooked her hands around his neck then pulled him in for another intense kiss.

Mikey took his time, working his way down her body – cleaning and kissing as he went. He turned her round and soaped up her butt then traced a finger between her legs, splitting her lips as he slowly slid his finger forward.

He pushed Lauren’s legs apart then took hold of her ankle and lifted her foot onto the ledge. He twisted round and slowly licked between her pussy lips, pushing his tongue inside as he reached her opening.

Lauren shrieked, then let out an, “Oooh. That feels good.”

Mikey increased the pressure. Working his tongue harder and faster between her lips before finally making contact with her clit.

Lauren jumped at the sensation then reached down and pulled Mikey’s head hard against her, clamping his ears between her thighs. 

He circled and swirled and flicked his tongue over her clit. Lauren’s breathing became more raged as she got close. He reached up and inserted a finger into her hot opening as he sucked her clit into his mouth.

Lauren shrieked, “fffuuuccckkk!” as her orgasm ripped through her. She squeezed Mikey’s head hard with her hands and her thighs as she bucked her hips hard against his face. “Urgh, urgh, urgh.” she groaned as her body spasmed. Eventually, she released her vice grip and collapsed on the shower floor next to him.

“That was exactly what I needed,” she said, leaning forward for a kiss. “I haven’t cum that hard since, well, since the last time we took a shower together!”

Mikey and Lauren both turned their heads to a sound at the doorway.

“Ah-hem,” Tanya cleared her throat. “What’s going on in here?”

To be continued…

NSFW: yes

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