My new boyfriend’s dad gave me a massage while his son was at the gym – Part 2


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Before reading this, if you want to get more context, I posted another story some days ago: “My new boyfriend’s dad gave me a massage while his son was at the gym”.

So, as you know, I’m really into my boyfriend’s dad. My boyfriend is a moron, a spoiled rich kid, while his dad is a gentleman (he’s divorced btw), a very handsome 39-year-old man.

Today is my first day home in the past weeks because I was with my boyfriend and his dad at their holiday home. I had a ton of sex with my boyfriend, we tried a lot of new things, if you want to know more I can make another post about this, because we did some fun things. But, even though I had some good sex with him, I was still thinking 90% of the time about his dad. I only wanted my boyfriend to discover something to do so I can spend some free time with his dad again.

Finally, yesterday he went again to the gym (he’s the type of guy who goes to the gym 2 times a week after watching some bullshit motivational videos and then forgets about the gym for another month).

Both, me and his dad knew right from the begin that this will going to be our moment. He looked with a big smile at me and he jokingly said: “Do you want another massage?”. I just nodded my head (shy but hornier than ever).

I was wearing a white t-shirt and panties, he was shirtless (never seen him put on a short the whole vacation, but that didn’t bother me even one bit, or maybe yes, because I was horny 90% of the time lol). He said “lay down, I’m gonna bring the lotion”. In that time I decided to wait for him fully naked, laying on the massage table. He came back and I literally saw his pants raising with every second. He started massaging my lower back and after a good minute of me waiting for him to go a little bit down, I finally felt his middle finger inside my pussy. While his right hand was busy with my pussy, I saw the opportunity to bite his finger from his left hand. He smiled, I smiled, and we both knew what’s the next step. I turned with my face up so he can see my tits better, I pulled his dick out of his pants and I started sucking it. The eye contact was so hot, I felt like I was sucking a bull, it was so hot. While I was sucking him, he continued fingering me. My pussy was so wet it made that squirting sound and he was so talented with his hand, my clitoris was satisfied like 200%. After some minutes of pretty rough fingering I orgasmed. In that moment I couldn’t continue the blowjob because my mouth was just wide open and busy moaning, but I kept stroking the penis hard and fast until he came on my tits. My hard nipples were covered in cum. I even swallowed a bit of it and I saw on his face that he liked it a lot. He then picked me up, put me against the wall and started fucking me from behind. But his dick was too big for me in that position so I begged him to change it. He picked me up again (I literally felt like weighing 10 pounds) and threw me on the sofa. We did the good old missionary for a little bit, the grip was insane, everything was perfect, I was going to orgasm again after a few minutes, I was moaning in pleasure, BUT AGAIN, that bell rang again, my dumb boyfriend ruined it because he came home too early. He’s at all times coming early lol. We put on our clothes fast, I had cum all over me, and I ran to the bathroom exactly when my boyfriend opened the door.

Now I’m home and I’m still regretting that we could finish what we started, but we have each other numbers now and we made a promise together that we’ll finish it this week.

P.S.: yes, my boyfriend ranged the bell to his own house because he’s never bringing his keys with him ( I saw that a lot of you didn’t find out it in the first post)

NSFW: yes

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