My wife, My sister, A Photoshoot and sparks did fly Part 1

My late wife Anna and me were laying in bed one morning after a sex free night when she came out with a strange statement. “Your sister is beautiful but very insular, I wish we could find a way to bring out her sexy”. I tried telling her that with our upbringing sex was something that was not really promoted by our parents so being sexy was not what my sister really tried to be. Anna then carried on talking and I wish she had stopped. She said that my sisters breasts were amazing and her butt if she was to twerk could cause earthquakes. I laughed, I told her I don’t think my sister would ever twerk and what they had done together was probably a one off. “Oh come on Johnny tell me you didn’t enjoy seeing me and your big sis together, tell me you weren’t tempted by her”. I told her I wasn’t but my cock told her I was lying. I had never had thoughts about my sister but the image of them both having sex came back to me causing Anna to roll on top of me and take my cock in her pussy and begin to ride me. Her breasts bounced as she rode me hard, “come on little brother fuck me” she began goading me the more she teased the more the image of my sister came into my head the face I saw above me was no longer Anna’ but my sisters. I began to meet her strokes, thrusting upward to make sure my cock was so deep inside her, she was riding me hard, I began calling her by my sister’s name, grabbing her breasts and squeezing her nipples her constant “Fuck me little brother” firing me up in a way I had never felt before. When I fired my load into her she fell on top of me giggling. “Well well, who was a naughty little brother then, I really wasn’t expecting you to respond like that. I told her I would never do it for real. She just gave me one of those smiles that suggested she wondered I was wrong.

We were in the kitchen having coffee when my sister walked in, she looked really flushed, she came over to me and kissed me on the lips (A first) letting the kiss linger for longer than usual, then she went over to Anna kissed her passionately whilst holding her breast as they kissed, my cock started to get hard again. My sister looked at me, I wasn’t hiding the hard on “Looks like someone woke up excited” Anna told her that we had already had sex and it was pretty hard. My sister looked at us both “I know I heard every word” I must have gone bright red. The other thing I noticed which was different was my sister wearing a white silk kimono, and she was topless under it, her nipples were clearly visible through the material. Anna picked up the phone and I went for a shower and to jerk off. The morning had already started strange and my head was now all over the place.

We were all in the kitchen together, everything had now calmed down, Anna told us we had to go out she had arranged a meeting with Mike’s (The Soccer Coach and my buddy) brother Ben. Ben was a photographer who did the usual family portrait stuff but also for a little extra he would do erotic photography. I saw the confused look on my sister’s face. Anna grabbed my sister’s hand and told me they were going shopping. Anna bent down and kissed me letting her hand rest on my cock then asked for my credit card (how could I refuse) My sister bent down and kissed me this time a peck on the cheek. “Really Pauline! I just got his credit card and you kissed him nicer than that earlier” My sis bent down again she kissed my mouth placed her hand where Anna’s had been squeezed and ran her tongue over my lips. As she raised herself again I couldn’t speak. “Meet us at Ben’s at 5” Anna shouted as they left. I headed for another shower and another release before my balls exploded.

At some point when they were out Anna must have told my sister what the plan was, which was great because I still had no clue what the plan was. I got a message from my sis telling me she didn’t think she could go through with it. I asked her what she was suppose to be going through with but I didn’t get a reply. My mind was going crazy.

I arrived at Ben’s studio, the girls were already inside, I walked through the back and could hear the sound of a camera clicking away, as I walked around the corner there was my sister in just white lingerie and Ben snapping away and putting her into different poses. Anna came up behind me “How good does she look?” I have to admit she looked amazing. I asked how much the shoot was costing and she told me that they had both already paid Ben in their own way. She kissed me and I realized then how they had paid him, the taste of another man on her lips was obvious. “I didn’t think you would mind”. She was right. Ben got my sister to take a break and came over to greet me, “These are two very sexy women, you’re a lucky man” I thanked him telling him I wasn’t just lucky I was horny.

He got Anna to begin posing with my sister. Quite innocent at first but then getting more sexy, He told them to forget he was there and just to begin getting naked, watching them both getting out of their lingerie was sexy enough, but when Anna lowered her head and began to take Pauline’s nipples in her mouth the mood of the room suddenly changed, Ben kept clicking away, the more he clicked the more they did, Anna lay Pauline down and got on top of her, they began to eat each other the sounds they were making joining the sound of the camera, my cock was straining, Pauline orgasmed and Anna soon after, they didn’t stop, they continued to fuck each other using their finger and tongues before switching so they were scissoring but it was getting hard for me to watch, there was my sister having orgasm after orgasm cursing like crazy with my wife. Eventually they calmed down, they lay on the floor for a few minutes, and for me I wondered that was it. He told them they could clean up in the bathroom and they left hand in hand. Ben looked at me “Are you ready for your turn?” I looked at him and asked what he meant. “Anna said that she wanted pics of the three of you together” Oh my gorgeous scheming little bitch of a wife, I suddenly became very nervous.

Please don’t ask for pics, I won’t distribute pics of my late wife or my sister, sharing the accounts of me and my late wife’s adventures is one thing, but her pics are sacred to me only.

NSFW: yes

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