Monsteria Encyclopedia: Kitsune [Monster Girl][Fox Girl][Long Story][Hairjob][Tailjob][Face Fucking][Cum on Hair][Rough Sex][Cowgirl][Magic][M20/F1000]

Monsteria Encyclopedia: Kitsune [Monster Girl][Fox Girl][Long Story][Hairjob][Tailjob][Face Fucking][Cum on Hair][Rough Sex][Cowgirl][Magic][M20/F1000]


I woke up what felt like days later. I was surrounded by a comfortable warmth. I opened my eyes to discover Oni holding me, a look of satisfaction on her face. The spider woman was laying on the floor, snoring loudly.

Oni is a lot softer than I wondered she would be, and her skin radiates a calm warmth. Her breaths were slow. I decided to close my eyes for another moment, enjoying the quiet tranquility of the moment.

I had dreams I couldn’t quite explain. A figure stood in the distance. A woman, her slender figure cutting through the fog of the area. Her eyes glowed a startling orange.

“To the coast.” Her voice echoed “go to the coast and find me.”

I woke up with a begin. I heard yelling.

“No way runt, he’s not a plaything,” Oni said

“But he’s so delicious, and I feel a hundred years younger after last night. C’mon, why can’t I?” The spider shot back

“Cause it’s hard enough looking after him, I don’t want to deal with you too.” Oni sat down, her weight sending an echo through the cave.

“But what if he says yes?” She said, walking in circles around Oni.

“If he’s smart, he’ll squish you as I want to,” Oni said, annoyed now.

“Hey Oni,” I said, sleep in my voice.

“Morning, Marcus, you slept well.”

My cheeks flushed red, remembering what happened.

“Marcus,” the spider popped up. “I want to travel with you.” She declared all four arms on her hips.

Oni rolled her eyes. “Marcus, we can’t take her with us.”

“I can take care of myself!” The spider woman shot back.

I wish sleep hadn’t left me so soon. “What was your name again?” I asked bluntly.

“Arachne Untillia.” She did a faux curtsy, lifting her none existent skirt slightly. “At your service milord.”

“And why do you want to travel with us?”

She took a few steps over and knelt to me, her four eyes staring into mine. A salacious smile spread on her face. “Simple, something about your essence, your virility, your” she paused, shivering. “Energy. It’s so powerful.”

“So you only want to travel with me because…?”

“Cause I haven’t been laid like that in millennia. I feel a hundred years younger, and two hundred more powerful. Most men simply sustain me, but you, you strengthened me.”

Oni had a quizzical look on her face.

I wondered about it for a second. “Sure, it would be nice to have another person along for the ride.”

Oni stared daggers at me, but she smiled.

“Yay!” Arachne said, clapping her hands together.

“You, uh, you have any clothes? Also, where are my clothes?” I asked.

Oni had her sparse clothes on, but me and Arachne we’re completely nude.

“Oh! Let me get them, I put them away so my family wouldn’t eat them.”

She practically skipped into the dark half of the cave. Emerging with a folded bundle of clothes.

She handed me the neatly folded bundle. Sure enough, they were my traveling garb from The Matron. A few of the holes that I got from the road had been patched up with silky threads. My small knapsack was there too, a small depiction of a spider had been sewn on the front.

I nodded in thanks and began to dress. The clothes were the same but somehow felt lighter, more comfortable, more well-fitting.

“Hope ya dont mind I did some mild adjustments.” She said, smugly. “Those raccoons are good, but I’m better.”

“It’s amazing. Is so much lighter.” I walked for a bit and treated it out. “Can barely tell it’s there.”

Arachne laughed. “Genuine spider demon silk. Nothing stronger.”

“Well thanks, it’s nice.”

A smile crept on her face. Her hand moved swiftly, launching a small silver object at me. I barely reacted before it found its way home. Oni was on her feet charging forward, her skin deep crimson.

But instead of the small knife burying into my chest, it simply bounced off. Only a little pain from the impact, the kimono didn’t even look damaged.

Oni realized what happened and her skin went back to its typical pinkish, she sat down with an annoyed expression.

“Stronger than iron, lighter than a feather.” She had a smug look. “Most demons of my strength can make one of these bad boys every hundred years, but after last night, I could make a hundred.”

“Wow, it’s that strong?” I asked

“Yep, hard to burn, hard to cut, hard to make, everything about your outfit is hard.” She said.

“So, what’s the catch?” I asked.

“Well, it was for me to tag along with you, but that has already been solved. But” she said, elongating the sound. “Maybe you give me another night like that in the future?”

I chuckled. “Sure,” I looked at Oni. “So, where is that swordsmith you told me about?”

She stood. “Towards the coast.”

I smiled. “Good, that’s our destination.”

She nodded, Arachne smiled wide.

“Oh!” Arachne exclaimed. “I need to get my traveling clothes.”

She disappeared for a moment. Leaving me and Oni alone.

“So.” She said, “You sure about her? She’s not a small demon.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“She’s a daughter of the queen of monsters.” She said flatly. “Third generation, but still plenty strong.”

“Queen of the monsters?” I said.

“She’s a demon from the original exodus. I’m too young to remember it all, but the story goes, her, the king of armageddon, and the horseman of hell lead a mass exodus from the depths to the surface.” She said plainly. “And that they left their spawn on the earth.

“So that’s where you all come from?”

“That’s the idea. I don’t know if I believe it. I grew in my mother’s womb and was taken care of by my father. No demon just appears.”

I nodded.

I heard excited footsteps from deeper into the cave. I turned to see Arachne, she went from nude to a dark silk garb covering her arms and legs, adorned at the arms and legs with white fur. The suit was tight, showing off her curves. The suit had holes made for her extra pair of arms as well. She looked cute.

“Alright.” I said, “Let’s get going.”

We left the cave and followed Oni towards the coast. Oni told us it was about a three-day walk till we meet her friend the blacksmith. I started making small talk with Arachne, trying to learn more about her.

“So, why do you want to travel Arachne?” I asked.

“Well,” she began cheerily. “Two reasons. That cave isn’t exactly the best place to feed, and I haven’t been able to experience the world since that annoying brat hurt me.”

“Who hurt you?” I asked.

“A swordsman, a guy named Susano. He had this huge sword.” She began the story. Oni’s skin grew a shade deeper. “He came to the town I was living in, me and the people there had an agreement, essence for protection. Well, the swordsman decided he didn’t like that. And he damn near killed me.”

“I know the hunter, I know him intimately,” Oni said.

The air suddenly grew heavy between us, and we traveled in silence for a while.

We walked for a long while, the sun was high in the sky. It was about noon.

I felt pressure in the back of my head. Like something was staring at me. Like something was gonna attack me. It didn’t feel right. I checked over my shoulder, and nothing was there.

“Hey Oni,” I whispered.

“Yea, I feel it too, keep walking.” She said,

Arachne looked pale.

“Do you know what it is?” I asked.

“We’re in the domain of the Kappa. And they do not like me.” Oni replied.

“Should we be worried?” Arachne asked.

“No, they’re not stupid, they won’t attack unless we provoke them. But Godflesh isn’t something they won’t look at.” She shot me a look. “Hopefully hunger won’t overcome their reasoning.”

I nodded and we kept walking.

The tension was hard to deal with, their eyes were in the tree line, watching, waiting. I swallowed hard and simply kept walking. The sun was lower in the sky, nearly dipping behind the tree line.

“How much longer till we’re out of Kappa land?” Arachne asked.

“A few more hours, two max.”

“That’ll be after dark.”

“Yea, we’ll have to hope they don’t attack. They’re hungry bastards after dark.”

I nodded. “Can we travel after dark?”

“If you want them to kill us outright. It’s against the old rules to travel through another’s domain during the dark hour.” Oni took a deep breath. “Well have to camp,”

I and Arachne nodded.

We kept traveling until Oni told us it was time to camp. We found a small area as far away from the tree line as efficient and sat down, in the dark.

“Can we make a fire?” Arachne asked. Shivering.

“I’d rather we didn’t,” Oni said softly. “Kappa do not like bright lights. And I don’t want to let them know we’re here.”

She nodded, bringing her knees to her chest.

“So,” I started. “Tell me about this blacksmith friend of yours.”

Oni looked at me and took a breath. “He’s a strong demon from the kitsune clan, last time we talked his wife was pregnant.” She closed her eyes. “Almost a hundred years ago.”

“What’s a kitsune?” I asked.

“Fox demon. Tricksters for the most part, but he grew up near oni like me. He was abandoned in our village, and our blacksmith took him in. He and I were good friends. When he grew older he decided to travel the world in search of his clan, we’ve kept in touch as much as we could.”

“So, he’s near the coast?”

“Yea, kitsune are good at magic, so it was as easy as dreaming about him.” Her skin grew a little redder. “Anyway, he’s a good guy. And I know he’ll help us out.”

“So, like, did he ever find his family?” Arachne asked.

Oni shook her head. “No, as far as I’ve known he’s never found another kitsune like him.”

“So what was his wife?” I asked.

“Human. Beautiful woman.” There was sadness in her voice. “It’s a shame what happened.” She took a long pause, scanning our faces. “Susano, he saw the woman and offered to marry her. She refused.” The ambient temperature raised a few degrees. “Bastard slew her, claiming she was a demon-kin.”

“That’s horrible!” Archie said in her shrill voice.

I gave a solemn nod. “Who is this Susano?” I asked.

“A drunk and a coward.” she stated plainly. “He’s the brother of Amaterasu, and he thinks it gives him free reign to do whatever he wants. He kills demons, men, women, anyone who so much as looks at him wrong.” Oni’s skin had become a deep, dark crimson. Her eyes stared intently at the ground, Her pupils blazing with pure disgust. “He killed my father and mother in cold blood. He slew almost every Oni in our village.”

The night seemed to grow even more silent. The air was thick with tension.

Arachne scooched over to Oni and put both of her arms around her. Surprisingly, Oni simply let it happen.

Another agonizingly silent hour went by. Amazing how Not having to sleep gives you more time to think.

“Hey.” Oni started. “Marcus, What exactly is your story? You don’t see too many of your kind around.”

I laughed. “Well, I was a court alchemist. I was sent here to catalog some of the plant life for medicinal purposes.”

“And how exactly did you become what you are now?” She asked.

I shrugged. “I ate a peach.”

“What?” Arachne said, surprised.

Oni shrugged.

“I was given a peach and it made me immortal.”

“You mean, like, the golden peach?”

“Yea, That’s what the dragon lady called it.”

“No way, that’s not possible.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“They’re all gone.”


“All of those peaches are gone. Sun ate them.”


“Sun, the monkey queen.” I stared blankly at her horrified expression. “Sun Wu Kong. The biggest pain in the ass in heaven.”

“Context?” I asked.

“She was a monkey demon, and wanted immortality so bad he fought tooth and nail to get it. He learned magic, he fought other demons, he challenged the gods. And when he got the chance, he ate them all.”

“Well, I don’t know what to tell ya. I ate a peach and now, here I am.”

She shook her head. “I believe you, but I’ve met Sun. She won’t be happy if you ever meet her.”

I laughed nervously. We spent the rest of the night sharing stories. Soon, the day began to break. The sun began rising high into the sky as Oni started getting up.

“Leave a loaf of bread and a few coins.” She said.

“Let me guess, ancient tradition?”

“Yup, you don’t stay in someone’s home for a whole night and not leave anything. It’s bad manners.” I did as she asked and left the paltry gift wrapped in a napkin where we had rested.

The next day of traveling was wholly uneventful. That night we were on a dirt road in a field.

We could’ve kept going, but Oni made us stop.

“Time for combat training Marcus.”

I blinked. “Okay?”

“I’m gonna teach you how to fight.”

“No offense Oni, you could kill me with one blow.”

She laughed. “Not that type of combat. You’re a Godling, You can do more than use a sword.”

“What’s that mean?” Arachne asked ,sitting on a rock. She pulled out two long rods and a spool of silk. She was knitting?

“Everything from Heaven or Hell can channel energies.” She closed her eyes and took a long slow breath. She held out her hand, and a small wisp of blood-red fire appeared in her hand. “This is simple fire magic.”

I nodded. “How do you do that?”

She closed her fist and extinguished the paltry flame. “Magic is different for all of us. Arachne has her webs, I have fire and my own body.” She walked over to me and behind me. She grabbed my wrist and started making me move in a fluid, martial pattern. I recognized the movements. It was Tai Chi.

“These exercises help you channel the natural energies of the world, and will help you manifest your magic.”

She walked in front of me and began mirroring my movements. I got into a slow rhythm of moving my arms and legs in harmony with Oni.

“Now, Mantra.” She began. “Listen to the beat of your heart, feel the power within you.”

I nodded and closed my eyes while continuing the Tai Chi. My heartbeat was intense in my ears. A loud pulse with every movement. I focused my energy. Suddenly, the breeze in the wind, Oni’s slow breathing, Arachne’s clanking tools, they all sounded clear in my mind.

I felt warmth shoot through my body as a flash of lightning tore its way through my arm. I opened my eyes to see a small glob of water had appeared in my hand. I breathed hard, I was sweating. The minute I lost focus the orb of water fell from my hand to the ground below.

“Water magic. Nice.” Oni said.

I nodded and slunk down to the ground. I was exhausted all of the sudden. I laid down on my back.

The world went dark.

I woke up in a haze. I was moving, but I wasn’t walking. I was looking at the sky. I looked around to see a strap on my chest. Arachne was looking at me, a smug smile on her face.

“Morning sleepyhead.” She said.

“Whats happening?” I said, groggily.

“Oni strapped you to her back and has been carrying you.”

“Oh. How long was I out?” I asked.

“All day yesterday. “ I heard Oni say. “Magic really took its toll on you.”

I nodded. “ Are we at the coast?”

“Almost. Kura’s house is about a Kilometer away.” Oni said.

Oni eventually let me down and let me walk the rest of the way.

Kura’s house was very small, barely more than a shed. On the side was a full smithy, almost bigger than the house itself. As we approached, we heard the sound of clanking metal. We got closer and saw Kura.

Kura was tall, and shirtless. He was muscular, almost more than Oni, and only a head shorter than her. He had deep orange hair held back by a white bandana. Out of his pants were two long fluffy dark orange tails. He saw us approach and flashed a brilliant smile.

“Aki! What’s Up?” He walked away from whatever he was forging and put out a hand to Oni. She took it and pulled the handsome blacksmith into a deep hug. “It’s been too long. Finally left that frozen cave of yours?”

Oni looked almost flustered. Her cheeks glowed a sudden shade of pink. “Yea Kura. Thanks to Marcus.” She jerked a thumb at me. I waved sheepishly at the rather tall fox boy. He left her and walked over to me and offered a hand. I took it.

“Thanks for taking care of Aki, She’s good people.”

“Oni?” I said. Oni’s. face grew another shade of pink.

“That’s what she’s going by? Weird. Anyway, come inside I’ll make tea.”

We walked up to the door of Kura’s shack. It looked like it was barely on its hinges. He opened it and we walked in.

Holy shit. The main room was much larger than the house as a whole. It was a simple Japanese living room, a table with sitting pillows strewn at its sides, sat on a bamboo floor. The rice-white walls were adorned with scrolls and pictures of numerous events. A hallway leads into the rest of the impossibly large house.

“Welcome to my home guys. Take a seat.” We all sat down on the rather comfy pillows. Kura snapped his fingers and four cups filled to the brim with warm tea appeared. I took mine gingerly and took a sip.

“Thank you.” I said.

He shrugged. “No worries. What brings you all here?”

Oni pointed at me. “He needs to learn how to use a weapon, and you’re the best smith in the country.”

“I see, what were you thinking about getting?” He looked my way.

I swallowed. “I fenced a lot at my home. So maybe some kind of Epee?”

“Hard to make, but I could do it. Any specific material in mind?”

“Silver.” I said without thinking.

He looked at me blankly. “That’s a lot of rare metal.”

I wondered for a moment. “Do you have Copper?”

“Loads of the stuff, but it’s brittle, break on the first swing.”

In France, I learned that by combining metals, it could strengthen them. “May I see your forge?”

He shrugged. “Yeah, I’ll do whatever ya need to help out Aki.”

We walked out of the trick house to the forge. Bellows, anvil, water, tools, everything and then some for a blacksmith. I spotted the ceramic vessel I’d need. I grabbed it and set it on the long wooden tool table. Kura pointed me towards the metals he had.

I grabbed Iron, sliver, and copper.

“Oni, your fire magic, how hot is it?”

She shrugged. “Hotter than normal, why?”

“Good, I have an idea.”

In alchemy, I learned about a simple powder of red iron rust and aluminum that burned hotter than the sun. I made a large batch. Another thing I had learned was that the Norsemen had their weapons forged with animal bones. Luckily, Kura had those too.

I had Kura extinguish the forge. We cleaned out the debris and loaded it with coal. I sprinkled all of the Flame powder in with the coal. I set up the Iron in the crucible and had Oni light the forge.

The fire burned hot. So hot that only Oni could even stand it. She watched the Iron metal smelt down into liquid form. I instructed her to mix the liquid iron with the bones.

I asked Kura to make the epee out of the Bone-forged iron, then coat it in the sterling silver mixture.

“That’s brilliant.” He said. “I’ll get to work right away.”

I thanked him and let him work. He said it could take a few days.

For the rest of that day, Oni helped me with more magic training. I did Tai Chi and practiced feeling the magic in the earth. From our session, I learned that the ocean was only a kilometer away from where we were now. You could practically smell the ocean salt.

That night, Kura made an excellent feast for us. Meat, drink, fruits and vegetables from all corners. We drank and told stories of our lives. Arachne had one too many and fell asleep on the floor. Kura told us of his daughter, the Half-kit, She was away on her own pilgrimage.

We drank and partied the rest of the night away in celebration of old friends and new bonds.

After all was said and done. We headed to separate rooms and headed to bed. Oni carried Arachne to hers. The room wasn’t anything special, justa cot on the floor. I climbed into it and shut my eyes.

I wasn’t asleep long before waking up to a pleasant female voice.

*Come to me*

I blinked my eyes open and stood up. I tiptoed my way out of my room. I walked past where Oni had gone to sleep. Inside I could hear her muffled grunting. Curiosity got the better of me and I slowly slid her door open.

Inside I saw Oni naked, bouncing up and down on Kura. She was moaning loudly as she rode the foxboy.

I swallowed and closed the door.

I walked to the living room and then outside. It was a gorgeous night.

*The woods* The voice called.

I followed it. The shadowed woodland was sparsely lit by the full moon above me. I felt like something was pulling me forward, directing me towards something. It led me to a clearing about a kilometer away from the house. The clearing was a small circle, almost perfectly cut from the dark woods around it.

In that clearing, I saw something wonderful. Standing basked in sweet moonlight, was the woman from my dreams.

She stood as tall as me, with a head of fiery red hair. Her body was long, lean, and slender, with long graceful legs and similarly long arms. Her exposed breasts were very slight on her chest. Behind her, almost like a roaring bonfire, were nine tails of similarly fiery fur.

She took long, graceful strides over to me, almost gliding over the ground. As she got closer, the intense smell of cinnamon and cardamom hit me hard. It smelt like fall.

“Hello Marcus.” her voice rang in my ears. “It’s so nice to finally meet you. I am Inari.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“I’ve been watching you for a long time my dear godling.” she began walking in a slow circle around me. Inspecting me as one would a prized animal.

“May I ask why?” She was behind me. I swallowed hard. There was a pressure in the air, something powerful.

“We gods take interest in those encroaching on our domain.” she was right against me, her body inches from mine.

I could feel my ears pop. The pressure was at its peak. “Gods?” my mouth felt dry. “What’s that mean?”

She giggled. The sweet sound was almost sinister. “Those who exist in heaven, at least, we used to.”

“I see, and what domain did I encroach on?”

She leaned forward and whispered into my ear. “You’ve got a powerful aura of sexuality. A really strong one.”

I swallowed hard.

“Fertility and sexuality go hand in hand, and when a new god is born with your level of prowess? I’ve got to make sure you’ve got what it takes.”

Her hands began slipping over my stomach before finding the loose loop of fabric that held my outfit together. She undid it, letting my robe part. She pulled away slightly to lift the garment from my person, leaving me naked with her.

“Don’t move my dear Marcus, let me test you the right way.” she laid her slender fingers on my bare shoulders and slowly messaged them. They were surprisingly strong. I relaxed against the fox woman’s fingers and enjoyed her smell.

A small jolt of electricity went from her fingers into my skin and suddenly, my soft cock was instantly painfully erect. I was breathing hard from the sudden, fiery lust in my loins. Her lips connected to the nape of my neck, small kisses that further spurred my increasingly painful erection.

Wordlessly, her tails moved around my body, covering me in their soft warmth, until they found my cock. Two tails slowly twisted themselves until they held my shaft in a tight embrace. Their warm fur was pleasant against my sensitive skin.

They began slowly pumping my shaft up and down. The furry tails moved articulately against my turgid flesh. The little bristles of her fur felt immaculate. The coiled twin tails massaged my member, coaxing moans and deep, labored breaths from me. I was already on edge from the intense assault from her fur.

My orgasm was imminent, I knew that much. And I think she could sense it too. Her tails began pumping harder on me, faser. A third tail found my balls, wrapping them in their soft bristling fur.

I felt a long, loud moan escape my lips as I began thrusting into her fur, my orgasm begging to release.

The metaphorical dam was pressed hard in my loins, an invisible force kept me from release. My sensitive cock twitched and thrashed against her soft furry tendrils. She leaned forward, her small breast poking my back. Her breath was hot against my ear.

“Does it feel good? Do you enjoy my tails? The way my fur teases and prods all over your shaft, doesn’t it excite you? Don’t you want to cum? Don’t you want to explode? It’s so sad that you can’t. I can see how your cock is yearning for release.”

Her tails tightened their grip against my shaft. Each slight movement sent ripples of pleasure through my body. I wanted to cum so bad it hurt. I could feel every bristle of her warm tails against me.

I was drooling, I could feel the long line of saliva escaping my mouth. It felt agonizingly perfect.

“You’ll cum soon my darling. Just wait a moment.” her voice was melodic in my ears.

Her tails slowly unwound from my turgid shaft. She glided over to my front and dropped to her knees. I could see her two fox ears sticking out from the top of her head. She leaned forward, and put the top of her head against the underside of my cock.

“Use my hair and cum my beloved.”

I swallowed hard and began grinding hard against her soft hair. Long strokes, messing up her near-perfect hair. I could feel her purring, the small vibrations really sent me over the edge.

My cock began shaking and twitching as I shot a enormous load onto her orange mop of hair. Sending white streaks down her long ginger hair.

I was breathing heavily as the last small spurt came out of me. Looking down, I saw my enormous load dripping onto her cute face, down her cheeks, and dripping on her small breasts.

“Mmmm amazing my darling.” she purred.

Her eyes were half open, as if in a dream.

Then suddenly, her eyes shot wide open, her eyes a frightening shade of red. She lunged forward. Tackling me to the ground, straddling my hips. She was a lot stronger than she looked.

Her nails dug deep into my shoulders, bringing blood out of my skin. She was breathing hard, her mouth was in a wicked smile.

“I need more.” she said, her voice was dripping with pure, unadulterated lust.

She lifted a shaky hand. A small burning pink light flashed in her hand. She shoved it down, sending that light into my chest.

I felt intense warmth wash across my entire body, the pink wave of lust shot directly into my loins. Making my cock shoot sky high. I had a throbbing erection, one so hard I couldn’t ignore it.

My breathing was ragged and labored from the intensity. Inari looked down at my cock. It reached just above her navel.

“Breed me godling. Fill me with your seed so I may grow stronger and more beautiful.”

She lifted her waist above the spear of my cock and slammed herself down. Taking every inch of me inside her in a moment. She screamed out loud, one part pain, one part pleasure. Her head was thrown back as she moaned in intense pleasure.

Her head snapped forward as she dove down. Her face was mere inches from mine.

“You’re fucking huge. Your cock is stretching me out so much. I can’t wait to feel you fill me up.”

She started grinding hard, sliding her wet pussy over and around me. Her tightness massaged me as she slid herself against me.

She braced herself against my body. She was purring so loud I could feel it against my chest. She put her arms around my back as she thrashed her hips against me, her long sharp claws digging into my skin. She nuzzled against my neck before sinking her sharp teeth in my shoulder. The small tinges of pain made me thrash hard inside her.

She pulled her mouth away and whispered in my ear. “You feel amazing darling. I can feel you scrape and throb inside me. It’s hitting all of my deepest spots.”

Her breathing became rapid and shallow. Her purring sounded loud in my ears. Her wet walls began tightening against my member. Her claws dug even deeper into my back as she shook and trembled against me.

She stopped moving for a moment, catching her breath. She slipped out from me and sat up. Her thin body swayed from her post-orgasmic bliss.

She drug her body up off of my cock, letting it lay flat against her stomach.

“Wow” she purred. “It’s so amazing.” she opened her eyes, they were back to typical. “You seem to still have some blood in you.”

She pulled herself up, standing wobbly. She offered me a hand, I took it and brought myself to her side. She put a hand gently around my neck and pulled me into a deep kiss. More warmth spread throughout my body as our lips met.

She pulled away.

“Now, stand there and enjoy,” she whispered before dropping to her knees.

She grabbed my throbbing erection, and with her other hand she wrapped a long strand of hair around the base of my cock. She dipped her head forward and took the head into her mouth, swirling it around with her tongue. She began moving her hand up and down with her hair. The softness of it, with the warmth from her hand sent shivers through my body. She popped her head off and began licking the underside of my cock, a quick barrage of licks and long licks.

I wanted more

I grabbed the fox goddess by the back of her hair and slammed my hips forward, shoving my cock deep into her throat. She didn’t gag, she just let it happen, swallowing my cock meat greedily.

Her throat was tight and wet, swallowing me whole as I slammed myself in and out of her waiting mouth. I took my cock out, grabbed it by the base, and slapped it against her cheek before slamming it back inside her waiting mouth.

My orgasm was quickly approaching me. I pulled my cock away from her wet mouth and began rubbing it against her face. I rubbed the sopping wet cock up and down her face, on her nose, and her cheeks until I felt myself twitch and throb before shooting a large white glob of cum directly on her face.

She breathed deeply, exhaling a long purr.

“Simply wonderful darling. You’ve got a lot of potential.”

My knees gave out from under me. I was sitting next to her, breathing heavily after the intense session.

“Now, my darling, I have a gift for you. You have prowess in fertility, unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” she raised a slider finger, and pressed it against my shoulder. A small jolt of electricity went through me as a dark pink circle appeared.

“That is my blessing, it will help you learn and maintain your magic my darling. Now, go back to my son’s hobble and rest.

I pulled the sexy fox goddess into a hug.

We said our goodbyes as I marched my way back to Kura’s den. As I walked inside and down the hall. I couldn’t help but check in on Oni and Kura.

As I opened the sliding door. Oni was splayed out naked with a sheen of sweat. Kura was nowhere to be found.

I went to my room and slid the door open.

Inside was Kura sitting naked and cross legged.

“Hello, Marcus.” he said.

“Hey Kura, what’s up?”

“I wanted to show you something.” He presented a small leather bag to me.

I took it with a nod and opened it. Inside was a green bead. It was shaped like a circle with a tail coming out of the top.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Magatama beads. They mean many things. But what’s important is that one. It’s one of Amaterasu’s.” he stared at me fiercely. “The goddess of the sun.”

I swallowed hard. “Okay?”

“It’s a message, I found it outside my door.”

“I see.”

He nodded gravely. “If she leaves that here, it means she wants to speak to you.”

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