My son [23M] and I [42F] fucked right under my husband’s nose in the woods on vacation

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My 23-year-old son and I had found ourselves lost in the depths of the woods, the lush greenery surrounding us like a hidden sanctuary. It was during this family vacation that a forbidden desire began to consume me, a yearning for something I knew was wrong but couldn’t withstand.

The entire vacation so far, we had shared stolen glances, hidden touches that ignited a fire within me…all right underneath my husband – his father’s – nose. And on that fateful day, as we ventured deeper into the wilderness, I knew I couldn’t withstand the temptation any longer.

The moment presented itself when we found a secluded spot, sheltered by towering trees. The air crackled with electricity as I felt my son’s gaze burning into my skin. We exchanged knowing looks, our unspoken agreement to at all times be there for the other whenever they needed it (sexually) hanging heavy in the air.

I approached him, my voice barely above a whisper. “I want you,” I confessed, my eyes filled with a hunger that mirrored his own. His response was immediate, his hand reaching out to caress my cheek. The anticipation built, our desire palpable.

With reckless abandon, we gave in to our lust, our bodies entangled in a frenzy of pleasure. His throbbing cock filled me, stretching me to the brink. Every movement was a testament to our forbidden desires, our moans swallowed by the dense forest around us.

“Your pussy is so tight, mom,” he groaned, his dirty talk spurring me on. “You’re a filthy little cheat, aren’t you? Taking your own son inside you, right under dad’s nose,” The explicit words only heightened our excitement, the risk of being caught by my unsuspecting husband fueling our passion.

As we moved in rhythm, a symphony of desire, the world around us faded into oblivion. The thrill of nearly getting caught amplified the intensity, each thrust pushing us closer to the edge. And when the climax hit, it was an explosion of ecstasy that consumed us both like a raging fire.

We barely had time to gather ourselves before my husband’s voice echoed through the woods, his footsteps drawing near. Panic surged through my veins as we hastily composed ourselves, our hearts pounding in our chests. The danger of discovery hung in the air like a guillotine above our heads.

We emerged from the trees, our faces flushed and hearts racing, wearing masks of innocence to conceal our forbidden encounter. My husband remained oblivious, unaware of the betrayal that had unfolded just moments ago.

NSFW: yes