My [M27] previous place of work. Cuck sex with hotwife [F29] colleague. Part 3 (final)

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She asks me to fuck her and gets me to put a condom on that’s on the side, this girl was prepared and a pro!
I slap the condom on and kneel between her legs. She gets me to take a photo of my cock laid over her pussy on her belly, I’m not small so it’s a hot photo. She asks me if I could film this and would I mind talking and thanking him for this pussy, of course I don’t mind. I film my cock laying there ready to fuck, I film me grabbing the base of my shaft and rubbing my cock head up and down her dripping slit which is beyond ready to be fucked and say “thank you for this beautiful pussy, I’ll make sure I fuck it well for you, it’ll be nice and used when you get it back” she loves this.

I put the phone down and ease myself into her, fuck she feels good. We fuck in missionary a while, slow, Building intensity, kissing deeply. She’s grabbing at my ass and squeezing hard, pulling me into her deeper. She’s taking my cock so well, swallowing my shaft down to the balls and god every thrust feels good.

After a while I pull out, she gets me to snap more photos of her now nicely open and stretched pussy, it’s so fucking hot and filled with a pussy cream where she’s been taking me so deep.

We switch to her riding me, slow and sensual with lots of kissing, her tits in my face, me taking photos and filming her ride and her talking so much trash at the camera “you see how your slut rides cock, you like seeing your wife on big cock for you?”

We switch to her in reverse cowgirl. Her pussy grips my cock so good in that position and looks amazing. She’s riding so fucking hard, leaning forwards, moaning. Again I’m snapping pics and filming and she’s getting off hard, I’m spanking her ass and she is saying shit like “thank you baby, thank you for letting me ride big cock and being your slut, look how your pussy is getting used baby”

I can’t hold it much longer and I tell her I’m about to cum, this sends her over the edge. I spurt strings into the condom, I’m deep in her, grabbing her hips and pulling her down my shaft, almost angrily, making sure she’s got every inch of my cock as deep in her as feasible.

She slides off and asks me to take pics , her pussy looks battered from the riding she has just done. I’m worried the condom has broke but it hasn’t It’s just her thick white pussy cream all over my cock and filling her stretched cunt. I snap loads of photos.

We clean up, have some more wine while she sends hubby the pics. She has a phone call in private with him
In the other room and when she comes back asks if I want to stay the night, of course I do.

We fuck again that night and spend the night in bed together. We shower together in the morning, and then end up fucking again, this time on the sofa. She tells me her husband is back at lunchtime, so I get away at around 11 leaving her freshly fucked for him.

Over the next months we keep it professional at work but meet up around once a month, playing out a variety of hot situations.

I still look at some of the photos to this day, so fucking hot.


A co worker cucked her husband with me for a number of months and I fucked her sensless on multiple occasions for him.

NSFW: yes

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