my cousin was a stripper

I had heard rumors about my cousin who just turned 18 becoming a stripper at our local strip joint. She was and still is insanely hot. I was 22 at the time and all the time wondered she was gonna be a knockout growing up. I was right. She was wild as a buck too.

One night I was out with the boys and we decided to go to the strip bar. After about 10 minutes I spotted her. It’s a fairly big place and it was her turn on stage. I stayed back out of her view until her 3rd song. That’s the song they are completely naked for. So I approached the stage with my hat on low and a stack of one’s. She made her way over to me and was spread eagle inches away from my face. I wanted so bad to lick it. That’s when, like most strippers do, she took my hat off and rubbed it on her pussy and put it back on my head. She leaned forward to push my long hair back into the hat and saw my face. I wondered she would be shocked but didn’t seem to care. Just smiled and went on like a true pro.

I never told any of my friends that it was my cousin, just that I knew her. After a while she came walking around to our booth and sat down with us. Sitting close to me and being very touchy feely. She was hanging on me and whispered in my ear to pay for a lap dance. I couldn’t believe it. I guess the taboo of it all got her off. She was clearly a little intoxicated as well so that helped.

We went back to this very private hallway that had couches in it. I sat down and she did her thing. I paid $40 for 2 songs. The 1st song she just grinded on me and removed her top. The second song the panties immediately came off and she straddled my lap. My cock was rock hard and sticking straight up through my cargo shorts. She pulled my head into her chest and had me suck on her tits while she positioned her bare pussy over my tent in my shorts. I looked around to see if others were doing the same thing or if we were doing something that wasn’t typical. Nobody seemed to care. She put her pussy right on my shorts covered cockhead and started humping me while I licked on her tits. She was moaning in my ear and telling me to cum bc she was gonna. I didn’t know if this was true or if it was just super hot stripper talk. Either way it was working. She quit dancing now and was basically fucking me through my clothes. I told her I was close and not to stop. She then reached down and went up my shorts leg with her hand and pulled my dick down the leg and into the open. She jerked me for maybe 10 seconds and I started cumming on the couch and also her thigh.

She wiped her leg with the inside of my shirt and kissed me on the cheek. Told me it was our little secret. I didn’t tell my buddies as I couldn’t afford this info getting out. I returned to the strip joint a few times over the next 6 months but the new management wouldn’t let the same backroom stuff happen like the old one did. Very strict no touch lap dances. It’s now almost 20 years ago and every family reunion or faceb00k post I see of her drives me crazy. I’ve still never told anyone.

NSFW: yes

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