My Memoirs: Claire. The Hidden Silhouette. [MF].[CFNM] [Masturbation] [M24, F35].


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My First CFNM Experience.

In this second chapter, Claire invites me into her home. I discover myself looking for her, “within the walls,” as she convinces me to get naked. My first CFNM, I didn’t even know what it stood for.

A few weeks had passed after Claire had given me my first public handjob experience. Although we had seen each other on a daily basis, chatting with her during cigarette breaks and when I had passed on my paperwork to her, neither of us had brought up the subject. Claire was a very private person and determined to keep what happened a secret.

I remember it being a Thursday afternoon, I was working a PM shift, but had been going into work earlier than my ordinary begin time, as a few work colleagues were on holiday. I wasn’t keen on the afternoon shift, especially as I didn’t get to see much of Claire, as she finished at 4pm, and she never seemed to have as many afternoon cigarette breaks as in a morning.

As usual, around half hour before leaving, Claire would take her final break of her working day. I was disappointed to hear that she had booked Friday off to give her a nice long weekend, she went on to tell me that she was having a girlie night at her best mates house, and a sleep over. As usual my mind was racing, thinking about her sharing her friend’s bed in her long t-shirt, as mentioned in my first reading. It must have been about 4.15pm, when I noticed Claire walking back across the factory floor towards me, her heels making that familiar sound as she got ever closer.

CLAIRE: “Bloody car won’t start, that’s all I need”.

I offered to to take a look, I wasn’t an expert, but I knew a few basics.

I made my way to the carpark as Claire popped up the engine hood.

ME: “Go on, turn it over”.

Claire turned the ignition key but it was never gonna begin under it’s own steam, I suspected the battery or alternator to have a fault.

CLAIRE: “For fucks sake, how am I supposed to get home now, I can’t get in touch with my local garage, they aren’t picking up the bloody phone”.

I told her not to worry, I hadn’t got that much work on, as all of the days deliveries had already been and gone. A taxi would be far too expensive, and it was a good half hour walk to the nearest bus route.

Once Claire had calmed down she accepted my offer, by car it was about a 25 minute run, so I would probably back onsite within the hour. She got some valuables out of her car and locked it up, before walking across the carpark and getting into my vehicle.

CLAIRE : “Thanks for this Lewis, it’s very much appreciated”.

Claire once again tried to contact her mechanic, eventually getting to speak and explain what had happened and her situation. In the meantime Claire would be giving me little jabs and pokes in my arm, indicating directions to her home, as I hadn’t been there before. Claire informed me that her garage were gonna make her first call tomorrow morning, worst case scenario being that they would bring it back to the garage on the pickup if they were unable to get it started. It was a warm late afternoon, I had remembered a previous conversation about how Claire hated having the windows down when driving, as it blew her hair all over the place,…. it’s funny how things stick in your mind when trying to get into a girls knickers.

Arriving at her house, Claire asked if I fancied a quick coffee or a cold drink. Before I could answer she mentioned not to worry about her tenants, one is away for the weekend, and the other wouldn’t be back until after 10pm, as he was doing a late shift. I cheekily asked if I could see her bedroom, she had recently decorated it, I had seen the pictures, but it would be great to see it “in the flesh” so to speak.

CLAIRE: “Yes, maybe, as long as you are not hoping to see anything else… “in the flesh”. Laughing at her reply.

I followed Claire through her side door and into her kitchen, she told me to excuse any mess, it’s impossible to keep things tidy with tenants. She put the kettle on, asking me if I fancied a coffee.

ME: “Yes please, great”.

I noticed Claire pour herself a large blackcurrant cold drink, telling me that she was thirsty. I couldn’t help noticing that all the household appliances had instructions on how to use, the washing machine, dryer, even the TV in the living room, along with rules about keeping things tidy. It didn’t seem that homely to me, more like a guest house, which I suppose it was. Following Claire upstairs the three bedrooms and bathroom all had locks. However, only Claire’s room could be locked from the outside, as well as from the inside. Her room, obviously being the biggest of the bedrooms.

It was the only room in the house that was typically Claire. The room had a feature wall in deep purple, with black silhouettes of tree branches criss crossing from behind the bed headboard towards the ceiling. It looked so much better than the pictures that she had showed me on her phone. I could see why it was so expensive, it had been made specially to order. A lilac carpet, along with a pretty close colour match to the remaining three walls. A large black ash double wardrobe dominated the far side of the room, a dresser, bedside tables and drawers to match. Behind the door, a large mirror, with a black gothic style surround of snakes and skulls. Also a bedside lamp, which seemed to be a human skeleton hand reaching up holding a crystal ball which obviously lit up. Deep purple pillow’s with a black duvet completed the look. It was so atmospheric, macabre, yet hauntingly gorgeous. I couldn’t help thinking that it must be a great room to fuck in, especially with the knowledge that Claire all the time slept naked.

Hearing Claire’s voice brought me out of my daydream.

CLAIRE : “Do you like what you see? Come on, back downstairs, I want show you my garden”.

I made my way back downstairs, and into the lounge. I heard Claire upstairs for a couple of minutes, and then again as she made her way downstairs, before appearing with her blackcurrant drink in one hand and my coffee in the other. I was surprised to see Claire had changed her top too, as she handed me my coffee. Claire had removed her work black blouse and slipped on a white loose fitting long shirt. Leaving it hanging out over her black skirt, I couldn’t help notice that she was also braless. I realised at this point too that her left nipple was definitely pierced.

Claire would openly admit that she wished that her boobs were bigger, perhaps that’s why she all the time wore her blouses tight. I was no expert on the subject, but I’d say that she would have been a B cup. As I’ve all the time said, anything more than a handful is a waste in my comment, and proportionally for me, Claire was just right.

Claire proceeded to open the french doors out onto her patio, as I followed her outside. I noticed a door giving entry to the rear of her large garage, she told me that she was using it for storage at the moment, but wanted to eventually turn it into a workshop. We walked down a single step and followed a short path to her small greenhouse at the bottom of her garden, which was getting the full sun. Inside I noticed numerous tomato plants, courgettes, cucumber plants and herbs growing, as Claire began to water everything.

ME: “You obviously have a knack of making things grow, it seems”. Chuckling to myself.

Claire burst out laughing, replying.

“Trust you, it’s just something I enjoy doing”.

Still laughing, as she lit up a cigarette.

She went on to tell me that she wanted a small shed, but needed to get a couple of her fence panels repaired first as once the shed was in place, she would not be able to get to the fencing. I mentioned to her that I could probably sort it for her, I’d recently helped my Uncle repair his, and had a fair idea what was required to fix it up.

CLAIRE : “That would be great if you could”.

ME: “No problem, although I might need you to give me a helping hand, especially as you are quiet good at handling wood”.

Claire was now in hysterics, she seemed to have totally lightened up regarding the car problem.

We made our way back towards the house, Claire still giggling, and not really concentrating. With a cigarette in one hand, and juice in the other, she tripped up the small step onto the patio. Fortunately, she only fell slightly forward into me, but it was enough for her to spill most of her blackcurrant squash all over my white polo shirt.

CLAIRE : “Shit, I’m so sorry Lewis, get inside, let me give it a quick wash for you, it should dry in no time. It will stain if you leave it, and you’ll never get it out”.

Of course Claire was right.

I removed my top and handed it to her.

CLAIRE : “Make yourself at home, I won’t be long, I’ll give it a fast spin in the washing machine, I have a load of whites to wash anyway”.

As I sat on the sofa I noticed a picture on the sideboard. It was a photo of Claire and presumably her son, Ben. Probably from no more than a couple of years ago. It then struck me that Claire was a MILF, it had never really occured to me before, as she never seemed to show any sort of mumsy instincts. It didn’t matter anyway, I just liked her for being her, I wondered to myself.

Claire came back into her living room, before remarking.

“Nice tan Lewis”.

I think that I blushed a little.

“Thanks Claire, the sun caught me last weekend when I’d been helping my uncle repair his fencing”.

CLAIRE : “Oh, I see, and here’s me thinking that you might have an all over tan.”

I laughed…. “I’m not that brave, although I did only have my shorts on I think at one point.

CLAIRE : So you’ve never had a CFNM experience, Lewis?”

Claire had caught me out, I knew what MILF stood for, but CFNM, I didn’t have a clue, In my head l began to think that the age gap between the two of us might actually become an problem. I had started to realise that Claire was far more experienced than myself than I first wondered.

ME: “Let me think, CFNM.. (obviously I didn’t want to mention the C word)…. Cock… Fuck…. nude…. Masturbate.”

Claire laughed, “No silly, it stands for Clothed Female, Naked Male…. Although you were partly right with the nude/naked guess, and it can sometimes lead to masturbation in some instances. Would you like to try it Lewis?”

I think that I understood what Claire was suggesting but I really needed to ask.

ME: So let me get this right, you want me to get naked in this room in front of you, whilst you stay dressed?

CLAIRE:” I just thought that it might appeal, seeing as you are half dressed anyway. After all, you enjoyed the public handjob I gave you. Maybe you could do something else for me too, while I watch”.

I looked at Claire as she placed her thumb and finger together, and moved her forearm back and forth, suggesting a very familiar gesture to me.

ME: “What, you want me to jerk off in front of you?”

CLAIRE: “Lewis, let me explain. I don’t feel ready, not at the moment to take things further, but I do feel that things are heading in the right direction. I know that you jerk off to me all the time, you pretty much told me so in the pub, when I was bringing you off under the table, remember. Tell me Lewis, where do you think about shooting your load when you are imagining fucking me. Are you pulling my hair whilst doing me from behind, shooting over my ass and back. Maybe you enjoy pulling out at the last moment and blowing your load of my stomach and tits, or maybe you just like the thought of cumming inside me. I bet you’ve wanked yourself off to the thought of me blowing you, I bet you have never experienced a pierced tongue around your cock or even in your mouth. Have you cum thinking about me giving you fellatio!!! …. did you cum in my mouth, or over my face, did I keep my glasses on for you Lewis?”

ME:” I’m sorry”.

Holding my head down, feeling like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

CLAIRE: “Then don’t be Lewis. Don’t think that you were the only one that had fun in the pub, my knickers were soaked when I got home that evening, as yes, before you ask I did have a little play with myself before going to sleep”.

Claire continued…

“I’m kinda getting excited, and frustrated at this moment. Anticipation and the excitement of seeing you naked and wanking in front of me, yet frustration that I’m not comfortable in letting you touch me, or see me naked, but at the moment this is all I can offer you. I was hoping that it would be enough, and hopefully in time we can both get the things that we both want and need. Besides you have actually seen me naked today, so you do owe me!!”

ME: “What… when… you changed earlier but I didn’t see anything”.

CLAIRE: “So you didn’t notice me in my bedroom?”

ME: “I don’t understand.”

CLAIRE: “The wallpaper mural Lewis, you didn’t look closely enough, within those trees and branches there is a full size, side account of me, totally naked. That’s why it was so expensive and took such a long time to produce, so like I said, you have seen me naked.

CLAIRE : “Remember, I did ask you if you liked what you saw”.

Claire wasn’t gonna let this go, and I must admit, I wasn’t really in the mood after the conversation that had just taken place. Yet it seemed that I had found myself with little choice in the matter. I didn’t want our relationship to end like this, besides we did have to work together. I stood up and removed my work boots and socks.

CLAIRE: “Wait, I want you to face me, hang on, let me put some music on, it might just relax and calm down and help the atmosphere”.

Claire had got up from the sofa and switched on a small stereo in the corner of the living room, a couple of speakers ethier side. Music began to play, some instrumental stuff that was unfamiliar to me. I felt a nice breeze blow from outside, as the french doors out onto the patio were still open. I watched Claire as a light flury of wind suddenly pulled her shirt tight against her body. I couldn’t help notice the shape of her small, firm and pert breasts and her dark areolas.

Both of my girlfriend’s had pink nipples, although, I remember my last girlfriend had the most perfect puffy ones. Claire’s certainly were not puffy but, but I definitely got the impression that they would be quite responsive with a little arousal.

Claire then sat back down in the corner of the sofa, crossed legged, her hand to her ear supporting her head, with her elbow resting on the back of her sofa.

I consider myself of an average create, pretty much every item of clothing I purchase is a medium. Like most guys I wished my cock was a little bigger. I’m not gonna lie, I was no more than five and half inches at most fully erect, and it didn’t look particularly much of a thing when limp. I was also conscious that Claire must have seen a few cocks in her time although she never mentioned much about previous relationships. I proceeded to undo my belt buckle, and button fly in front of Claire, removing my jeans putting them on my side of the sofa.

Earlier, in the garden I had felt a nice semi as we chatted about things growing and wood, but I must admit I wasn’t feeling much happening down there at the moment. Although I’m pretty sure that Claire liked what she was seeing so far, my legs were pretty good, as I didn’t really carry any excess weight, and my white jockey shorts really showed my off my tan.

I turned around, with my back to Claire and pulled down my shorts, kicking them off onto the floor. This allowed me to have a quick pull of my cock in an attempt to get some blood into it.

CLAIRE: “Nice tight ass, Lewis”.

I turned to face Claire my hands still covering and tugging at my cock, I watched as Claire’s glasses slipped forward down the bridge of her small nose, her finger slowly pushing them back into place. I don’t think she realised how sexy it was when she did this, even in her work office. I removed my hands to expose myself to her, happy that at least my cock was now almost semi.

Ping…. Claire’s phone.

CLAIRE: “Fuck me”.

I momentarily stopped….

ME: “What?”.

Did Claire want to fuck?

Were her words a reaction to seeing my cock for the first time?

CLAIRE: “Fucking phone”.

It was an acknowledgement text from the garage letting her know that her car was booked in to be worked on first thing tomorrow.

CLAIRE: “You know Lewis, words can be more of a turn on, rather than both of us getting naked and straight down to it, don’t you think, although I know that’s what you want.”

My cock was now beginning to respond to my touch but, Claire was right, her words were a turn on as she watched me stroke my hardening penis.

CLAIRE: “Image screwing me Lewis in my bed, me telling you to fuck me, as I dig my nails into your ass and back”.

Claire knew what she was saying and doing, my cock was visibly growing in front of her, she instructed me to sit beside her on the sofa.

CLAIRE: “I can feel my panties getting wet Lewis.”

My cock pretty much fully extended now.

CLAIRE : “I’ll probably end my evening playing with myself later thinking about you doing this.”

I looked at Claire as she spoke, but her eyes were fixed on my hand pumping my cock, my foreskin pulled back tight, my bellend fully exposed to her, purple and shinning, as a little precum trickled out of me.

Suddenly Claire grabbed her phone.

CLAIRE: Could I take a couple of photos, Lewis?

ME: What….. Why?

CLAIRE: I was watching TV a few nights back, it was a craft show. They were showing how versatile plaster of paris can be. One girl had made garden pots, different shapes and sizes, and then painted them. Another had done a water feature, oh, and a castle with turrets, it had amazing detail too. I want to convert my garage into my workshop and have a go at doing stuff….I was thinking… well maybe as a project I could mould your cock, in detail, maybe paint it too. Just think, I might be able to use it as a dildo.”

I had gone a little soft, with plant pot talk, thinking that Claire was getting bored, but I think that it was a deliberate tease to slow me down, only bring me back to the edge with the dildo talk.

CLAIRE: “Pleassseee Lewis. When I get everything set up, it would be fun, you could be my muse and watch me make it . Anyway it’s not as if I’m talking photos with your face and cock, it could be anyone’s penis. I promise that I would only use them for my benefits, if you know what I mean!!! Tell you what, I’ll make you a deal. What if I send you a picture of my bedroom silhouette, maybe some of my underwear too. At some point, I might even get a little more daring in the privacy of my bedroom, did I mention that this phone is waterproof… Imagine me sending you photos of me relaxing in my bathtub or taking a shower, even a mirror selfie of what the Chinese guy got to see”.

I looked down, removing my hand away from my erection. My cock didn’t get much bigger than how it looked at the moment. It was springing upwards, slightly left of centre, it’s head almost resting on my stomach. It was now or never, if she was to take pictures.

ME: “Okay, I trust you, as long as you promise to keep them to yourself”.

CLAIRE: “Of course I will, promise”.

Claire took the first image from where she sat, looking down towards my torso, checking the photo after taking it. She got off the sofa, and proceeded to take a couple from ethier side of my shaft. Then another angle, making sure that she got a few more looking up from my balls and up my shaft, again checking that they were all in focus. At this point Claire was kneeling on the floor, giving me a great view of her cleavage. It was a pity an extra button wasn’t open, as I may have caught a hint of her pierced nipple, but I took what I could get. I don’t think Claire was even aware that I had looked, as she had her phone in front of her face. Finally she got up and took another shot, this time a close up of my bellend. My cock was now twitching, craving attention, Claire’s mouth was literally a couple of inches from it’s tip. I continued to stroke myself, now enjoying the moment I found myself in, tugging harder, feeling that I was getting closer to losing control.

CLAIRE: “You have a nice cock, Lewis. Not too big and not too small. It’s just about right, when did you last cum?”

ME: “A couple of nights back, in the shower”.

CLAIRE: “Oooh nice, I like the thought of you cumming in the shower, were you thinking of me?”

I nodded to acknowledge that I was, as I continued to wank myself.

CLAIRE: “Tell me what happened?”

I explained that you had asked me to do a little DIY at your house, ( little did l know then about her fencing). I mentioned once I’d finished you said that I could take a shower after you had taken yours.

Of course I couldn’t withstand a little play with myself, I was pretty close to jizzing everywhere, when you suddenly opened the door bringing in a fresh towel, yours still wrapped around your midriff, as you pulled the shower curtain back to let me know, you’re towel fell free to the floor having caught me red handed.

Claire giggled.

CLAIRE: “Perhaps we could recreate that in time, I love shower sex”.

Claire was still watching me masturbate…..”Are you getting close?”

Again I nodded, as I jerked faster.

CLAIRE: “I can’t wait to watch you blow your load, I love watching cock erupt everywhere, tell me when you are about to cum”.

I moaned…”Very soon”.

Pumping myself harder and faster I really needed to release. Claire had managed to get me so horny with her smart wordplay and suggestion.

Claire quickly picked her phone up and switched from camera to video, me totally oblivious to the fact.

CLAIRE: “I’m so wet for you Lewis, I can feel my nipple’s hardening watching you wanking yourself for me”.

I let out a moan, and slight grunt, as I felt my whole body shudder, feeling my orgasm begin to create. Suddenly it arrived, as a single jet of hot cum exploded out of my cock landing on my chest and left shoulder.

CLAIRE: “Fuck Lewis, Oh my God”. Smiling to herself.

I continued bring myself off, another heavy load landing across my stomach and abdomen, at all times Claire watching and recording me.

CLAIRE: “Oh Lewis, you really do produce lovely cumshots, I enjoyed wanking you in the pub, but this way I get to actually see your cock explode everywhere.”

As my final few smaller loads of cum ran down the side of my shaft, it began to reduce it’s size, Claire quickly noticing and still recording.

A bleep, bleep sound from the kitchen.

CLAIRE: “That will be the washing machine, looks like I’ll have to unload that myself!!” Laughing to herself.

Claire came back into the living room with a towel, and softly began to wipe away cum from off my body, first, shoulder, chest, stomach working her way down. Claire gently placed the towel around my genitals, and continued to clean me up, not being able to withstand giving my cock a couple of small tugs, through the towel, moping up the last few droplets of cum between my penis and groin.

CLAIRE: ” Really Lewis, wow?”

As Claire did this, my cock instantly started responding to her touch.

Claire now realized that she had to get her craft workshop up and running as soon as feasible. She would need to come up with a plan to get me back to her home for a day, maybe even overnight for a weekend. She wasn’t for sure how long, or how many attempts she would need to cast my cock. However, she knew that she had never experienced a penis with such a quick recovery time, especially after just blowing such a gigantic load. It would be her quest and subject matter, and I would be her muse.

NSFW: yes

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