my son’s Dr was teasing me

I’m not 100% sure it’s hard for me to tell sometimes but I no shit am pretty sure she was teasing me in front of my wife. She was sexy as fuck black hair pretty face and nice fit body but when we were at my son’s appointment she was wearing a white dress and the only person she kept eye contact was with me for at least 80-90% of the time if I had to guess.

I did my hardest not to look down at her legs but she just kept adjusting and at 1 point her dress was raised up so where I saw more of her inner thigh closer to her pussy and holy fuck every time I tried looking away and then back at her she had this nice sexy smile on her! I may be over thinking but now I can not get her out of my head and wondering if she really was.

I’m trying to debunk it but I keep coming back to the wondered that the way she was acting I no shit think she was trying to tease me with her dress. Am I just over thinking it or am I right idk lol

NSFW: yes

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