My oldest sister left her husband. Part 14 the cops visit us.

I go in the house. Val’s takes a shower then me then we splash around in the pool. Too hot. The highway to the desert set a record the other day.

Doorbell goes. I answer. It’s the cops. I ask what’s up. They say they got an intruder alert and got dispatched. They go anyone else here? Just my sister. I yell Val, she comes. The cops ask we noticed anything unusual I go to speak and Val says kinda. When she showered the water came out hot immediately and it usually takes a couple minutes. Cop says wait outside. 10 mins later they come out with this guy. They ask if we knew him. No!!! They think he’s a frogger. What!!!!??? He’s maybe been living in the attic or the pool equipment shed. WTF!!

They take him away.

Val and I never look at surveillance footage. So we look at the 6 weeks prior. Sure enough we see this guy. Also we see Val and I fucking. I chuckle Pam and Tommy. We keep watching. It’s hot and it’s turning us on. I decided to export the ones we liked to a mem stick so we can watch.

What ends happening is really cool. We now see a video of us fucking and it turns us on and we fuck. The next day there’s footage of us fucking while a movie of us fucking is visible on the tv. I export that one and we use it to turn us on.

Here’s something else we need to deal with.

We’ve cut ourselves off from the world since we started our affair. We need to make some appearances here and there with friends to stay discreet. Val’s kinda okay. She hasn’t been living here but some people I know think I’m reclusive. I began attempting to go hangout once a week to keep them from wondering. I’d been using Covid as an excuse.
Val actually is drawing attention from her ex husband but for different reason. He doesn’t suspect us. Val all the time blows him off and says she has to go away for work whenever he wants to get together. He has showed up unannounced but we pretend not to be home.

Val and I function as a horny newlywed couple. The age difference is not enormous and no one suspects anything in other areas. I’m darker and no family resemblance really.
We have no issue going anywhere. We’re either a couple in strangers eyes or, if we bump into someone we know we’re brother and sister. We try to not appear too touchy feely if we’re in our area. We go miles away to do some things.
One time Val and I were walking holding hands. A couple we knew starting talking to us. They looked down and were obviously thinking the way we were holding hands was perhaps creepy. I said Val had some sort of vertigo dizzy thing happen and was nauseous and unsteady on her feet. They went, oh no. Hope you feel better soon. I think fast. It’s a gift.

This was the info chapter. Some background about us.

NSFW: yes

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