My sugar daddy[42m] bought me(19f) his wife’s lingerie

We cleaned up and took showers to get ready for the day, then he asked me to come with him. We got in his car and he told me where we what we were doing. “I’m gonna take you to the mall. Anything you want you can buy. Within reason”he clarified. “Im gonna go buy some stuff too and I’ll catch up with you” he added. I nodded and understood what he wanted. I was so excited but also sort of creeped out cause this was stuff you only read about.

I walked around the mall unsure of what to do. I knew I was supposed to spend his money and have fun in our weird sugar daddy/daughter relationship but I had no idea what to do. Soon I went to the store we worked at and picked out a dress I had at all times wanted. It was 300$ and I could never justify it for myself. I still didn’t know whether to really get it or not. I wandered around the store with it until he showed up. He had two bags of stuff and a smaller box. He insisted that he get it for me. We bought the dress I wanted and he took me back to his house.

I was genuinely so excited about this dress. I instantly tried on the dress when we arrived. I came out and showed him how I looked. It was a shoulderless green dress with ruffles. It held my tight figure almost perfectly. I loved the way i looked. I was thrilled when I showed him. “You look gorgeous kat” he whispered. His voice made me feel like I was his daughter. I blushed and felt amazing. He walked over and touched my sides looking at the dress. “Truly amazing” he whispered. He leaned in and kissed me. I smiled and burned red.

“Would you like to see what I got for you?” He asked. I nodded and he began to open the packages he had got for me. He opened the bags first. He had bought general sex toys for us such as two dildos, a butt plug, and a vibrator. Then he opened the small box. It was a small necklace with my initial on it. It was very pretty and I put it on. “Thank you” I said. He smiled and watched me put it on. It worked well with my dress.

Then he pulled out a larger box from under the bed. “This is something I ordered just for you.” He said. La Perla was on the outside of the box and that’s when I realized what it was. I opened the box. On top was the bodysuit his wife had. I loved it. I pulled it out of the box and looked at it. It was exactly the same as hers but in my size. “You shouldn’t have bought me this” I whispered amazed. “I will buy you anything you want.” he whispered and kissed me. “Now go try it on” he said and spanked me.

I went into the bathroom and sat down and looked up the lingerie. It was hit me all of a sudden that he really was rich from owning the stores. It was the la Perla spell on you body suit. It was insanely expensive. I took my dress off and folded it nicely then tried it on. It fit perfectly. It made my body look tight and skinny. My breasts looked amazing and it held my ass perfectly.

I walked out of the bathroom and he was standing there. He looked over my body with a new level of lust in his eyes. Almost with nostalgia and love. He walked over to me and began to lightly run his hands along my body. “Katrina you are truly the sexiest young woman I have ever met. I’ve never seen someone who looks just as beautiful dressed as completely naked” he said. I blushed.

I brushed my hand over his bulge and then began to unbutton his shirt. He put his hand around my neck and began to kiss me as I did. I pulled his shirt aside revealing his muscular chest then slowly slid to my knees. I unbuttoned his pants and opened his fly. I kissed his bulge through his underwear and then pulled his hard cock out. I slid his cock into my mouth and began to suck his head.

He held my hair for a second then pulled me up to stop. He quietly laid down and pulled his pants off. I knew what he wanted and I hopped on the bed and straddled his cock. I gently pulled the lingerie to the side and sat down feeling his cock push my insides aside. I began to bounce up and down. It felt amazing and I was soaked. I couldn’t believe what was happening but I was so turned on. I began to moan and he whispered “Good girl moan for daddy” I leaned forward and began to speed up as he kissed my chest.

He held my ass aside as I bounced on his cock and he soon began to cum. He groaned and his cock throbbed inside me. He held my ass tight as he came deep inside my wet pussy. He released and I slowly slid off dripping cum onto him. I gently kneeled in between his legs and licked off his cock cleaning the cum I had dripped on him. He smiled and sat up. He kissed me gently and held my face.

“Thank you” he whispered and kissed me again. “I’d like to go out tonight so let’s get cleaned up and you can take your dress out” he said. I agreed and we both stood up to get ready.


NSFW: yes

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