My uncle forced himself on me and I liked it.

When I (18f) started school, my uncle (26M) came to stay with us. Both my parents work long hours (12-14 hours) and my siblings would be in college until at least 4:30pm. I had early classes so I would be back home by noon.

My parent told me on Monday that my uncle would be arriving on Friday. My mom pointedly told me that my uncle would be home most of the time. She knows that since I have the house to myself from 12pm-4:30pm, I walk around naked.

I nodded, acknowledging that I understood what she meant. Wednesday, I didn’t have class. I got up, cleaned the house so my parents wouldn’t have to worry about it and decided to masturbate in my room. I pulled out my vibrator and started massaging my pussy. I brought myself to orgasm a couple of time before passing out naked.

I woke up to my pussy and my nipples aching. I felt tugging on my nipples and realized someone was sucking them. A man. I moaned loudly, urging him on to suck harder. I love to have my nipples played roughly.

I felt his fingers skim down my stomach to my bare pussy. He runs his fingers along my slits and groans. I’m very wet. He uses my juices to lube his fingers. He then circles my clit, sent shocks of pleasure through my body.

It feels intense but I’m loving every minute of it. After a few strokes, I feel his mouth but I’m so needy I beg, “No, I need your cock.”

He pulls his pants down and frees his cock. Before I know it, he’s shoved his cock in me and he’s pounding in and out of my pussy.

Fuck” he moans. “You’re so fucking tight, Baby Girl.”

At this point, I’m so far in pleasure, all I can do is grunt in response. He starts pounding in and out of me faster. I’m moaning with each thrust, feeling myself climb towards climax. I feel him swell and he slaps my tits as he cums.

My eyes widen in shock and I scream as an intense orgasm rips through me. I get light headed and close my eyes.

When I open them, I see none other than my uncle staring back at me.

“I came by early.” He said with a smile.

Of course he did. We agree not to repeat that ever again.

But now, months later, I fantasize about doing that all over again.

NSFW: yes

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