My girlfriend let me fuck her best friend for my birthday

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend told me that for my birthday she was thinking about letting me fuck her best friend. I said I’d love that and a few days later, her best friend was in my room with us. My girlfriend and her best friend had me sit on the edge of the bed while they both sucked my dick. They’d change who was sucking the tip and kissing the side of my dick and sometimes making out with each other with my dick between them. My girlfriend looked up and told me to not worry about how long I last in bed right now, just to enjoy what they were giving me.

My girlfriend started jerking me off while her best friend would lightly suck the tip of my dick before she made me cum all over her friend’s face. I assumed that was it, but my girlfriend licked my cum off of her face and they were making out with my cum in their mouths. I got hard really quickly from that and my girlfriend had her best friend lie down so I could now fuck her. My girlfriend grabbed my dick and guided it into her friend’s tight pussy. She was jerking me off as I buried my dick in her friend’s tight and wet pussy. Her friend’s tits were mesmerizing as they bounced back and forward with each stroke. When I was getting close to cumming again, my girlfriend asked me to stop fucking her friend and let her do the work. My girlfriend’s small hand jerked my dick while the tip was still buried in her friend’s pussy. My girlfriend begged me to cum in her friend’s pussy and I couldn’t fight it if I wanted. My girlfriend’s hand milked all of the cum I had out, into her friend’s pussy.

My girlfriend ate her friend’s pussy for my cum and I got hard again. They gave me one more double blowjob, where I came on my girlfriend’s best friend’s tits and my girlfriend again licked it off before letting it dribble out into her friend’s mouth. Fuck everything was so hot and I told them I couldn’t do anything else, even if I wanted to.

NSFW: yes

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