My secret sexual encounter

I was working as a young volunteer for community outreach program helping low income & poor mostly black community in Cleveland. One day a young black boy came into center. He looked uncomfortable & shy so I went over to him to help. We talked but he didn’t say much. He kept his eyes down but I noticed he peeked at my chests couple times. I had on bikini top so my boobs very visible. I wanted to try something so I ask him to come inside my bunker. Once we were inside I pulled my top down & revealed my two creamy white tits. I’m sure he never saw a white woman’s tits before. I led him to sofa before dropping my shorts revealing my bushy pussy. I helped him took his shirt & shorts off, revealing his black cock in full erection. It’s was surprisingly large for boy his age. This was my first time seeing a black Thick cock. I quickly took it my mouth before I climbed on top of him & slide deep inside me. I felt full. I rode him hard before I pulled out. I wanted to try anal with him. I rubbed my spit to my anal opening and slide his hard cock in. This was my first time having anal sex. I rode him hard & deep as feasible before I felt dam burst inside me as load after load of his creamy fluid flooded my bowel. I was surprised by boy’s large amount of cum. We kissed our tongues deep inside each other’s mouths. He sucking my nipples many times. Before finishing I had him entered me anally again before he cum inside my bowel for second time.

He told me his name was Trey & lived with his mom & three siblings in nearby housings.

I had a steady boyfriend at the time but never told him or anyone else. This happened over 25 years ago.

NSFW: yes

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