My Guy Best friend used me to get over a breakup

So Me and my bestfriend have been besties basically our entire lives. we lived on the same street, went to the same college, worked the same jobs, you know how it is lol.

he’s all the time practically been like a brother to me when we were growing up, and i really love him in that way. we’ve NEVER been romantic with each other, it’s just not like that, but there’s all the time been something there. we’d flirt and touch and stuff, and ONE time when I took him to formal my first semester of school after we both couldn’t get dates, we had a pity make out. But really soon after that, He got a girlfriend.

I can say that my bestfrien’s girlfriend was a BITCH. I hated her because she was fucking insane lmfao. it was so bad for my bestfriend, he cried multiple, multiple times to me about her and how she treated him. long story short, he finally confirmed that she had cheated on him with 3 dudes through their relationship.

He cried in my arms for like an hour and i held him. well, finally he calmed down and i was just laying on his chest like i all the time did when I felt something poking my ass.

I laughed and asked him if he seriously had a boner after crying on me for an hour. he kinda grinned and said it wasn’t his fault, i was laying on him barely wearing anything, and him and Emily hadn’t hooked up since they’d been fighting.

i fake scoffed and turned to face him, looking down at the growing bulge i could see in his joggers. “you’ve seen me like this at least a hundred times.” I was wearing an oversized t-shirt that covered basically any idea that i had tits or an ass, and little boxers i had stolen from some guy a long time ago underneath.

i slid my body up on his until i felt his bulge pressing right through my boxers, and gave it the tiniest grind. “so, what’re you going to do about it?” I whispered in his ear while letting my hand slip down his chest.

he let out a little groan as my hand reached the top of his dick, which was already twitching in my hand. I rubbed lightly around the head and rolled it between my fingers for a minute before sliding them all the way down his shaft until i could wrap my fingers around the base.

i had been skinny-dipping with him before so i had seen his cock, but the feeling out it was amazing. he must be a grower because he seemed so much thicker and longer in my hand than what i could’ve possibly imagined from before. i felt my boxers begin to soak between my legs.

i squeezed gently as i moved my hand up and down his length slowly. he gave a weak chuckle and asked if I knew he was still TECHNICALLY dating Emily.

I breathed in his ear, before locking my lips over his. we kissed for a minute, before I broke off and looked him in the eyes again.

“I want to feel your cock inside of me,” I whispered as calmly as I could manage while grinding into him through our clothes. his joggers had now slipped down his hips and freed the length between his legs, now pressing against the wetness of my boxers. “I want you to fuck me,” i said again as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close again.

“I need you,” he said, pulling the boxers slowly down my hips, then thighs, then legs as moved myself to help him. Now he was under me, pressing his fat cock against my entrance. he thrust into me slowly for a few seconds before pausing to look at me again with those gorgeous blue eyes of his. “You’re amazing,” he said once more before pulling back out completely before sliding back in with a rough thrust that made me cry out into his mouth. “You’re so perfect.”

He gripped my ass roughly as he started fucking me harder – so hard that i could feel the bed shaking beneath us as his body slammed into mine over and over again. “Fuck me pls.,” I whispered breathlessly into his mouth as he plunged into me harder and faster than ever before – so hard that I could hear each thump of his body against mine.

“I need you,” I said again before pulling myself back and up onto my hands and knees to give him better access to my pussy (because god i love being fucked from behind). he let out another groan as he pulled back slightly from me then slammed into me – once again making the bed frame shake but also making my whole body jolt from the force of it all. i threw my head back as he fucked me harder than ever before, and reached between us with one hand to squeeze his balls.

He grunted hard and told me he was gonna cum. I was too. He let go of my ass and grabbed at my hips – pulling me back against him as he thrust in one final time – all the way into me until he let out this crazy deep groan that made me cum with him as well. we both collapsed on the bed together for a minute afterwards while we caught our breath –

Emily and him broke up the next day, and him and I are still very good friends.

NSFW: yes

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