My boyfriend[M] sharing me[F] with another man while using me as a footstool…

My boyfriend Brian and I hadn’t seen Matt in a while, so we invited him over one night to hang out and have drinks. We were half way through the night and sitting in the living room catching up. I sat on the couch next to him and Brian laid back in the recliner. Matt discussed how he was having some difficulties with his job lately and how he was able to come out the other side of it, and we talked about a couple things that we did here and there throughout the month.

“I’m glad we were able to connect”, he says. “Hadn’t heard from you all in a while.”

“We honestly just haven’t made the time to do something outside of our routine,” Brian offers, “But we definitely didn’t forget about you.”

He gives a smile and sips the rest of his drink. My boyfriend excuses himself to go to the bathroom and I give a smile of my own.

“I definitely missed these tits.” he says, reaching over to palm and squeeze one. He searches for my nipple through my bra as I take my hand and rub it across his lap. He spreads his legs to give me more room, and I feel a small bulge making itself present through the fabric. I rub slowly from one side to the other and can feel his cock pulse as it starts to grow.

He reaches to unbutton and unzip his pants, but doesn’t remove them. I take my hand and go underneath his jeans and play with his balls through his underwear. He grips my jaw and turns my face to look at him. His thumb gently caresses my bottom lip before pushing into my mouth.

“Suck.” He says low and full of desire. I suck gently as my hand continues to work on his cock. I begin to feel him gently move his hips to my rhythm, but I don’t give him the touch he wants, only teasing him. I run my tongue around his thumb and his lips part, watching me slowly take him in then release.

Brian comes back into the room with an “Oooookay.” and we both laugh, but our eyes never leave each other. Fully drinking each other in.

My boyfriend grabs a chair from the dining room table and places it in the middle of the living room in front of the TV stand facing us. He unbuttons his pants and pulls them down his legs with his underwear and takes a seat towards the edge of the chair. He watches us as he starts to play with his balls, tugging on them a little before running his finger from his taint to the base of his cock. He has his dick in between his fingers, rubbing the tip slowly, and taps lightly, loving the weight he feels in his hand.

“Stand up.” Brian says, and I do as I’m told and face him for further instructions.

He looks over to Matt and gives him a small nod.

“Take off your shirt.” says Matt, rubbing himself slowly.

I continue to face my boyfriend as I take off my shirt. I begin to reach for my bra until I hear Matt say, “Stop.” I drop my hands to my sides and wait.

Brian stares at my tits, then finally meets my eyes. “Take off your pants along with your underwear.”

I do as I’m told, and as I remove my pants I can hear Matt stand up behind me and do the same.

Brian watches Matt as he sits back down and adjusts himself on the couch. His legs are spread wide, his cock now fully erect. He plays with the base of it as a small glisten of precum becomes visible at the tip of his dick. Brian licks his lips and looks back at me.

“Come here.”

I walk over to him until I’m in between his wide legs.

“Kiss me.”

I reach down and kiss Brian fully, communicating my trust through my lips. We part, but we don’t move. Our lips still a mere inch away from each other. I kiss him again, longer, until he breaks it.

“Get down on all fours…”

I sink to my knees and face him, watching him play with his cock that has gotten more swollen by the second.

“Back up a tad, and turn to your left.”

I turn and face towards the patio door and wait for further instructions.

That’s when I feel the weight of his left leg, then the other lay across my back. He adjusts himself in the chair so that he may properly use me as a footstool. He spreads wide and watches Matt, as his mouth goes slack and his hand starts to properly work his cock. Matt’s eyes are on me as he licks his lips and gives a light tap to his balls before gripping his cock tight and giving it a quick shake before pumping from the base to the tip. Brian watches as his precum starts to spread along his shaft and his cock throbs as he finally lets go. His hands go back to his balls as he looks up to meet my boyfriend’s eyes. Brian and Matt watch each other as they both stroke, getting harder and harder, but trying not to push themselves too far.

Matt stops stroking and lets out a long breath to steady himself. He rubs along his thighs to give his dick a break and to bring himself down.

Brian smirks and says, “Go suck his cock.”

He lifts his legs, and I crawl to Matt, but before my mouth is on him he says, “Sit up.”

I straighten my back and watch him as he reaches for my pussy. He plays with my clit for only a second before pushing one finger inside, smooth and slow.

“Jesus, you’re soaked.” he says and strokes his finger back and forth. “You’re going to serve me today like a good little girl aren’t you?”

I nod my head as a soft moan escapes my lips.

“Or maybe I want you to be a good little slut. You want to be my good little slut?”


Matt grabs the back of my neck and shoves me down into his crotch.

“Then suck my cock like one…”

I take him into my mouth and I skip the teasing all together. I can tell Matt is not in the mood for light feathery touches. He wants it hard, sloppy and rough, and I am more than eager to give it to him. I plunge down his cock and take him all the way down my throat. I reach for his balls and give them a pull before grabbing a hold of them. I fuck him with my throat until I literally can’t anymore and I come up for air. Saliva is running down his cock and a thick string of it connects my bottom lip to the tip of him. He grabs my jaw roughly as he strokes himself.

“I knew you wouldn’t let me down.” and pushes me back down his cock. He holds the back of my head as he thrusts into my throat. His eyes snap shut as he lets out a loud moan. His furious thrusts finally stop as he holds me down his cock as far as I can go before finally releasing me. I come up gasping for air.

“Go suck his cock.” he demands, and I crawl to my boyfriend on my hands and knees. His dick is rock hard and once I approach him, he runs it across my face and taps it on my lips before I pull him in. I can feel his thighs jerk next to my ears as he forces me down, taking every inch of him. His hands hold my head and begin to use me as a fuck toy, moving my throat up and down his dick hungrily.

Brian lets me come up for air and says, “Go.” and I crawl right back to Matt who looks so willing, waiting for his turn. He uses me again. Roughly. Barely giving me time to come up for air. His head falls back as I move up and down his cock.

Fuck, you feel so good.” He whispers to himself.

I replace my mouth with my hand and stroke him fast, his cock slick with all of the saliva he has pulled out of me.

“Go.” he says, and I crawl back to my boyfriend.

Brian shoves his dick down my throat and I can tell that he’s extremely close. He’s trying not to lose himself and he wondered he was succeeding, until Matt stands up from the couch and gets on his knees behind me.

He rears back and slaps my ass hard, before gripping it and squeezing as hard as he can. My scream from the hit vibrates through my boyfriend’s cock and it sends him to a new level of desire.

“Fuck!” Brian says, as he removes his dick from my mouth and starts stroking it.

I feel Matt nudge me slightly and I move out of the way so that he can take my place between Brian’s legs. I stand up to kiss him and play with his nipples as Matt slowly takes him in his mouth from the head to the base. Brian moans in my mouth and fist his hair, thrusting slowly into his throat. I tweak his nipples, then soothe them, rubbing them lightly. Brian’s balls begin to contract and he knows he’s not gonna last long. Brian moves his lips away from mine and grabs my throat.

“I’m gonna cum down your fucking throat and you’re not going to spill a single drop.”

Matt immediately moves and I drop to my knees. I take my boyfriend’s cock in my mouth as I feel Matt position himself behind me. Before I can even get adjusted, he taps my clit with his throbbing cock then slams into me, making my legs weak and throwing me into Brian. My muffled scream fuels my boyfriend, and he shoves my throat down his shaft. Over and over again.

“Oh fuck… I’m gonna cum!” Brian’s head falls back as he lets out a loud moan, pumping rope after rope into my mouth. His legs shiver as he starts to come down from his high, but Matt is still fucking me furiously.

“You liked swallowing his cum? Huh? God, you’re such a little slut. Here for us to fucking use you however we like!”

He wraps a hand around my neck and his thrusts become sporadic.

“Holy… fuck!”

Matt thrusts once, twice, then holds it in as he cums deep inside my pussy. His body shivers and jerks as he leaves me full.

He slowly pulls out and falls back, holding himself up with his hands as he watches his cum slowly spill out from between my lips.

“Jesus Christ.” he says, “Now THAT is something I definitely missed.”

NSFW: yes

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