My vivid memory of my inaugural experience with self-pleasure, etched in my memory, involves my step cousin (f19).

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Hey guysss, I wondered it would be good to distribute the story of when I masturbated for the first time. It was not like any ordinary time, and I started masturbating quite late, when I just turned 18, so heres how it goes.

I was in school, me and my friends were sat down one day talking about boys, like most 18 year old girls, when all of a sudden we got onto the topic of this one guy who we all fancied.

One of my friends said he was so hot, and that she would sit on his face if he asked her too. We all agreed, although i had never actually done anything sexual (I was a late bloomer) I definitely liked the idea of it. As we were agreeing, one of my friends said that she actually was playing with herself to the wondered of him fucking her…

We all giggled, like naughty college girls. I remember telling them that I had never actually masturbated, and they were all shocked. They all urged me to give it a go, I asked them how to do it and they showed me with their fingers. They all seemed pretty excited at the wondered of me trying it out for the first time, so I told them I’d try it tonight and let them know how it went.

That night i climbed into bed, I went through my instagram feed and remembered our conversation. I wondered what better time than now to give it a try, so i sat there scrolling through instagram, slowly playing with my clit. It felt good, i thought why I had never tried this before. I was scrolling through insta when all of a sudden I went past a photo of my step cousin. He was short had brown hair, was ok looking and had an average body. But there was something about him which made me tingle down stairs.

I got butterflys in my stomach. I wondered to myself, was this weird? But he WAS my step cousin after all, so we werent technically related. I clicked on his account and started rubbing myself more and more… I was slowly getting tingles shooting through my body. It felt really good, I was so wet, and so horny.

I decided to stop rubbing the outside and put them in, I clicked into a picture of him topless & wet, with swimming trunks on where you could see the outline of his dick, and starting fingering myself. I was imaging him ontop of me, with his cock inside me and how it would feel. It felt fucking amazing. I was so wet my fingers were squelching as they came in and out, i was moaning gently (to make sure not to wake any of my family up) playing with myself, was fucking amazing.
After a few minutes, my body felt like it was about to go into overdrive, and I Experienced my first orgasm

I can’t explain how it felt, aside from a tingling electric shock shooting through my body, and It felt so good… I text the girls group chat and let them know what had happened!

They were all so happy for me and asked me how it felt

I described all the feelings i had and they all agreed I had an orgasm, the cum was dripping from me so I had to get a towel to wipe it off my fingers and vagina, I felt like a slut, but I loved it.

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