My step mom saw me railing her daughter, my step sister

After the 3some with my step sister Sophia and my neighbor Kit at our parents house, Sophia started coming over to my place more often. Sometimes it would be another 3some of just the two of us fucking. This went on for a couple weeks. Kit stopped coming over because she found a boyfriend so it was just Sophia and I. Things were going good until one day.

Sophia was over on a Saturday and we were experimenting with some sex things. We tied each other up, standing sex with Sophia grabbing her ankles, fucking on the kitchen counter and other things. Nothing too extreme but new to us. I had made a mold of my dick and we were playing around with it. Sophia was fucking herself with it and I was fucking her in the ass. She came really hard and I came in her ass shortly after.

Sophia went to clean up and I was laying on the bed, I noticed the light was on the camera Sophia and I use to watch each other when we cannot be together. I didn’t think anything of it until a minute later.

Sophia’s phone rang as she was coming out of the bathroom. When she answered it, all I could hear was yelling. Sophia’s face turned white, it was her mother. I could hear her mother saying that she saw what we were doing and was extremely upset and disappointed. She told Sophia to come home now and she could never see me again. Sophia couldn’t say anything and dropped the phone when her mother hung up the phone. Sophia got dressed and left. All she could say was sorry to me.

A couple of minutes later, I got a call from Sophia’s mom, my step mom. I was scared to answer but I did anyway. I was expecting yelling and screaming but I was wrong. She actually seemed calm and collective.

“Hello Nathan, I’m really disappointed in Sophia and you. I’m not sure who initiated this but it doesn’t matter, it’s wrong. I told Sophia she can’t see you anymore but I was upset at the time so that might change. I’ll deal with her first and then I’ll deal with you. I’ll be over there in the morning. I’m not telling your father about this so you don’t need to tell him I’m coming over.”

NSFW: yes

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