My sister takes my ass.

My younger sister and I at all times got along well, playing jokes, cutting up and doing all sorts of pranks to each other. I went off graduate college 3hrs away while she was still at home gonna the local university. I was 22 and she was 20.

I came home for Christmas break to relax and hopefully visit some old friends. My girlfriend had stayed behind because she was local and stayed with her parents. After visiting with my parents, I decided to nap before we all went out for the evening. My sister wasn’t home yet so I decided to snoop around her room, seeing what sort of mischief I could get into. I looked through her drawers and found her sex toys. I was a little embarrassed at first then my pranking mind took over.

I went back to my room to get some things. I returned to her room and took all of her toys and put them on the bed. There was a vibrator, a buttplug and 2 dildos. I put condoms on the dildos and wrote a note saying, “safe sex little sis.” I took a melted chocolate bar and rubbed it on her buttplug, making it look like there was shit on it. I had some Liquid Ass fart spray and I gave it a quick spray and then put everything back in its place. The spray was so strong, it filled her room and would linger for hours. I went into my room to nap but I was too excited about my pranks, I couldn’t sleep.

About 30 minutes later, my sister comes home. I’m still in my room when she comes in and greets me. She looks the same when I left about 5 months ago. Trish is a bigger girl, short and stocky with big breasts. She’s very pretty with long blonde hair and a hypnotizing smile.

“Good to see you big brother. You’re still ugly as ever. What’s that smell? Did you fart?”

“Good to see you too Trish. No I didn’t fart. I did smell something when I walked by your room though.”

She took off and I was quickly behind her. She was smelling around and finally found the source. She pulled the drawer open and found the gifts I left her. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“You asshole. Why are you messing around with my stuff. You never change. I’m going to beat the shit out of you.”

I took off down the stairs with her chasing me. Mom and dad were walking in and I grabbed the groceries my mom had in her hands. Trish was still yelling and cussing at me until she saw our parents and quickly shut up. She came up to me and said, “I’ll get you back later.”

I’m a sound sleeper and was on my stomach when a sharp pain in my ass woke me up. I then felt weight on my legs. I tried to move my arms but they were tied to the bed. I felt the pain again and it felt like something being pushed up my asshole. I tried to move again but with my hands tied and the weight on my legs I couldn’t move.

“So, you wanted to play with my toys did you? Well, they want to play with you. Hope your ass can take my dildo.”

She pushed it in more but it wasn’t as painful as before. She then began to move it back and forth and it actually started to feel good. I could feel my dick growing hard under me. The more she worked it, the better it felt. The next thing I know, I moan.

“Oh, you like that? You like me fucking your ass? I bet your little dick is hard too?”

She started to work the dildo back and forth faster in my ass and it was really feeling good. I couldn’t believe it, I’m enjoying my little sister fucking my asshole.

The faster she went, the better it felt. I’m not sure how long it was but I was about to cum and I wasn’t even touching myself. All of a sudden, I started to cum. My body shook and an “oh fuck,” escaped my mouth. Trish kept on fucking me until I quit shaking.

“You nasty fucker, you just came, didn’t you?”

I just nodded my head yes. She pulled the dildo out of my ass and untied me. Even though I could move, I couldn’t. My body was paralyzed from the orgasm and I couldn’t catch my breath. Trish said something as she left my room.

“I hope you learned you lesson and not to fuck with my stuff again.”

I laid there, trying to catch my breath and was thinking. Did I really enjoy that? Do I like ass play now?”

I knew I had to do some research on the subject.

NSFW: yes

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