My uncle was already divorced when my aunt ate my ass clean

My uncle divorced his wife and she moved in with her baby sitter . It just so happens I was fucking her baby sitter f25. One night we got drunk and my aunt called us in her room to ask us when we were going to tell her we were fucking . My aunt asked if we could lay with her until she falls asleep. The baby sitter started grabbing me and I was whispering my aunt was literally sleeping on the same bed . I just didn’t care and the baby sitter wanted me bad , I slid between the baby sitter legs in the missionary position. The bed was gigantic but I’m sure my aunt could feel the bed rocking . Out of nowhere I hear my aunts voice tell me to “ fuck her faster” and I just freak out . The baby sitter starts laughing and I’m just confused . I asked her if she wanted to go to her room but she just laughed . My aunt then puts her hand on my ass and pushes me in the baby sitter and I’m going along .she using her hand to push me deeper on the baby aunts warm hands felt good on my body . She touched my balls which I liked. I then randomly ask my aunt for a kiss and she gives me a wet one .

She telling me to fuck her faster and I’m trying . My aunt is touching my ass and it’s turning me on big time she touching my crack and squeezing ass . We begin kissing and the baby sitter is into us kissing . My aunt then tells me to move over and she gets behind me while I’m still in the missionary position .she begins eating my asshole out abd I’m literally like wtf is going on ? She licking my ass clean while I’m fucking the baby sitter and it feels so good . Her tongue is wet and it’s making me so hard , I’m in a warm tight Latina pussy while having a warm Latina tongue rim my asshole . At one point I had to hold my self up as I was ducking the sitter and I had one hand pushing my aunts face deeper in my ass .
I was so into it , She left the room before I could finish though , I think she rinsed her mouth but I will never forget that night . First time having my ass eaten while deep in some pussy

NSFW: yes

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