Naughty Neighbor [outdoors] [MF]

After I caught him peeking through the fence, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. He has lived next door for a while, but we’ve really never talked. Wave as we pass in the yard, maybe a good morning or simple hello. I’ve never noticed a woman with him so I wonder if he’s single. My guess is yes, since he was thoroughly enjoying the show I gave him. I’d been keeping my curtains parted in my windows and hasn’t been wearing my bathrobe anymore. I’m not sure he’s seen but I haven’t been shy about showing skin. I’m not an exhibitionist but it was hot knowing he was watching me.

It’s another nice day and the sun was beckoning me again. That really did feel amazing. I was already only wearing panties, so I grabbed an oversized t shirt to at least pretend I had some modesty. This time I’m less quiet about my plans. I grab my toy and turn the music louder, grab my blanket and head outside. I decide this time to move more to the side yard so I’m closer to him and I can give him a better view.

I make a bigger show of shaking my blanket and arranging it in the grass. The music is loud enough that I’m sure he can hear it with his windows open. I lay down on the blanket and begin to rub lotion on my legs, moving nice and slow and enjoying the sunshine on my skin. I glance up and notice there’s a larger gap in the fence here just as I hear his front door click closed. I turn my back towards the fence and slowly pull my shirt over my head. My panties are sheer so they really hide nothing. If he can see me, he’s got a great view of my ass. The shirt gets tossed to the ground and I hear a footstep.

I smile. He’s here. I reach for the lotion and begin to rub some into my arms. He still can’t see my face but he gets a peek of my breasts as apply the lotion. I slowly turn and smile as I do. As I wondered, he’s there at the fence. I lock eyes and start to rub my breasts. My nipples are pointed to him and I make sure to roll and pinch them for him. His eyes wander my body with my hands. I massage the lotion into my tummy and work my hands lower. I spread my legs just a little and rub the lotion into my thighs. It’s a lightly scented lotion and we are close enough, I’m sure he can smell it. I lay back and pretend that I’m just gonna lie in the sun but slowly spread my legs further giving him a full view of my wet pussy underneath those sheer black panties.

I hear his breathing and I can tell he is enjoying the view. I trail my fingers down to my pussy and begin to rub gently over the top of my panties. I hear a soft moan and reply with a moan of my own. I tease him more and slip a finger inside, feeling the warmth and wetness of my aching slit. I bend my knees up and wide and run harder. I hear him suck in a breath and I hear a belt buckle clink. I sit up. His eyes are on mine. I reach for my toy and bring it to my mouth. His hands freeze as I lick and kiss my toy. His eyes are transfixed as I give my toy a very nice slow blowjob. My free hand is caressing my breasts and pinching my nipples. I’m more turned on this time and I really want to fuck him.

I put the toy down and look him in the eye. I nod yes to him. His eyes grow bigger and he doesn’t move. I slide a finger into my pussy and gather some of my juices. I pull my finger to my mouth and suck the juices off. Then point it at him and nod again. I see him turn and walk away along the fence. I hear footsteps as he walks around to my side. He approaches slowly and I ask “do you like what you see?” “Yea ma’am I do” he says. He has a delicious accent. “Would you like a closer view?” He is right in front of me and drops to his knees on the edge of my blanket between my feet. I begin to rub my pussy over my panties again and he can see how wet I am. My nipples are hard as rocks and I roll one around between my fingers.

I can hear his ragged breathing and I can see the fire in his eyes. “Can you help me?” I ask. His eyes darken slightly and he smiles. His hands reach for my legs and he caresses my skin. His hands run up my inner thighs and I feel his breath follow close behind. He kisses my inner thigh and his beard tickles my skin. His fingers gently probe through my panties and he teases my pussy. My clit is swollen and throbbing. His touch sends currents through my whole body. He continues kissing my thighs as his fingers wander through my pussy and clit. I begin to moan and I want to beg. He teases me and I feel his breath just over my sex. His eyes meet mine and I nod again. “Yes, please, yes” I moan. His face lights up with a smile and his eyes somehow get even darker. He sits up and grabs the waistband of my panties. With a quick pull he has my panties off and my feet in the air. The panties fly and his fingers probe my pulsing sex.

I hear a low growl and his finger pushes deep inside. I let out a moan and I can feel my entire body heat up. I feel like I’m on fire. He pumps his finger a few more times and I feel him shift his body. He lays down and pulls my legs over his shoulders. “I’m going to devour you,” he growls. “Fuck yes” I moan. His tongue just touches my clit and I nearly explode. “Not yet missy.” I feel his lips kissing mine and I feel his fingers swirl. His tongue teases my pussy and his fingers enter me. First one then two. He curls them just right and finds the secret spot. Just as I think I may burst again his tongue laps at my clit and I feel his mouth settle in.

His tongue and lips bring me to a place where I forget to breathe. His fingers and tongue dance across my pussy and lead my body to climax. I feel my thighs burn and I clamp them tight oh his head. My moans can probably be heard around the block but I don’t hold back. His tongue is incredible. I begin to orgasm and my muscles contract. I can tell that I am gonna drench him when I cum, “oh my fucking god” I moan. I put my hands on his head and grind my pussy into his mouth and explode. My juices gush and soak his fingers and beard. He keeps going as the aftershocks hit and I try to push him away. He wraps an arm around my thigh and clamps his lips on my clit, sucking. His fingers keep pumping and I feel a second orgasm building. My moans are now just a constant and he lifts my body. He’s on his knees and my hips are in the air. He’s eating me like a starving man. The second orgasm hits and I arch my back. My shoulders on the blanket and my pussy grinding his mouth. My body quakes and I cum so hard I hear him gasp.

I open my eyes and see his face clamped between my thighs and his eyes peering over my tummy. I unclamp my legs and relax back to the blanket. He licks his fingers and wipes his face. “That was the perfect breakfast,” he grins. He stands up and I see he’s messed his pants. Grass stains on his knees and a very dark wet spot around his zipper. “Let’s do this again soon,” he says as he turns and walks away. I decide that I’m taking the curtains off the windows on his side of the house.

NSFW: yes

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