My wifes 30th birthday

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Not a new confession, as this happened on October 28th, 1999. My wife turned 30. For her birthday, I planned a surprise birthday/halloween costume party in her honor. Her mom kept our daughter for the night (se was only 2 at the time) and we had the whole house for the party. 20 or so of our friends and workplace aquaintances showed up, most in costumes of some kind. Some where fairly tame, but a lot were sexy and became even more risque as the night progressed. Between midnight and 1:00, there were still 6-7 guests remaining, most of them men who had no dates with them. My wife had consumed many jello shots and drinks, and was feeling no pain, for sure. Her natural inhibitions were reduced well, and after a lot of coaxing, she pulled open the blouse of her renfaire outfit, exposing her enormous, still breastfeeding tits to the guys at the party. At some point, a ‘milk the mom’ game started. If an guy could suck her tit for 10 seconds and spit milk into a glass, she would give them an option of a titjob or a blow job. I never knew for sure, as the night is a bit fuzzy, but she gave several blowjobs and tittyfuck that night. She swears the did not take her skirt off, but probably had 6 guys cocks in her mouth or between her tits that night.

NSFW: yes