My Girlfriend Accidentally Made Me Cum With My Roommate In The Room [MF]

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NSFW: yes

A few months back my girlfriend (F) (we’ll call her G) and I (M) were staying at a hotel for a school formal. It was a pretty expensive hotel, so we decided to split the room with my roommate (F) and her boyfriend (let’s call them R and B, respecitvely), who my girlfriend and I are both close with. The formal itself wasn’t anything to write home (or Reddit) about, so I’ll spare you the details, but the morning after was.

For those visual readers out there:

A little about me and my girlfriend— we’re both juniors at a small but well-known school. We’ve been dating for a little over a year and have a great relationship. Physcially, I’m a little over six feet and lean but fairly muscular thanks to lifting. I’ve been complimented for my arms and V by many people. I’ve also been told by several women that I’m generously endowed, and even that my cock is ‘pretty’. I’m no supermodel, but I’m OK with what I’ve got.

My girlfriend is built athletically but has soft features. Her boobs and ass are both incredible (no way I’m biased) and she’s a kind and bubbly person. She’s sexually modest in the sense that she isn’t big into PDA or discussing our sex lives with others.

My roommate can be described as thicc with two c’s, with dark hair and deep green eyes. Before she met B sophomore year, she was asked out by guys at least once a week.


In case you’re thinking “female roommate? In college?…” let me assure you that we are strictly platonic and actually pretty close friends. That said, the topic of sex does come up. She’s complimented my girlfriends body several times—including her boobs and butt (both of which are spectacular, if I say so myself), as well as mine, though much more rarely. G and I also noticed this bizarre phenomenon where R seems to know when we have sex, as she conspicuously goes to the bathroom or leaves the house THE SECOND we finish, even when we are being as quiet as efficient. I don’t think it’s in a creepy way, but somehow she seems to know what’s going on. All this to say sex (including that which G and I have) is not necessarily a taboo topic, but it’s not something we’re SUPER open about.

We all carpooled to the formal. On the way, we joked that, once we got drunk, one of us couples could ‘claim’ the room, early-bird-gets-the-worm style. “Maybe we should just build a wall with the beds so we can both fuck once we’re drunk and horny,” R suggested, alternatively. We all laughed, and though it was a joke my girlfriend and I were definitely expecting a moment to have some drunk (ALONE) fun together.

After the formal, G and I were pretty horny from the dancing. Naturally, we were annoyed when R and B decided to crash before midnight after the formal was over, instead of heading out to bars like they had planned. We decided it was fine though, we would get a good nights sleep and fuck like rabbits once we got back to my place the next day.

Ha. Looking back I can only laugh at our naiveté. I mean come on, have you ever slept with your SO while drunk? After being dressed up, intoxicated both by alcohol and their perfumed scent, ALL night? When your SO’s athletic but soft body, her perky, symmetrical breasts and an ass large enough that the cuddle fuck position rarely works, is rubbing up against you and she’s holding you tight for warmth? When there’s another couple that you know finds you sexually attractive in the room? Maybe you’d stick to the wholesomeness plan, but we aren’t that strong.

When I woke up around 8 am next to G she greeted me with a smiling (and adorable) “Hi, baby.” As wholesomely as this might have been intended, I quickly became aware of my morning wood against my loose boxer briefs. I was already overwhelmed (in a good way) by the way my GF smells in the morning—a sweet, warm, fresh laundry-like scent, which changed the tune of my hard-on from innocent morning wood to, well, being bricked up in the colloquial way. I hadn’t cum in nearly four days, and I could tell—my dick felt warm and full. Even the rubbing of the fabric of my underwear was pleasurable. When it’s fully hard the tip pokes out of the waist band of my underwear, but today nearly half the head was out. Affectionate hand-holding quickly escalated into spooning when G deliberately and delicately rubbed herself on my cock, which was beginning to throb. My breathing quickened, and when I brushed her clit with my hand she let out a gentle but unexpected moan, which only encouraged my desire to disregard our plan and fuck her. Visions of thrusting in and out of her pussy as it contracted around my dick filled my head.

G and I knew we needed to get ahold of our breathing before R or B woke up, so we physically separated a bit and planned to be good. Of course, within a minute we started sexting. Naturally, from there we concocted a marvelous plan to move up our coital plans such that we would simply fuck in the bathroom of the hotel. We reasoned, if R knows we fuck at our house, what harm would would a quickie in the bathroom do?

I texted G how once I got her into the bathroom I would push her against the wall, one hand clamping hers to the striped wall paper, the other clasped around her pussy, preparing her for my thick cock. (Usually we needed lube for me to fit, but lately I had been using her own juices to coat myself before entering). She responded (verbatim) “As much as I want to fuck you baby, what I really want is to suck you off and make you explode all over my tits and neck and shoulders…and feel it drip down to my pussy. Ugh it’s always so warm and you shoot so hard. It’s like i’m feeling your orgasm with you. Fuckkk I need you. bathroom?” So much for regulating our panting, because at this point we were both filled to the brim with desire. I decided to steer into the sexual skid, sending her an oiled-up, full-body nude I had taken earlier in the week. As I was hitting send, B got up to use the bathroom. G’s eyes widened and she quickly rotated her body toward me to hide her phone. But embarrassment evolved into desperation as we both realized what him gonna the bathroom meant—we wouldn’t be able to fuck. *(look at the bottom asterisk for clarification)

For a few minutes we tried to cool off, even going so far as not touching, because we knew our plan to bang in the bathroom was likely futile. That went about as well as our initial idea to hold off on sex. A couple minutes later G mouthed to me “are you still hard?” Teasingly, I responded “see for yourself”. She smiled softly and nodded before her hands fumbled in the sheets for a moment before finding my still cock, still hidden beneath my boxers. Her warm touch was enough to elicit a whole body shutter out of me… my shaft was incredibly sensitive after being worked up for so long. She could tell. And I could tell that she still wanted more. For a moment she paused, seeming to consider something; B was still in the bathroom after all. The pros must have won out in her split-second cost advantage analysis, because next thing I knew she was pulling my cock through the hole in my underwear. Once it was out G gnetly felt my hardness with just two fingers. I was surprised by her boldness and insanely turned on at this point.

She at all times tells me how she loves how pronounced the veins in my cock are when I’m really turned on, and how the shape of the head fills her pussy perfectly. True to her word she traced the underside of my head with her fingertips, smiling as I recoiled in pleasure with each passing stroke. She had barely stimulated me—physically, that is—but my body was already begging for release. I tried reaching across the bed to grab her boobs, but she deflected my attempt, smiling devilishly and shaking her head in a ‘not now’ kind of way, while glancing back at R, who was still turned around and asleep as far as we could tell. After rotating her body towards me a bit more to block in the action, G kept stroking me. My dick was practically on fire at this point—it was like I could feel every nerve in my entire groin pushing out, begging for the trension to release. Her fingers found their way to the tip of my cock and to both our surprise I had started leaking precum (I rarely do this). It was enough that she coated her two finger tips with it and stroked more, now with her whole hand. She mouthed “I NEED to fuck you.” At that my cock let out a warning twitch, which I could tell she felt by her coy smirk and tightening of her grip. I felt the warmth in my body rush to between my legs as an intense swelling began from within, filling my cock as hard as I’ve ever felt, my orgasm building, and building, and building, and oh god building….

It was at this moment that R turned over, facing directly toward us.

We panicked, but only for a moment. I wish I could say I was able to hide my O face, but what I was feeling was simply too powerful. I was built up too much, edged physically and emotionally too hard, and too excited from, well, fooling around five feet away from my roommate, with my gorgeous and sexy girlfriend.

G realized what was happening and let go of my cock but it was too late—I let out a half-stifled “oh GOD” before I felt the swelling turn into a supernova-like contraction before finally (FINALLY!) exploding. My cock squeezed and pulsed and shot beneath the sheets, and my cum struck its uninentional targets with enough force that it made a quiet ‘splat’ with each rope. All in all I think I shot 12 times, each thick and each sending indescribable pleasure throughout my entire abdomen. My orgasm was one of those blissful ones where everything feels warm and fuzzy, yet you’re aware of the power behind each contraction. My hopeless agony transitioned into physical relief that I had only experienced a handful of times before. My breathing was hard and there was no hiding it. As the last of my orgasm subsided, I relaxed and slumped into G as she rubbed my arm. All that could be heard at that point, besides my slowing breaths, was the rustle of the AC unit.

We remained still for about 30 seconds, praying that R hadn’t stirred. We’re good, we’re fine, I wondered. She’s gotta still be asleep. And we’ve been covered this whole time. It’s not like she could have seen anything. My self assurances were interrupted when I noticed Gs eyes veering up to the head board, widening in a way that was both shocked and impressed, but mostly shocked. To this day we don’t know how it happened, but on the headboard was a singular but substantial shot of cum, spread out over the area of a golf ball. In any other situation I would be patting myself on the back, but this was an problem. Gravity and time only served to make it more noticeable as it descended down the headboard. “Should we clean it??” G asked in a panic, but I was worried too much movement would R’s draw attention.

Right on cue, R began stirring and got out of bed. It was impossible to read whether she was aware of what had happened prior, but I do know that when she walked past our bed on the way to the bathroom (evidently B really was just fucking around on his phone) and glanced our way, she blushed modestly and nodded ‘good morning’ before diverting her eyes and dipping in to the bathroom.

– – – – – – – –

While moving out of our school house a few months later, R popped in my room as I packed up my bed. “Packing up the headboard?” she asked, to which I responded, “No, I never had one in here,” a little confused. She raised an eyebrow and said with playful pity “Oh. That poor wall.”


– – – – – – – –

* Ok this is sort of embarrassing but the thing with my roommates BF is he is a bit of an ‘iPad kid’, meaning when he goes to the bathroom, he really just sits on his phone for 45 mins after taking care of his company. Lol

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