My wife watches the kids so I can sleep with her friend – Short Sex Story

Last weekend we were with our friend Kate for the first time. Her and my wife have been talking about it all week, so my wife suggested we get to together again. It’s hard because we have children and she has 5 of her own and her husband is still away. My wife set it up so Kate would drop her kids off to our house and I could meet back up with her on my way home. I was excited to meet up again, the sex was great the first time and I definitely wanted more. So yesterday my wife texted the kids were at the house and Kate was waiting for me.

As I get to the her house, Kates husband texted me and said he knows what’s going on and can’t wait to hear what I did to his wife. It put me a little more at ease, I texted my wife to let her know what he said. She texted me back and said there are no rules for me and anything goes with Kate. I didn’t even have to knock as I got to the front door Kate slowly opened it wearing nothing but a short silk robe. I walked in and gave her a hug and we began to kiss. We stood there for a few minutes making out, we turned around so I could pin her to the wall as I continued to kiss her forcefully. She ran her hands over my cock as I tore open her robe exposing her full gorgeous breasts and neatly trimmed bush. I could not believe how wet she was already. Kate told me she has been thinking about me fucking her for days, she opened my pants and started to suck my already hard cock, she looked me in the eyes as she licked a few drops of precum off the head of my dick. We knew we had time and wanted to enjoy each other, we went over to the couch, Kate pulled all my clothes off and I buried my face in her, swirling my tongue all around her swollen clit. I took my time teasing and nibbling her using my tongue and fingers on her, I could feel her tensing up as she orgasmed. She told me she was so sensitive and needed a break but I kept going on her until I got another big orgasm from her.

I sat back down next to her so she could catch her breath, she stroked my cock as we kissed again, my face was still covered in her juices. Kate said she needed me in her, she wanted to feel the stretch again. I picked her up and carried her up the stairs as if it were our wedding night. I could see the passion and strength was driving her wild as I gently tossed her on the bed. She spread her legs and said “fuck me now”. I rubbed the head of my cock on her clit and slid it up and down. She told me to stop with the teasing and fuck her. I put the tip in and wiggled back and forth only giving her a few inches. She was arching her back and now really begging for my dick. I gave her a good hard thrust sending my whole shaft into her, my balls smacked her ass. She yelled in delight as we were full force fucking. Kate was so wet and I was giving her long hard strokes, normally I would cum quick from this but this time I was lasting. Kate was now full out screaming and moaning. I kept up the intensity, her breasts bounced aggressively and started to leak milk again. She didn’t care and I didn’t care, we rolled over so she could ride me. She was grinding her hips down on me and it felt great, I reached up squeezing her breasts, milk was now all over my chest, but we didn’t care, we just kept passionately fucking.

Kate asked me to pick her up and fuck her deep again. Since I love that too I scooped her up and carried her near her window, she pumped hard on as her legs were draped over my arms. She held around my neck as I was cupping her ass just pounding in mid air. She told me we was gonna cum again, I said I was too. A few pumps later she told me to cum in her, she needed to feel me explode in her she begged again for it. I could feel her cum as she seemed exhausted, a few more thrusts and I came too. As I came Kate squeezes her vagina really tight as if it hand was milking all my cum.

I carried her to the bed and laid her down gently giving her another kiss. She grabbed her phone and snapped a picture of her pussy with my cum leaking out, there was a ton coming out. We kissed some more and I asked if she wanted any more pictures. She took a few more photos, some of just my cock, she said those were for her and some with my cock in her mouth for her husband. I could see her put the cream pie picture in a group chat, it was to my wife and her husband and just said THANK YOU.

NSFW: yes

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