My Uncle and his friend take me [MMF] [Part I] – Short Sex Story

For context, I’m 22F, and my uncle and his friend are both in their late forties.

If you’ve seen my previous post, you know I had the distinct pleasure of sucking my Uncle Mark’s cock a few months ago. Since then, we have hooked up twice (don’t worry, I will distribute those stories soon!). However, a hot experience happened two weeks ago I just had to distribute here. Mark told me he was gonna be in town with his coworker and friend Tom, whom I had never met. He said they had some work events during the day, and then were gonna have dinner and hit up a bar but that he probably wouldn’t have time to see me. However, he mentioned where he and Tom were going for drinks and I decided I’d have a little fun.

I show up to the bar before they do, wearing a short and fun dress. The bar is pretty crowded but I manage to get a seat at the bar and have a drink or two to calm my nerves. About half an hour later, I see them both come in the bar, but Mark doesn’t notice me. They mosey up to the bar and are standing there for about ten minutes before Mark steps away, I’m assuming to go to the bathroom. Seeing my shot, I move to stand next to Tom at the bar and try and order a drink. Tom notices me and I can see him look me up and down. “Can I buy you a drink?” I turn to look at him and check him out myself. He’s roughly Mark’s height, around 6’1”/6’2”, dark hair and a some stubble, broad shouldered and probably takes good care of himself from what I can tell. I smile back at him and say sure.

Tom turns to face me more and take me in. I enjoy seeing him check me out, lingering on my legs and chest. “Are you here by yourself?” He asks, I smile and nod, telling him my friend was supposed to meet me but she bailed at the last second. “Oh we can’t have that!” Tom says with a smile as he hands me my drink. “My buddy and I just got here, we’ll take care of you.” He says with a flirtatious undertone, confirming that he doesn’t know who I am. I smile back and act a little shy. “That’s really nice of you… I’m Anna.” I say, giving a fake name to not push my luck. “Tom!” He responds. “You go to school around here?”

“I just graduated actually…” I respond shyly. It’s hard not to notice Tom’s grin when I tell him that. “Well congratulations!” He responds. That’s when I hear a familiar voice behind me. “You give a young lady my spot already?” I turn and see my Uncle Mark, who locks eyes with me, and I see him confused at first before Tom steps in. “This is Anna, her friend stood her up so I told her we’d make it up to her.” Mark takes a second or two to process what’s happening, but then smiles and ‘introduces’ himself to me. “I’m Mark. Nice to meet you Anna.” Behind me, Tom tells me they’re in town on company but wanted to unwind a little at the end of the day. Smiling, I turn back to Tom and say the bar is a good place, with decent music and cheap cocktails. He offered to buy me another drink as Mark squeezes in next to me, pushing me between them.

“Anna just graduated, so we’re celebrating.” Tom tells Mark, as he slides me another drink. I’m already feeling buzzed since this is technically my fourth drink, but I’m enjoying the attention and the way Mark is playing into it. The three of us talk for about an hour, then alternating buying me a drink as different topics come up, including me being single. “Hard to believe a girl like you being single!” Mark said flirtatiously. “Maybe you just need an older, more experienced man to treat you well,” Tom said laughing. His hand is on my side as we’re talking, and is slowly making its way down to the side of my ass. “I’ve never dated an older guy….” I say nervously, and Tom and Mark make eye contact above my head. I can’t quite hear it over the noise in the bar, but Tom whispers something to Mark along the lines of “We can fix that.” At this point the booze has actually made me a little more nervous as I’ve moved from buzzed to tipsy, and my nerves are registering as being slightly drunk to Tom and Mark.

Conversation continues to flow, and I discover myself sandwiched between the two of them. Tom is right behind me, and I can feel his body against mine, his hands on my arms stroking them slowly, as Mark sits in a barstool right in front of me. The space is tight so I’m practically standing between Mark’s legs. “You know…” Tom begins to say. “Our hotel is right next door, and we have some champagne from a client. Why don’t you come over and we can toast a glass for you?” He says this stroking my arms while Mark has a mischievous grin, looking at Tom then down at me. “I don’t know… it’s getting late…” I say nervously. Tom squeezes my arms as Mark stands up practically against me. “Just one drink, then we’ll make sure you get home.” Mark says looking down at me. I sheepishly agree as they smile and pay their tab, guiding me out of the bar and across the street to their hotel.

We get in the elevator and go to one of their rooms as they usher me inside and close the door. Mark stands behind me as Tom opens up the mini fridge and does indeed pull out a bottle of champagne. “Oh, we don’t have any glasses do we?” Says Mark. “Damn you’re right… but you know what? We don’t need one right?” Tom says, approaching me. “Why don’t you open wide and we’ll take turns?” Tom says, right in front of me. I know they’re not talking about champagne at the moment. “I don’t know…” I say as Mark softly holds my arms.

“Cmon, didn’t I say we’d take good care of you?” Tom almost whispers. I look into his eyes and slowly open my mouth.

“Good girl.”

Part 2 coming today!

NSFW: yes

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