[M]y Study Abroad Hookup Pt. 2

Hey all, here’s part 2 of my school hookup while studying abroad in Russia. If you’re interested in the first half of thos story or my first series of school sexcapades, feel free to check them out!

We left out with a drunken makeout and a rough blowjob in a bar bathroom while I was out with Sasha and her friends while studying abroad. She had given me my sample and promised more for the following evening, so I was terribly excited, to say the least.

I texted her the next day, but I was still rather hungover and a bit embarrassed by our public display, though I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It is, to this day, one of the most exciting and erotic things that has ever happened to me, and I just wanted more. She was a little worse for wear herself, having drunken nearly the same as I had before having her mouth fucked and knees bruised on the floor of a bar bathroom. So we decided to meet up in the evening, grab something to eat, and she’d show me to her place for another of her promised surprises.

I took the metro to our designated spot, arriving a bit early to see that she was already there, sitting at a table outside. She smiled as I sauntered up, a mischievous light in her eyes as I sat down across from her.

“Glad you didn’t get lost, I wouldn’t want you to miss any fun,” she said, reaching out and brushing my hand with her own.

“Wouldn’t miss it! You promised something more after all,” I replied, my eyes locking into her bright blues with a smile.

I took the sight of her in, running over every inch of her. As I mentioned before, she was around 5’5″, blonde hair, blue eyes, cute face, and curvy body, but what I neglected to mention was her outfits. She almost all the time had some kind of cutesy librarian look going on, practically all the time covered up and only giving me a vague idea of what her body was really like. I was definitely into it, but I was burning to know what was underneath.

We ate a small meal, chatting and laughing about our drunken night out before quickly paying and heading off to walk to her apartment. I was genuinely concerned upon seeing it that I’d be murdered inside. Old Soviet block style building, pieces of the stairs broken off, and basically no lights going up the long flights of steps in the fading dusk light. I was alone in a foreign country that until recently had been off limits to Americans after years of hostilities, with a girl I barely knew that could easily be leading me somewhere bad.

But I watched her ass sway under her skirt and said fuck it anyway, following her up to a faded door.

“Here we are. Try to be quiet going in, okay? It’s a multi-family unit,” she said as she inserted a key and gingerly opened the door.

Stepping inside, I found… a typical looking apartment. Lights, fresh paint, several doors, and a peek at a kitchen in the back. She immediately pushed me to the first door on the right, her private section of the apartment, as she explained, as multiple families and tenants all shared the space.

Glancing around, her room was simple but cute. A writing desk to one corner with a couple photos of friends, the odd knickknacks scattered on a couple of shelves, and a bed with no box springs sitting beside the large window overlooking that section of the city. Certainly not the bathtub of ice I had expected not 10 minutes ago.

I turned to opinion on the room and my initial panic but was quickly against the door, her hand roughly pawing my crotch as she held the back of my head, tongues rolling before I could say a word. I pushed back against her, pressing into her hand with a soft groan as I kissed her roughly, tugging her lip with my teeth before breaking aside with a sigh.

“Nice place,” I finally managed to say before she smiled and pulled me to the bed, falling onto it and pulling me down on top of her.

She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in to grind against her as I felt her expertly kick her shoes off to the ground and wrap her arms around my shoulders. I held myself propped up, trying not to press my full weight into her, but pressing her hard into the bed and my steadily growing cock. She let out a soft moan as I kissed down her jaw, nibbling her neck before she pressed her hands to my chest and rolling me over.

Panting slightly, I propped up on my elbows as she straddled me, intent on continuing my exploration of her throat when she firmly pressed my shoulders until I was flat on my back. She leaned up, grinding her hips against me as her hands slipped to the bottom of her sweater, lifting it up to reveal a plain white button up shirt underneath, the front straining out as she lifted the sweater over her head and tossed it to the side. My mind started going blank, eyes transfixed on her chest as she slowly began undoing the buttons.

I noticed she had decided against wearing a bra, her nipples poking out against the fabric as her shirt opened up bit by bit. She smiled coyly, doing her best to keep everything hidden until she reached the bottom, finally pulling the shirt open and off in a quick flourish before tossing it to the side. Finally, I took in the absolute glory that was her bare chest.

Her tits were MASSIVE. Perfectly shaped and perky, but easily DD or larger, with dark pink nipples that I couldn’t wait to taste. She pressed them together, leaning down close to me and whispering into my ear.

“You have too many clothes on,” she said, hands slipping into the bottom of my own shirt as she lifted it over my head, sitting me up in the process.

I wasted no time, my tongue tracing over her hard nipples the second the constraints of my shirt were past my head. She let out a soft groan and pulled my head into her chest, my mouth immediately latching on to lick, bite, and tease her nipples. I was in heaven, her blonde hair falling around my head as I lost myself, hands and mouth exploring her body.

She finally pushed me back down roughly, snapping me back into focus before she started to kiss down my neck and chest. I let out a moan as she went lower, her hands quickly undoing my belt and tugging my pants down, rock hard cock springing up against her chest as she continued her own exploration downward.

“This is how I like to do it,” she said as she slowly licked up and down my shaft, teasing and testing me as she took her time. She rolled her tongue around the head, kissing the tip and sucking in quick motions, her mouth softly popping each time she took the head in her mouth. I was desperate to feel more, to shove my throbbing length into her mouth, but she brushed my hands apart and held up a finger, stroking me between her breasts.

“Uh-uh. You had your fun. Is my turn,” she said, very lightly trailing her tongue against the bottom of my shaft.

It was agony and ecstasy, watching her tease me with her full lips and wet tongue, those amazing tits occasionally brushing or bouncing against me. She held me like that for several minutes, all the time teasing but never taking me any deeper, those bright blue eyes watching me twitch and shudder in the growing moonlight.

Finally, blessedly, she took me slowly into her mouth, her lips stretching around me as my head lulled back, moaning loudly enough she quickly put a hand to my mouth with a giggle and a shush before continuing. She sucked me slowly and carefully, edging me and backing off, teasing me until I felt ready to combust in desperate want of relief. After some more time had passed, she smiled, running her tongue around my balls and up my shaft before shoving down on my cock, harder and faster.

“Holy fuck Sasha… Oh my GOD,” I half groaned, falling flat to the bed as she tried to take every inch. I still couldn’t get down her throat, but she pressed my cock into the back of her mouth over and over, drooling down my length as she quickly drove me to cum, filling her mouth with the first load of the night.

Panting, I laid back, my soul returning to my body and my mind rebooting. It was incredible, and it drove me to wanting more and more of what she had to offer.

Leaning up, I grabbed her shoulders, throwing her down onto the bed and kissing down her neck. I stopped to tease and bite her nipples, my hands dropping down to rip the skirt from her hips and slide her panties off as she let out a sigh and a surprised yelp. Wasting no time, I started tracing my tongue down her stomach.

She spread her legs, placing them over my shoulders as I gripped her thighs and ran my tongue along and around her pussy. Her taste was intoxicating, her little pink pussy already glistening as I began to tease her, brushing against her clit every so often as she shuddered and let out small whimpers.

“Please, please!” She said, hand running into my hair and her hips bucking up to meet my tongue. I smiled and slid a finger inside her, eliciting a quickly stifled moan as I felt her stretch around me before I began working her clit roughly with my tongue.

I went as hard as I could, my fingers and tongue burying themselves in her, sucking her clit, doing everything within my power to drive her absolutely insane. Her taste, almost sweet on my tongue, filled my thoughts as she quickly began to lose her composure, English skills breaking down until she could only make little exclamations in Russian.

Her ability to speak broke down entirely as she began to shudder, soft moans replaced with short groans and exclamations as her thighs tightened around my head. She bucked up into me, grinding hard against my mouth, hand wrapped tightly in my hair as she came on my face before falling back to the bed, her large chest heaving in the moonlight as she came down.

Panting myself, I untangled myself from her legs and wiped my beard, lightly biting her nipples and eliciting sharp shudders before laying beside her, trailing my fingers up her body. She brushed the now wild hair from her face and kissed me roughly.

“Good?” I asked as she broke away, head on my shoulder.

“Very good. Holy shit,” she panted before kissing me and standing up, quickly moving over to her writing desk, her large, well-rounded ass jiggling I’m the moonlight as she quickly grabbed a small box and threw it at me.

I looked down at it and opened it, a long string of plastic square packages inside. Smiling, I torn one off and opened it, taking the condom in my fingers when she plucked it from me and quickly began sucking my already half hard cock again. I moaned, still sensitive from my treatment earlier as I quickly grew fully hard again in her mouth.

Taking the condom, she laid it against the head of my dick and pressed her lips to it, quickly rolling it down my length with a couple of thrusts from her pursed lips. She quickly sat up and turned around, getting down on all fours, her perfect ass stuck in the air.

Fuck me. Please, fuck me, fuck me *now*,” she said, slowly rocking back and forth as I got on my knees behind her.

She moaned softly, whimpering as I pressed the head against her tight little slit and slowly entered her. She was absolutely dripping wet, my cock sliding into her easily as her tight pussy stretched around me. I shuddered as I slowly began to fuck her, running nearly the entire length of my cock out before slamming back into her, her amazing ass smacking roughly against me with each stroke.

She was moaning, small yelps of pleasure escaping as I slammed home and began to pick up my pace. Her pussy felt incredible and I could barely hold off cumming quickly as I watched her ass bouncing against me, her face buried in a mess of sheets and her hair.

I quickly began losing control as she started throwing herself back onto me, matching my rhythm and roughly growling in Russian. I gripped her hips in my hands, pulling her back harder and faster, already feeling an orgasm building.

I stifled a loud moan as I slammed deep inside her, leaning forward and pressing her down as I bit the back of her shoulder, hand clamping over her mouth as she screamed her own orgasm. I unloaded another load of cum, panting and resting my forehead against her shoulder, kissing it softly as I pulled myself slowly out of her and flopped back on the bed.

“Holy shit..,” we said almost in unison, chuckling as she pulled herself up to me and flopped down on my chest.

“Got a bathroom I can clean up in?” I asked, looking down and toying with her hair.

“Niet. No bathroom, is outside in hall,” she said, seemingly trying to regain her composure as she looked down at my cock, still in the condom. Smiling, she grabbed a trash can she kept by her bed and slid the condom off, tossing it into the trash before licking my cock clean with a giggle at my spasming against her tongue.

“So, what now?” I said after she had licked me clean. I was starting to feel drained.

“My turn again,” Sasha said with a smile, “once you’re ready.”

I smiled back, kissing her softly. After a few minutes had passed, she reached down and started stroking my cock, slowly getting me hard again before slipping another condom on and climbing on top of me.

She rode like a goddess, her large tits bouncing as she rocked against me, grinding and riding for everything she was worth, her head pressed to mine every so often as she slowed down. Her pale skin and wild hair shining in the moonlight as she worked to drain my cock again, ass bouncing as I started to fuck up against her in a rhythm.

I came hard again, panting and barely able to handle as she cleaned my cock with her tongue before we both finally passed out, wrapped around each other and covered in sweat. We awoke a few hours later to the sun coming up, teasing and fucking a couple more times before I said my goodbyes.

I left shortly after that, returning to the states with a fresh batch of memories, souvenirs, and a steadily growing confidence. We still chat on occasion as friends. She even sent me nudes for a while after my trip, driving me wild from across the world at the memories. Maybe I’ll go back one day.

But that’s the (still long) story of my study abroad hookup. It was some of the best nights I’d had in my life up to that point, and I’m glad I went. Made some friends, had some fun, and got taken on quite a ride!

Let me know if you guys would be interested in any more stories from my past. There was the tiny girl I hooked up with, the Ranger’s wife that told me she loved me after hooking up, a different friend’s sister and our all day sex marathon, just let me know!

NSFW: yes

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