Moms Delight

I woke up the other morning and just felt off. Sort of tired and sort of feeling like i had slept wrong. I knew mom was gonna be home most of the day as it was her day off rotation. I got up brushed my teeth and showered thinking that it would help me become more of myself. Welllll it didnt. Unfortunately the shower didnt do what i had hoped. So i dried off and in my towel went to discover mom to put icyhot down my back to try and release some of the discomfort i was feeling. As we dont have doors on the rooms i peaked in just to make sure she was awake and i found her in bed replying to charts and making notes. I walked in and said ” i thought you were off today” she quickly replied with a laugh and said ” might not be on rotation but these charts need attention”.
I sat on the bed and said ” speaking of attention can you put this on my back. Its real tight and hurts”. She told me yes and finished typing something and asked for the icyhot. She rolled it on my back for me and asked what i had done to it. I explained that it had just been like that for a day or two and i wasnt sure.
I layed there with her and she started playing with my hair and we talked for a minute befor she got a call. I could tell it was work by the way she was talking and the tone of her voice. So i decided to mess with her a bit and started touching on her inner thighs. Lightly going up them and playing with her panty line. She quickly pushed my face with wide eyes and shook her head no. Which to me meant more lol. I kept going until she started to spread her legs. I then was fingering her and rubbing her clit. I could see the struggle in her face not to moan. She was talking faster and faster and trying desperately to get off the phone. I could feel her pulsing on my fingers and could tell she was getting close.
She finally said bye and hung up the call and as soon as she hung up let out this built up long moan and started to squirt and gust everywhere. I looked up at her with a enormous grin on my face as she took her hand and pushed my head to the side saying ” you shit head” while laughing. She had made it through the call without being obvious and had soaked all the sheets and comforter on the bed. I had this im proud of myself grin and laugh. I layed back down in her lap and she played with my hair somemore and she says ” we have got to find you a girlfriend, too many girls are missing out on you!”

NSFW: yes

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