My Latina Friend pt2

She texted me when she got home, saying she cannot get the wondered of my cock out of her head. An hour later she texted again, saying how she fucked her bf and wondered of my gigantic cock stretching her. She said his cock is small but thinking of me while getting fucked by her bf was so hot, she came hard. I told her i couldnt wait to make her cum. We made plans to meet up the next day. We met up everyday for a week. She was to nervous to play around at the park. We would sneak kisses and grope each other. Then she would get nervous about her bf, we were just up the street from their place.
Friday around 9am I’m sitting in a meeting and I get a text from her. “I’m horny, and I can’t stop thinking about you bending me over.” Sitting at the conference table with the CO, I lost focus thinking about her bent over, her smooth, brown, petite ass perched and her back arched waiting for me to thrust… I snap back to the CO shouting at me if I had anything new to bring up. “No Sir” I belt out, then quickly apologized. She told me she was baby siting and dropped a pin……u took off. I pull up and she was waiting for me outside. She hopped in my car and kissed me, her mexcan accent fills my ears “I want you to fuck me so bad.” She was kneeling on the car seat looking at me. So much lust in her eyes. I lean in, braced my hand on her seat between her knees and kissed her again, my other hand began teasing her nipples. She grabbed my forearm and started grinding her pussy against me. She was wearing tight little spandex shorts and I could tell she was wet. I shift on my seat and shove my hand down her pants. Her pussy smooth and wet, her little clit was swollen and begging to be rubbed. I slide fingers inside her and finger banged her pussy for a bit then I rubbed her clit hard until she came. Just when her orgasm starts to diminish there is a tapnon the window, it’s another latina girl. I slide my wet fingers out of her shorts and stare at her as I lick my fingers. I roll the window down and they begin speaking Spanish. The other girl storms off and she had to go. My cock was rock hard needed to be taken care of. She went back to baby sitting and told me she would make it up to me.
Tuesday, 10am she texts me asking for a ride. I make an excuse at work about a bullshit meeting and I’m gone. I pick her up at her place and we head to the public library. I park off to the side and she’s kissing on my neck. “You left me quite frustrated last time we met.” Her hands are loosening my belt and disappears down my pants. Before I know it her head is in my lap and she is working my cock with her mouth. Fuck she was good. She was moaning as she skillfully slide my cock down her throat. Her hand rolling balls around while she sucked and bobbed.As she is Moaning and sucking my hand slides down her ass crack under neath the fabric of her leggings. My middle finger following her ass crack to her tight, little asshole. Her moaning got deeper as my finger teased her ass. I reach my hand a little further and discover the wetness of her pussy and return and slick her asshole. I rub my wet finger on her asshole and begins to push in. She moaned as the first knuckle sinked in. She goaned as I pulled out slightly then pushed back in. I was enjoying her ass so much I was distracted by her skillfully working on my cock. She was sucking like mad and as my attention went back to her mouth I could feel I was about to cum. I tell her get ready as I grab a fist full of hair with my other hand. As my cock begins to erupt i shove her head down on my cock hard and plunge my finger deeper into her asshole. She moaned hard as I spewed loads of cum down her throat. My cock pumping as she struggles with her face in my lap. I release my grip on her hair and she cleans up my cum, swallowing all ot if as cum is still dripping from my cock. She licks the tip not wasting a drop, the sensation of her tongue makes my body jerk. My finger in her ass, I wiggle it reminding her it’s still there. “Are you gonna take that out?” she playfully asked. “No” I state as I continue to finger her ass. “Mmmm fuck” she moans. My cock was still in her hand when she said we had to stop. She had jobs to apply for. She grabbed my wrist and pulled my finger out of her ass. “I’ll let you finish that another day but have to go, I wanted to make up for leaving you the other day” She kissed me then grabbed her things and bounced out of the car. She turned back towards me and said “I left my bf, and I’m moving. I’ll send you the address later….”

NSFW: yes

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