My first happy ending (28F)

I came across a guy online who was advertising that if anyone wanted a massage, he offered it as he was a professional & had his own suite. He also offered happy endings. Being someone who has never gotten a massage in my life, I was curious what he meant by a happy ending, so he explained it to me. We spoke more about his experiences as a masseur & it all sounded so hot. I ended up booking an appointment after seeing what a nice cock he had (roughly 8 inches, good thickness to it).

The day of the appointment comes & he tells me he has had a butt plug in his asshole throughout the day & he was really horny from it (he was bi). I was so turned on by this. I get to the location & I’m his last appointment so he can take at all times he wants without having to rush me out. I’m a little nervous & he reassures me it’ll be a good time. He leaves the room for me to undress & to get on the massage table. He comes back with me fully naked & just the sheet barely over my ass. He gets the lotion & starts massaging my legs & I already feel myself getting wet. He continues with massaging my legs & opens them just enough to brush my pussy lips with his fingers to tease me. Then I feel something wet on my toes & it’s him sucking my toes! God I’m soaking wet at this point. I make small moans as he continues with the massage & continues teasing me by playing with my pussy lips every time he worked from my feet up to my ass. As he walks around to the other side of the table, I feel his hard cock brush against my shoulder. I stick my hand out & he lets me feel it. I’m practically humping the massage table begging him to just fuck me right now.

He turns me over where I’m now facing him & he takes the sheet off. He gets more lotion & starts to massage the front part of my body except he squeezes my nipples knowing how much I want his cock. He continues massaging me & my moans get a little louder as he gets closer to my pussy lips & starts rubbing my clit now. I’m so fucking wet. Literally dripping. The wettest I’ve ever been! He finally couldn’t hold back & immediately gets on the table & starts eating my pussy. I love how wet I am for him as he plays & sucks on my clit with his tongue. I’m pushing his head down as i grind on his tongue loving every bit of it until I yell that “I’m cumming!” as I cum in his mouth. Fuck, it felt so good!

He pulls his pants down & his cock springs out & right away, he slams it in my pussy & starts fucking me hard. I’m moaning “fuck me balls deep baby, I want to feel every inch!” “yes!” “Yes!” “Yes!” “Fuck yes” he never missed a beat. My pussy was so wet that he paused & asked “can you even feel me? You’re so fucking wet!” 🤣 I could still feel his 8 inches deep in my pussy. He starts pounding me, just fucking my brains out & I tell him I’m gonna cum, so he pulls out his cock & starts teasing me as i beg he fucks me & after he sticks it back in & fucks me harder telling me what a fucking slut I am & tells me to cum all over his cock. I cum so hard, my pussy throbbing all over his cock as he takes me off the table & onto the couch in his suite. He forces my head down making me deepthroat his cock. He face fucks me as i gag on it & spit on it to make it nice & sloppy just how i love it. I suck his cock for the next 10 mins until he’s ready to fuck me. He has me get on the couch with my face down, ass up & slaps his dick on my clit as i moan. He slowly puts it in my wet pussy & thrusts into it hard & deep giving me slow hard & deep strokes as he pulls my hair. I’m moaning at every thrust begging him to fuck me faster & harder. He brings me up still holding my hair in one hand & starts choking me with the other telling me not to rush him. He pushes me back down & spanks my ass before absolutely destroying my pussy from behind. I begin moaning loudly that he spanks me to be quiet (he didn’t want any other workers who were in late to head 😅). I put the pillow to my face to moan into. He’s fucking me hard & deep that i can feel his balls hit my clit (my favorite 🤤) that I’m close to cumming again. I feel my body tense up as i scream “fuck I’m cumming baby!!” I feel my pussy squeezing his cock as I orgasm & soon after he tells me he’s gonna cum so he pulls out & shoots a big load all over my face. It was my first facial ever & i just felt his hot cum drip down my face as i smiled up at him.

I use my fingers to clean up the cum on my face & lick it all up. Yummy. We sit on the couch to relax & I forget he has his butt plug in so I ask to see it & he shows me. I pull it out his asshole & ask to stick my finger in. He allows it & i put one finger in & he’s tight. I put another in & i begin finger fucking his asshole. He’s squirming like a sissy & i love it. He starts playing with his cock as i continue finger fucking his ass & within the next few minutes he’s saying “fuck I’m cumming again!!!!” & moans loud as he lets out another load on his stomach. I lick it all up & put my fingers in his mouth for him to taste his asshole hehe. We kiss & i get dressed & leave completely satisfied. Paid him for the massage & never saw him again.

Reminiscing this experience has me wanting to get fucked by a masseur again🥵🤤

NSFW: yes

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