My supervisor ate my ass in the bathroom

I work in quality control in a plant in that makes race car engines and I have a dirty little secret. While my coworkers know me as a rigid stickler for precision and rules, I’ve been leading on our supervisor for months. Every time we talk about parameters and injections, I can see his mind is on nothing but injecting his cum into every orifice of my hungry little body.

Last week, I couldn’t take my horniness any longer and decided to take things to the next level. When all the good little drones were summoned off to hear about our quarterly reports and the rewards that they might get if our bottom line skyrocketing, I decided my bottom line needed a reward right now. I held him back with questions about six sigma deviations until everyone was gone and then ordered him into the women’s restroom. I could see he was afraid to get written up but I said, now or never, and he couldn’t say no to that.

Once we got in a stall, I made him watch me piss. I could see this was different from what he expected but that he was turned on and excited. After I flushed, I turned around and pulled my pants down, revealing my perfect ripe and juicy ass, bent over the toilet, and reached around, exposing my pink pussy and tight starfish to his hungry eyes. I heard him fumbling with his zip, but then I ordered him on his knees. He obeyed. I told him to eat that ass like there’s no tomorrow, to get his pink tongue up it, and that he couldn’t stop until he’d made me cum harder than I’d ever cum before.

He told me he didn’t do things like that. I told him I didn’t care if he and his wife ate at Cracker Barrel every weekend, but I was a decidedly gourmet kind of girl and that I was used to getting what I wanted and now. I moaned as his pointy tongue circled the sensitive tissue of my rectum and then plunged inside. As I kept groaning and getting wetter, he started getting into it, squeezing and kneading my ass cheeks while his tongue plundered my ass and his fingers reached around to my sopping pussy and erect clitoris. I closed my eyes, feeling the waves of sensation washing over me, reveling in his powerlessness and slavery to my needs and whims. Finally as he pushed his meaty fingers into my pink, engorged butthole, I came, in crashing waves.

I turned around to discover him dazed and disheveled, struggling off his knees, and hoping for the fuck that he wondered he had earned. But he had another wondered coming, when I coolly denied him, and slipped off back to the shop floor. When he next saw me, I would have my professional mask back on, and only the glimmer in my eyes would reveal anything of what had happened. I knew he and his throbbing cock would be looking for round two and his revenge, and I looked forward to it…

NSFW: yes

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