My Latina friend

I met this girl a few years ago on an app. She was 20, I was 38. We would meet at a park and chat, heavy sexual innuendo tied in. Id bring her a coffee, She’d complain about her controlling bf as we walked around a park. Her little dogs scattering about. The chemistry was insane. We walked to the back side of the park one day. My phone buzzed, she just texted a pic of her ass. I’ve never seen a brown girl blush but it was the hottest thing. I was freeballing in workout shorts and her pic made the blood flow. She sat on a bench and looked me in the eye….”You seem like a man that knows what you want”. I leaned in and kissed her and “you are correct”. I stood up and my crotch was in her face. I could see her eyes tracing the outline of my cock. I flexed my cock and made it bounce in her face and she giggled. I put my thumb in my waistband and slowly pulled down. I got tonthe base off cock and she got nervous. “No” she said. “Not here.” She stood up and we embraced in a hug. I felt her hand drop to my crotch and she felt me up over top my shorts. She gasped and jerked her hand away. “Oh my God, it feels big” she muttered. “Take a peak” i said with a grin. She flashed me a sexy smile and she pulled the waistband of my shorts out and peered inside. “Holy fuck, there’s no way” She snapped the waistband in disbelief, “look again” i said. She complied and looked again.. “mmmmm fuck me thats huge” she said as she reached in and wrapped her little fingers around it. She gave it a little squeeze and whispered” it’s so big..and it’s not even hard.” “My turn” I exclaim as I shoved mynhand down her pants. Startled she jumped back a little but didn’t withstand. Her pussy was so smooth, and wet. “Someone’s excited” I said as i slide I finger inside her. She was tight. “Mmmmm such a tiny pussy” she pulled my hand out and was so red. I stuck my finger in mouth and tasted her. “You taste good” I say, pulling my finger out of my mouth. I pull her close and grab her ass “my cock would feel so good in your tiny, tight little pussy” i whisper in her ear. At this point we are ready to rip each other’s clothes off, nearly forgetting we are in public. ” I’m guessing I’m bigger than your BF.” I brag. “Oh God him” she says. “I have to go” she says sadly. I grab her by the waistband of her jeans and pull her close and kiss her deeply. Our lips part for a moment and she seems lost in the kiss. We kiss again and she stops, looking me in the eye she says “he is fucking tiny compared to you, and he don’t kiss me like you do either”. She kissed me again, and turned to leave. I watched her tight ass sway back and forth, almost in slow motion as she walked away. So much more to come…

NSFW: yes

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