New Neighbours Part 4 – When The Wife’s Away, Continued [M39/F18] [cheating] [age difference] [age gap] [teen] [older man] [younger woman] [risky]

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When Mikey woke up, the room was pitch black. Lauren’s arm was draped across him and he could just make out the silhouette of her pretty face as his eyes adjusted to the darkness.

Mikey slowly rolled out of bed to go and check on his daughter. She was still sound asleep in her room.

He went into the bathroom. What are you doing? he thought to himself as he looked at his almost forty-year-old face in the mirror. Your wife’s away and you’re messing around with the neighbour’s eighteen-year-old daughter.

His cock started to stir at that thought. As much as Mikey knew it was wrong, there was no way he could stop now. He shook his head and quietly padded back to the bedroom, turning on a night light as he made it back into the room.

Lauren was lying on her back fast asleep when Mikey stealthily slipped back into bed next to her.

The sheets were pulled up around Lauren’s waist, leaving her top half exposed. Mikey sat there for a minute admiring her flawless body and those big, firm, round breasts that looked almost out of proportion against her small frame.

Mikey gently started to kiss Lauren’s neck. Lauren let out a low ‘hmmm’ as she responded to the sensation. He kissed down over her collarbones and between her breasts. Looking up to her face, Mikey could see Lauren was still fast asleep.

He kissed her toned stomach and then worked the sheets lower until her hips came into view. Lauren instinctively started to part her legs as Mikey’s kisses reached lower. He went lower still, kissing between her thighs and feeling the heat radiating from her pussy. He looked at her cleanly shaven pussy glistening in the low light.

He needed to taste it again. Lauren was stirring and her hands found their way into Mikey’s hair. He took this as his invitation to dive in.

Mikey slowly parted Lauren’s lips with his tongue. She was soaked already and he drank down her juices.

Lauren moaned a soft “oooo” as Mikey licked a little deeper with the second stroke of his tongue. She lifted her legs slightly and clamped Mikey’s head between her knees.

Mikey kept up the slow strokes between her lips, gradually making stronger and stronger contact with Lauren’s clit at the end of each stroke.

“That feels so nice,” Lauren whispered to Mikey. “Hmmmm, keep going.”

Now Mikey was gently flicking his tongue over Lauren’s clit at the end of each stroke, making her jerk slightly each time.

He started running his tongue in slow circles around it now. Lauren was squirming against his face, the sensation from Mikey’s touch bringing her close to orgasm.

He kept this up, slowly circling Lauren’s clit, not wanting this slow, middle of the night encounter to turn into anything too frantic.

Lauren’s hips bucked into Mikey’s face as her knees clamped his head harder. She ground her pussy hard against his face as she came, letting out gentle moans as the orgasm swept through her.

“Oh Mikey,” she said softly. “That was so romantic.”

She ushered Mikey up the bed and they kissed in a slow, lazy passionate kiss, their tongues doing a slow dance inside Lauren’s hot mouth.

Lauren wiggled herself underneath him and parted her legs further, inviting Mikey in.

Mikey slowly pushed himself forward and felt that familiar heat as the head of his cock made contact with her wet pussy lips.

He pushed further, slowly sliding inside.

Lauren wrapped her arms and legs around him and hummed a low satisfied moan.

Mikey slowly started to rock in and out of his teenage lover in what can only be described as a lazy, middle of the night fuck.

Their bodies were mashed together in a passionate embrace. Their mouths locked together in a long, slow kiss. And Mikey’s cock was buried deep inside Lauren’s hot, wet pussy.

There was no need to speed up. No need to change positions. This long, slow, lazy fuck was perfect.

Eventually, Mikey felt himself getting close. Three final slow thrusts and he pushed forward and unloaded deep inside Lauren.

Lauren felt the hot stream of cum fill up her insides and clamped her legs harder around Mikey’s waist, holding him deep inside her.

When Mikey was done cumming Lauren linked her arms behind his neck and kissed him deeply again.

“That was perfect. I’ve never had romantic sex like that before. I wish we could spend the night together more often,” she said, a sad pouty look on her face.

“I know,” said Mikey. “That was pretty amazing. But you’re off to uni next week and my wife doesn’t go away that often.”

“Let’s just live this perfect moment right here, right now then,” said Lauren. “We can worry about the future tomorrow.”


Mikey’s phone started ringing at 6.30am; it was his wife.

“Hi, darling,” he said as he answered it.

“Wh-what’s going on?” Lauren started to stutter.

Mikey put a finger to her mouth.

“Oh,” Lauren mouthed back to him, a wicked grin coming over her face.

Mikey recounted the last day to Sarah over the phone, telling her all about their daughter’s day at the park and the work he’d done in the garden.

“How’s the conference going?” he asked.

Sarah launched into a long, dry summary of her sales conference that could have put Mikey back to sleep.

As Sarah started telling Mikey all about last night’s conference meal, Mikey felt Lauren’s hand descending under the covers. His cock quickly sprang to attention as her small fingers made contact.

He shook his head at Lauren, but she just pouted in reply as her hand gripped and slowly started stroking Mikey’s now fully erect cock.

As Sarah moved on to talking about the live band that had played for them in the evening, Lauren worked her mouth around Mikey’s cock, slowly swirling her tongue around the head as she did so.

Mikey pulled the sheets back so he could see Lauren’s pretty face bobbing up and down around his cock.

He almost forgot Sarah was on the phone. “Mikey? Mikey?” came his wife’s voice. “Isn’t that a good idea?”

Mikey had no idea what she was asking him but he stuttered out a “Y-yes honey” in reply.

“Oh, great. Well, don’t forget Felicity will be round at nine this morning to babysit. I think she’s going to take her to the park this morning.”

“OK,” said Mikey as Lauren picked up the pace, sweeping her long blonde hair clear of her face.

Mikey wanted to let out a groan but couldn’t make a sound with his wife still on the phone.

Sarah was now reciting their daughter’s schedule for the day to him over the phone. “And at three o’clock she’s got a dentist appointment, don’t forget,” she said.

Mikey was getting close, his hips involuntarily rising to meet Lauren’s bobbing head.

“OK,” he managed to pant in reply to his wife’s statement.

“Are you OK? You sound out of breath?” Sarah asked.

“Y-yes, fine, thank you,” Mikey just about managed to reply.

And then his body shook. His hips jerked into the air. His hot cum shot into Lauren’s mouth and he let out a grunt that he couldn’t suppress.

Lauren’s mouth was making loud slurping noises as she tried to swallow the huge load Mikey had just given her, her eyes wide in shock at what had just happened.

“What’s going on, Mikey?” Sarah inquired. “Are you hurt?”

Mikey sighed as a wave of relief swept through him. “No, never been better, darling. See you tomorrow.”

“OK, see you tomorrow then,” said Sarah. “I’ll be back quite late but you’ll want to wait up for me. I’ve got some new underwear to show you. I know you’ll like it.”

“Sounds great,” replied Mikey.

“Love you,” said Sarah.

“Love you, bye,” said Mikey in return as he hung up the phone.

As soon as he hung up the phone, Mikey and Lauren both burst out laughing.

“I can’t believe you did that,” Mikey said to Lauren, tickling her ribs as he rolled her back onto the bed.

“Me neither,” beamed Lauren. “I’ve never done that before!”


Mikey woke to the sound of small footsteps approaching his way.

Oh shit, he thought as he heard his daughter getting closer.

“Quick, in the shower room,” he said to Lauren.

“W-what?” said Lauren, still half asleep.

Then Lauren heard the footsteps too. She sprinted across the room and managed to quietly close it behind her as Mikey’s daughter entered the room.

Mikey got her dressed for the day and made her lunch. A short while later, Felicity was knocking on the door.

“Hello, Mikey,” she beamed. “Hope you had a good night?”

“Erm, yes, thank you. Just a quiet one in front of the TV,” he replied, taking in the young babysitter’s completely inappropriate outfit.

“OK,” replied Felicity, a knowing look in her eye. “Is she ready?”

“Yes,” said Mikey as he ushered his daughter out the door. “Have fun.”

“We will,” stated Felicity as she turned and walked away, swaying her hips from side to side as she went.

Mikey went back inside and practically sprinted up the stairs.

“Lauren!” he called. “Coast is clear.” He heard the sound of the shower starting up.

He stepped into the shower room and saw Lauren’s outline through the steamed glass of the shower enclosure.

“Are you coming to join me or what?” Lauren asked.

Mikey quickly stripped off and jumped in with her.

Lauren turned to face him, her body shimmering with the moisture from the shower and her glorious breasts lathered up with soap.

“Nice of you to join me,” she said, linking her arms behind his neck and pulling him in for a kiss.

Mikey’s cock was slowly rising and started to push against Lauren’s stomach.

“Mmmm, it looks like he wants to play again,” observed Lauren as she reached down to grasp it.

Lauren’s soapy hands worked backwards and forwards over Mikey’s now rock hard cock as the warm water cascaded over them both.

“Not so fast,” said Mikey, pushing Lauren away. He applied some soap to his hands and then proceeded to lather up the whole of Lauren’s tight body.

He started with her shoulders, then spun her around and cleaned her back. He worked from her feet up her legs and then worked circles around her ass. He spun her around again and washed her stomach before working up to grip and massage her breasts. He kissed her hard as his hands worked between her thighs and slowly into the gap between them.

Lauren jumped as Mikey’s fingers made contact with the outer edge of her pussy. Then he rubbed a soapy finger between her lips before pushing one inside her. He worked his finger in and out before pushing a second in alongside it.

Lauren’s juices mixed with the soapy water to make a slippery mess at her entrance. Mikey leant down and lapped up the mixture, immediately regretting it as he tasted soap!

He worked a third finger inside.

“Oh my god. I’ve never had three fingers in me before,” moaned Lauren.

Mikey used his whole body to pin Lauren back against the wall and he worked his fingers in and out of her, hard and fast. He used his thumb to rub her clit and Lauren cried out as her orgasm shook her whole body. Mikey removed his fingers and Lauren slumped to the floor as she regained her composure.

Lauren stood back up again. “I don’t know how I’m going to manage without this when I’m at uni,” she said, taking hold of Mikey’s cock once more.

“I’m sure there’ll be plenty of guys willing to help you out,” replied Mikey with a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“Hmmm, they’re just boys, though,” said Lauren. “There’s something about you and your dad-bod that makes me cum harder than I’ve ever cum before.”

Lauren turned away from Mikey, wriggling her bum against his rock hard cock. She split her legs and bent straight over, bracing herself against the wall.

Mikey didn’t need any more invitation than that. He took firm hold of Lauren’s hips, rubbed his cock between her pussy lips and then pushed straight into her in one fast motion.

Lauren let out an audible ”oooo” as their bodies made contact.

In contrast to their slow, lazy fuck in the night, this time they went hard and fast. Mikey was grabbing Lauren’s ass one minute and then leaning forward to grope her breasts the next.

Lauren was reaching back and frantically rubbing her clit.

“I’m going to cum. Don’t stop. Don’t you dare stop,” she cried out at Mikey.

“Me too!” he replied.

Lauren cried out, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” as another orgasm took hold of her.

Mikey thrust faster and faster as he approached his own release.

Lauren spun around, sank to her knees and quickly took Mikey’s cock back into her mouth. She sucked hard as her tongue engulfed him.

“Agghhh,” Mikey grunted as he felt his balls tighten and his body shake.

Lauren pulled his cock out of her mouth and aimed it at her breasts. She pumped Mikey’s cock with her small hands and the first shot hit her straight on her left nipple. The next one arced into the air and landed on her chin. And the third and final stream landed square in the middle of her chest and slowly started running down the valley between her heaving mounds.

“That was fun,” said Lauren, a huge grin on her face.

“You can say that again,” said Mikey.

Lauren sucked Mikey’s cock clean, then they both washed each other fully and got out of the shower.

It was 11am by the time they were dressed and sat downstairs eating breakfast.

“Well, I guess that answers my question from last night then,” said Lauren, giggling.

“What do you mean?”

“It turns out an old man like you can go four times in a night,” she said. “Pretty impressive.”

They both laughed.

To be continued…

NSFW: yes

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