my ex fucked me while swiping on bumble

My ex and I broke up a few days ago but we are still friends. I was over at his house today, he made me lunch and I played on his PC while he was laying on his bed. When I looked over at him I realized he was on his phone and seemed very stressed out. So I laid next to him and asked what was wrong. He told me that he was trying to set up his bumble user account but didn’t know what to put on his bio and what photos to put. I gave him a few tips but he wasn’t listening so I got really mad and yelled at him. Then I turned to my side and said “I am gonna take a nap.”

I closed my eyes but suddenly I felt really bad about yelling at him so I pulled my pants and panties down and started rubbing my massive naked ass on his pants. He said “what are you doing” I told him to “use me like a stress ball, so you can relax while setting bumble up” as soon as I said that he pulled his pants down and started rubbing his 8 inch cock on my pussy which made me even more wet. Then he slowly pushed his hard cock in my tight pussy, and I could feel myself stretch around his cock with every stroke.

He grabbed my hair with one hand and pulled my head closer to himself, arching my back, while typing with the other hand. At one point I looked back and saw him swiping on other girls while he was deep inside of me which turned me on a lot. He realized, and grabbed my neck then whispered in my ears “you are making daddy so happy today” which made me smile, so he shoved three fingers in my mouth and told me to suck them as if it was his dick. Once his fingers got completely soaked he put them on my nipples and pinched it, then he grabbed my boobs and started pounding me really hard until he came inside of me then he pulled my pants and panties up and said “good girl.”

NSFW: yes

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