My sister and brother-in-law: The morning after (part 3)

I leaned up on one arm, laying across their counter, feeling like a dirty happy slut. That’s how I stayed as Ted and I finally enjoyed our own cups of java. There was no expectation for me to get up or change positions so I didn’t. I was really liking the attention I was getting being there in the middle of their counter. Ted was smiling an evil sexy grin as he stared at my naked body posing in front of him the entire time. I knew he wanted seconds, and so did I.

Olivia noticed that I was just about finished with my coffee, grabbed my hand and said “Come on sis, I guess, just like any married couple, the man makes the mess and the woman gets to clean it up.” She pulled me off the counter and onto my wobbly feet. When I hit the floor, I felt another drop of Ted’s spunk leak out of me and land with a splash. We all looked at it as Olivia commanded Ted to clean it up as she cleaned me up. He smiled and nodded his head affirmatively as he went back to drinking his first coffee of the morning. I looked back to see him ogling his two naked women’s asses as they walked away from him.

Olivia led me back to their bedroom, past their bed, and straight into their master bathroom. I wondered about how I would never be able to walk into their bedroom again without ever remembering the night before. If she didn’t have my hand held tightly, I would have stopped to pick up my discarded panties off the floor by the bed still there from hours before. Instead, I followed her through the doorway hoping Ted wouldn’t be back to their room before I had a chance to retrieve them.

Inside, there were the typical toilet, sink and shower, well, kind of anyway. The shower was bigger than typical, taking up a third of the room, then the bath/spa/jacuzzi was taking up another third, with the regular toilet and double sink counter taking up the last part. I thought why I had never seen their bathroom before. Its absolutely beautiful! And enormous! It was actually bigger than any bathroom I had ever been in.

Then my newly opened, perverted, sexual mind went to work. It made me begin to think of all the sexy shenanigans the three of us could live out just in this room alone. My mind propelled my pussy to want another round all of a sudden. Followed behind by thoughts of what fantasies my sister and her husband may have already lived out in there. My wandering mind filled with not so sweet ideas until Olivia awakened me, pulling me into the shower.

With no clothes to remove, I didn’t hesitate to join my sister inside. The shower was one long wall of glass with a door in the center which we walked through. Inside, it was built with three walls and the glass wall where we just entered. Each wall of the shower had its own water control knob connected to a spicket above. In each corner was a tiny, triangle seat filled with shampoos and soaps, one with male and the other with female products. Dove versus Axe products.

It hit me like a brick when Olivia reached out to turn on one of the “three” showers. Three seperate showers in one!! Guinius!!! I loved it immediately!! That’s when it really hit me, this shower can wash THREE people at one time; me, Olivia and Ted. Or as my dirty mind progressed, it can wash ‘multiple people’ at one time. I thought if something like that had already happened here in the past.

Pulling me out of my daydream, Olivia motioned me to join her on her side of the shower, as she already had the water running. Instead of using one of the other two spigots, I moved in next to her. As I ducked under the water, she wrapped her arms around me in a sexy hug letting the shower land between our two sets of tits. Looking me in the eyes, she tells me to relax. She leans in and kisses my cheek as our two wet bodies slide around each other as we distribute the water.

In my quiet and hopeful voice, I ask if Ted would be joining us. She senses what I’m getting at. She must know I’m still horny; after a year without sex and now having it two times in the last eight hours or so I’m ready again. My sister’s answer tells me that he’ll eventually come in, “Maybe later.” which excites me some more. The way it comes out relays the message that its her time with me and not to worry about her husband.

I continue to delight in the warm water as Olivia moves away, leaving the entire flow to myself alone. She leans down, moving all the bottles off the built-in chair nearest to us onto the other chair and some to the floor. I wonder what she’s doing as I turn back and relish in the warm water.

My hands run through my wet hair. I feel so alive this gorgeous morning, more alive than I’ve felt in over a year. I don’t want to go home. I don’t want to face my problems outside. I want to finish this shower and then crawl into the jacuzzi and stay there for hours. In between, I hope Ted joins me for more fun as his wife watches us. I dont want this dream to end. And it does when Olivia grabs my hand and I feel her tug me away from the spray.

She guides me to the now-deserted triangle chair in the corner and has me sit. It’s more comfortable and bigger than it looks, having plenty of room for my ass to fit without falling off. Olivia turns back, turns off the water before facing me again. Without words, she kneels down in front of me and grabs my one leg. She moves it so that my foot rests on the soap tray hanging off the wall. Then does the same to my other leg and foot onto another soap tray on the adjoining wall. I am now stretched wide open, hairy pussy with cum dripping out, in front of my sister. I don’t feel one ounce of shame, weirdly enough.

She looks up at me as I question her with my facial features. She replies with a lick of her lips as I find out that she is ready to explore my woman-cave. My nervousness rears its head one last time as I ask her if she’s sure she wants to do that with Ted’s release mostly still inside me. My sister tells me that’s exactly the reason she wants to do it in that moment. She admits quickly that she’s tasted his cum many times during blow-jobs, but now has the chance to taste it mixed with a woman’s juices, and right now, that’s me and my juices! At that, she leans in, puts her hands on my thighs close to my center, and begins her twat diving as I relax into the sensations.

My thoughts focus solely on her tongue and what it’s doing. Around, inside, clit, as far down as feasible, back to the top, she does it all. And I’m in heaven! Wondering who was better, her husband or her. I would need a side-by-side ‘taste test’ to really know. I hoped one day it would happen but for that moment I wondered “Who cares! Enjoy the moment!”. I leaned back against the wall allowing my ass to hang off the seat giving my pussy licking sister access to my exposed asshole as well. Which she quickly shared love with by swiping across it slowly.

After 10 minutes of her exquisite tongue massaging my clit and digging deep inside my cream filled pussy, I had no choise but to give into a full blown orgasm. I thrashed around on that small chair as I rode my sisters face for all it was worth. It was strong and amazing! Even after the few orgasms I had had in the last few hours, it wasn’t any less intense. It was the first time I’d ever had a woman eat me out, she was the second person to ever venture down there, and now I’ve had my third orgasm in that fashion.

I contemplated all the lost opportunities my husband had to do this to me. All the lost years of pleasure. Why had I put up with it? Why was he the one to leave when it should have been me? Here were my sister and brother-in-law doing for me what he should have been doing! I was getting mad just thinking about it. In response, I reached down and pulled my sister’s head hard into my pussy as I launched into another, second, harder, orgasm. Stronger than the first one, It made me almost forgot how I was treating my sister by making her my toy in those few moments.

When I finally came down from my high and slowly allowed my sister to get some air and breathe, I appoligized profusely throughout my raged breathing. Olivia stood up, face covered in my juices, with a enormous grin on her face. She looked happy, satisfied, as if she were the one who had just cum. Reaching out a hand to me, her body looked incredible standing before me. I wanted to return the favor but I sort of figured I would have to wait a little while longer. She pulled me up as I instinctively leaned in and kissed her hard on the lips, pressing my tongue into her mouth to try and taste myself on her breath. I was hoping to taste Ted’s and my mixture but all I tasted was passion!

Olivia broke our kiss, not because she wanted to, but knowing we could do more later. Turning the water on from a different spicket, we were now under running water again. Grabbing the liquid soap bottle off the floor and the scrunchy hanging from the spickot, she nodded at me as if asking my approval. Little did I notice through the fog-covered glass doors that we had a visitor standing in the doorway watching and listening to us.

NSFW: yes

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