My sister takes my ass. Pt3

With barely time to catch my breath, my sister Trish grabbed the double sided dildo and some lube I didn’t see she had. She told me to stay on my back and to grab my pillow. She put the pillow under my ass and grabbed the lube. Trish put some on her finger and began to rub my asshole. When her finger went in, I jumped a little and that made her laugh.

I didn’t notice before but one side of the dildo was thicker than the other. With her finger in my ass, she put my legs on top of hers and moved close to me, sitting up. She put the thicker end in her pussy and started to fuck herself while fingering my ass. Once she wondered I was ready, she lubed the other end of the dildo and pushed it into my ass. I winced a little so she stopped. She put some more lube and pushed farther. She had about 4 inches inside me when I felt her warm skin on mine.

I was getting more comfortable and starting to enjoy this. I held still as my sister moved back and forth, causing the dildo to slide in and almost out of both of us. I was able to sit up some and watch the dildo move but I was more watching my sister. Her eyes were closed and her large tits were shaking. I noticed she shaved the hair on the top of her pussy.

My dick was hard and throbbing. I needed some relief. Trish’s hand was rubbing her clit so I grabbed it and put it on my dick. I then started to rub her clit. She opened her eyes and realized what I wanted and started to stroke me. The faster I rubbed her, the faster she stroked me and worked the dildo in both of us.

After a few minutes, her breathing grew heavy and she squealed loud. I could feel her pussy moving the dildo as she came. She had stopped stroking me but continued once her orgasam was finished. A few seconds later, I erupted with the largest cum shots I’ve ever seen from myself. It shot all over both of us.

Trish pulled the dildo out of both of us, got up and got an old shirt of mine and tried to clean both of us off. She threw the cum soaked shirt on me, kissed my forehead and told me goodnight. She left me there with a sore asshole and a cum covered shirt on me. I did enjoy this time with my sister but I knew I had to get her back and I knew just how to do it.

NSFW: yes

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