Much needed release {M38F26, Gentle Dom, True Story}

It had been a week since we had last been able to fuck, two full time jobs and toddler going through sleep regression will do that. My wife had been able to discover the time here and there for some self pleasure, but I hadn’t and things were starting to get uncomfortable.

I don’t know how, but by some small miracle we both found ourselves awake at the same time in the middle of the night. I curled myself around her, spooning my 5’11” frame around her barely 5″ body. It barely took a wiggle of her ass against my lap to get me rock hard. I wasn’t about to pass up this opportunity. I began to gently nibble her ear while I snaked my arm up under the tank top she was wearing to take a firm hold of her breast. As I nipped at her neck and worked her tit in my hand she slipped out of her panties and arched her back to press herself more firmly against me.

I rolled her onto her back and helped her sit up so she could remove the tank top. While she put her long brown hair up into a messy bun I removed the shorts I had been wearing and grabbed her favorite toy from the cubby in the headboard. She lay back down and I knelt next to her, with one hand I spread her pussy lips and pressed the little clit sucker down firmly in place. They toy began to whir as I went to work on her nipples, sucking and nibbling on one while pulling and twisting the other.

She reached out and began to stroke my cock, I quickly removed the toy, and clamped down on both nipples a little more firmly than she liked while growling around the one caught in my teeth, “Did I give you permission?”

“No Sir,” she whimpered doing her best not to struggle and increase the tension on her nipples. I released my grip as she asked, “Please Sir, will you continue to play with my pussy?”

“I will, but I think we’ll remove this temptation,” I said shaking my hips so my cock swung around. I repositioned myself so I was kneeling between her thighs now. I pushed her legs further aside and then used my knees to pin them in place. Tonight wasn’t a night for collars, cuffs, chains and a riding crop, but it was still a night for rules, rewards and punishments. “You were about to cum, weren’t you?”

“Yes Sir,” she replied gazing up at me, her eyes filled with desire.

“If you had behaved you would have gotten what you wanted,” I calmly said as I placed the toy back on her clit, “but now you have to wait for my permission.” I turned the toy down to a point I knew would bring her right to the edge and hold her there balanced waiting for me to give her slightest push she needed to fall into the sweet abyss.

I didn’t keep her there for long, I needed my release too and we didn’t know how much time we had. I placed my free hand on the head board and leaned down gently teasing her nipples with my tongue. She mounded up her breasts for me, pushing them together with her hands making it easier for me to switch back and forth between them, licking and sucking on one then the other. I began to count down from ten every time I switched between her tits.

Her hands were clenching the sheets, when I got to eight. When I got to five her breath was coming out in short whimpering gasps. At two she was repeating “please” over and over again only stopping long enough to draw in breath. I sat up so I could watch her fall over the edge as I said the words she had been longing for, the words that gave her permission to let go. “Purr for me Pussy Cat.”

She immediately began to let out a high pitched “ahh” as she lurched up into an almost full sitting position only to fall back to the bed instantly. Her thighs would have snapped closed if my own hadn’t still been pinning them in place. She kicked her feet as her eyes rolled back and she began to tug and twist at her nipples. Her body convulsed from the core and she cried out in short bursts. She reached down and tried to push the toy away.

Grinning I firmly said, “Hands at 12.” She obeyed, instantly putting her arms straight out above her head, wrists crossed. I reached down and encircled her wrists with my hand ensuring that they would stay right where I wanted them and then turned up the toy. She struggled and fought under me trying to twist away from the toy, but never did she try for the safe word. Plenty of other words escaped her in gasps and moans, words like fuck, oh shit, and please.

When she finally stilled beneath me, spent and panting, I removed the toy and shut it off, released her wrists and climbed off of her. She didn’t withstand at all as I gently rolled her onto her side and once again spooned myself around her. I gently held her, kissing her neck and whispering into her ear, telling her that she was a good Pussy Cat. She slowly regained her senses and spread her legs reaching between her thighs.

She stopped abruptly remembering she asked, “Sir, can I please feel you inside me?” I gave her my permission and we shifted around until the head of my cock was pressed against her. Her orgasms had left her tight but wet making it easier for me to work myself inside. Once I was fully inside her we both sighed at the feeling of being intertwined. For a couple of moments we just stayed like, I kissed her neck and ran my hand gently up and down her body over her curves, enjoying the softness of her skin.

It wasn’t too long before I felt her legs part slightly and her pussy began to relax and open, she was teasing her clit. I pushed her forward until she was bent over, and shifted myself into a better angle. I reached up with both hands and wrapped them around her neck squeezing slowly until she nodded her head slightly to let me know I was tight enough. Then I began to fuck her.

I thrust inside her with a nice steady rhythm, nothing to fast and frantic, just firm deep strokes that had her ass rippling with the impact. I kept up this pace until her breathing began to change, becoming shallow and gaspy once more. She began to beg, “Please sir, please sir, please cum.”

I quickened my pace, my hips now slamming into her with force enough turn her ass red, my hands still clasped around her neck. It wasn’t long before I began to feel my own orgasm building, being driven on by her nonstop begging for my cum.

Before I knew it I erupted inside of her, a weeks worth of cum blasting out of me. “Fuck,” she screamed in ecstasy trying to pull away but I kept her firmly in place as I continue to piston my cock inside her. I let out a guttural moan as I slammed myself home one last time feeling the last pulse of cum exit my cock. We both collapsed on the bed panting and unable to move.

We were definitely gonna need to change the sheets.

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NSFW: yes

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