New arrangement part 8.

Watching Joe’s tight ass flexing and pumping, smacking into Dee’s bare ass, his balls slapping on her pussy as he fucked her deep and hard, put me over the edge.

My orgasm hit and I put my left hand over my mouth to help muffle my grunting. I sat back up in the bar stool catching my wind, watching the heated fucking on my sofa.

Joe’s went from Dee’s hips, to her shoulders, to gripping her boobs as he fucked, squirmed, ground his thick length of cock into Dee’s pussy. This was so hot. I was very pleased that I was allowed to be present and see my friend get screw silly from young Joe.

Joe stopped pumping, rubbing Dee’s slender back and squeezing her ass cheeks. He asked Dee if she’d like a
to take a break.

Dee raised up from resting on her forearms, breathing heavy, turning head and asked if he had finished. “I didn’t feel you cum.”

Joe was balls deep in Dee grinding against her soft ass. “No, I didn’t cum yet. I didn’t want this to be over too quickly. You feel so good. I thought I’d give Dotty a turn.” Joe said.

Joe pulled out of Dee and she rolled to a sitting position. Joe asked if it was good for her.

Dee’s hand brushed her hair back and answered, “Oh God yes. You were very good honey. Don’t know when I’ve felt this satisfied.”

Joe turned and looked over at me. “C’mon over, Dotty. I haven’t forgotten about you.”

My heart was racing like mad as I stood up and walked across the living room. Joe smiled at me putting an arm around my shoulders. I looked at Dee curled up resting against the back of the sofa. I smiled at her flushed face and asked if she enjoyed herself.

“Well yeah, silly. I never felt so….how do I put it, so full and excited in my life.” Dee said, looking up at us. Joe’s other hand was feeling my tits,

“I still can’t believe I had that in me. Man! And I just fucked with a 21 year old kid, to boot. I’ll probably end up in hell for that.” Dee exclaimed, shaking her head as she looked at naked Joe and his throbbing thick cock.

“I felt the same way at first, Dee. That feeling will pass, especially when you remember how exciting it was and how much you enjoyed it. You did enjoy being with Joe, didn’t you?” I said, as leaned against Joe.

Dee rolled her big brown eyes, grinned, then got up and walked to the bar for a drink. Joe hugged me tight and kissed me.

The kiss ended and Joe yanked down my damp thong pantie. I held onto his arms as I stepped out of it. I was about to get the same treatment hat Dee got.

Joe having cum three times already this day, really gave him self control to be able to fuck Dee, now me. Joe watched my face as he slowly slid into my wet pussy.

I didn’t even think about Dee sitting across the room watching me now, getting fucked by my young neighbor. I knew she was there, though, and it sort of added to my excitement.

Joe fucked me for several minutes, I came several times, hard, so my thinking of time wasn’t essential. This was all about pleasure, excitement and getting off, I surely did that.

I don’t know how many times I climaxed, but I was seeing stars from Joe giving me that lovely cock of his. Joe still didn’t need to cum after all of this.

Joe was looking down at me panting like a dog in heat. My last orgasm still giving me after shocks. He stopped pumping, grinding up in me, and some wondered or idea popped into his head.

Joe pulled out of me and sat back. “Hey, I have an idea.” He said in a perky tone looking at me then over at Dee.

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