Mother in Law pt4

A text notification comes across my phone. It’s a picture from Gail. She’s in her bath robe and is turned around and bent slightly in front of her bedroom mirror. I can see the bottom of her ass. She says she needs help today.

Obviously I show up within an hour.

When I pull up I see her sisters car and my father in laws. Turns out her sister is visiting today and my father in law took off work. Gail walked outside to my truck and said come inside, we’ll talk later. I watched her ass rotate as she walked and didn’t notice her sister staring at me through the window.

It all felt weird and awkward. All nice conversations but I was confused as to why Gail would message me like that when there’s business over. Her sister kept glaring at me. She’s hot in a chubby mom type of way but an absolute prude.

It was a ordinary day, but after a few hours, her sister left to beat traffic back home and my father in law said he was gonna take a nap.

This left me and Gail sitting on the couch….

Like a switch flipped she came over and sat sideways in my lap and we began kissing like lovers. My hand snaked up her shirt and grabbed her tits. She wiggled her ass slowly on my cock, making it rock hard.

I want you to taste me she said. I gave her a breathy yes ma’am and slid out from under her and got between her legs. I slid her shorts to see she had shaved her pussy from our last encounter.

I had it waxed she said as I sat there corrected. It was so smooth. Her lips were bigger than I wondered and her clit was quite large and I could see it hard and swollen under her hood.

I kissed down her legs and around her pussy. She grabbed my hair and positioned me over her pussy and said please baby. I dove in and let my tongue trace her clit and then slip into her hole as deep as I could. I could feel the rough upper wall of her pussy and knew that was her spot.

I tongued her as deep as I could before she clenched my head with her thighs and my beard and mouth was soaked in a slow gushing liquid. Some twitching and gasping and then she relaxed her legs.

I went up to kiss her and she laughed and pushed my pussy covered face away. She said go wash your beard and face and meet me in your sister in laws old room.

I washed up and went to her old room. Gail was under the covers smiling at me when I walked in. She tore the covers to show me she was completely naked. I stripped down to match her and my cock was so hard it almost hurt.

I went to the edge of the bed and she leaned over and took me in her mouth. She hummed and wrapped her hand around my cock as she sucked. She had hands that looked like they belonged to a mature woman. Thinner skin, veins visible and her red painted nails. Staring up at me her blue eyes.

I told her she looked gorgeous and to lay back, I turned her to where her pussy was at the edge of the bed. I shoved a pillow under her ass and slid my cock over her pussy. She moaned and pulled at my hips with her hands.

I slid in slowly and let my upward curve touch her sensitive spots in her pussy. She moaned and said keep going slow. I stuck with slow deep strokes until she grabbed me and had a silent but strong orgasm. I could feel her pussy around my cock, tightening and pulsing.

She smiles and said okay, let’s have some more fun. I lay next to her and said I wanted to see her ride me. She swung a leg over and lay flat on top of me. We kissed and she worked her pussy onto my cock and sat up. She grinded her pussy on me and moaned and gasped. I grabbed her tits firmly, pinching her nipples.

She shook her head yes as she moaned and then sat up straight and shook. Giggling after her shaking stopped, she said okay, you need to cum, I’m going to be sick if I cum like that more.

I said turn around and ride me. She got into a reverse cowgirl position and lifted and pushed her pussy down onto me. I spit on my thumb and slid it into her ass. She moaned very loud and covered her mouth. I used my thumb to control her speed, I felt her tightening and I followed. I pulled her down on me as hard as I could and felt my cock pulse after pulse.

She lifted herself off of me and turned over. She straddled my leg and lay on my chest. I played with her hair while I felt our mixed juices running out of her onto my thigh. She looked up and smiled and said thank you with tears in her eyes. When I asked what was wrong she got up with her finger to her lips and said she was going to shower go lay down.

I cleaned myself up and made my way home, drained and confused.

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