My life Ch.2

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Two days after having anal with my stepmom, Margot, I wake to this: a heavy presence on me. I realize it’s my stepmom. She’s massaging my chest with her tits, she‘s nude, and she’s groping My dick. She seems to notice me waking up, and says, “Good morning Carl. I was just wanting to treat you again,” and with that, she takes off my pants and begin giving me a boobjob.

Her tits are so nice against my dick, I’m sinking into her, but it isn’t long before she starts to gulp down my whole dick. She moves her head up, then down gulping even more.

A few minutes after her gulping down every inch of my cock, she puts it in her pussy, puts her tits in my mouth, starts clapping against me, as a I begin sucking. My cock is deep in, and her moaning allows me to take lead, by slapping against her even harder.

At this point, we‘re in doggystyle position, and she’s moaning really loudly.

I tell her that I’m about to cum, but she tells me to hold it in. Next, she’s kissing me whilst moving her hips again, while I’m very much limp. She continues to move her hips, while I grab her enormous, thick ass, and spank it once.

She moans.

I slap her ass even harder this time.

She moans louder and increase her clapping speed.

I slap her ass again, and that’s the height of it. She’s jumping on top of me, and moans louder than ever, and I finally release my load.


I see Margot later that day, trying to make a cake for the return of Kayla, who’s gonna graduate from school. Margot’s wearing something *really* short, and emphasizes her enormous ass. I also feel my dick pressing against my pants. I walk up to her, and before Either of us can react, I press my dick against her ass and begin rubbing it.

Margot: “*Ahh* Carl, what are you doing?!”

Before I know it, Margot is on her knees, dismayed, before she sees my enormous dick.

Margot: “You want more of me? Well I just finished making cake, but why don’t we make *another* cake?”

I say yes immediately, and she’s already sucking my cock as the best she can. This time, she‘s going strait into it, going all the way down, and up, super quickly, and I can barely bare it. But before I can recover, she puts her pussy in my mouth and says, “Why don’t you eat me up too? *giggle*”

She starts sucking me, no less, even better, and I begin licking her pussy inside and out. Before long, we’re both tired, and I head up to my room.


My whole family is back together, eating cake, celebrating Kayla graduating. We’re all in a festive mood. I try not to think about my stepmom and I’s relationship though, it didn’t entirely work.

NSFW: yes

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