My first and only anal sex experience with my now ex wife

It was late at night and we were both very horny. We started off like any other time, making out. Her jerking me off and me two fingers deep in her soaking wet pussy. I would all the time kiss my way down her body, sucking on her tits and then teasing around her pussy before eating her out. Used to love looking up at her tits while I was down there. We went about it all, doing all of the different positions we all the time did, missionary, cowgirl, doggy, spooning. I had all the time wanted to try anal but she was nervous about it. She was on top riding me when she literally just looked at me and said put it in my ass. I was kinda stunned at first and froze but obviously not too long because we were working on getting it in a few seconds later. We got my cock lubed up good with spit. I’m on the bigger side so she was all the time worried it would hurt. Got my tip right at her ass and we slowly slid it in. I HAVE NEVER experienced something so tight. She started riding and I looked at her and said no chance I’m lasting another 10 seconds with how tight her asshole was. She smirked and said cum in my ass. I exploded filling up her ass with jizz. She went and cleaned up and came back to bed. The next morning we did it again because she loved it so much but that was the last time we ever did it.

NSFW: yes

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