[MF]Taking pictures of a woman half my age, Part 2

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She held my hand to the elevator and then while we were waiting for it to come she gave me a big hug and thanked me for not being a creep. 

I stepped back and looked at her. Her ass in that tight skirt. Just enough of her well rounded thighs showing. The curve of her calves, and the way her muscles flexed, in those heels. I asked her to give me her phone and started taking pictures of her in front of the elevator. I had her move to the window next to the elevators. It had a nice view of the skyline from the 17th floor.

In the elevator I took some more pictures. I had to kneel down to avoid being caught in the photos because there were mirrors all around. So there was some great shots looking up her legs to see the rest of her. She looked so gorgeous and sexy. 

I used her phone because I had told her before we did this that I would only use her phone and the digital camera. I would give her the SD card from the camera when we were done. She would be the only one in possession of anything we shot. 

The hotel and nearby restaurant were in the city’s company district. So with me in my suit and her in her new outfit, we just looked like two work colleagues gonna dinner. Except I was fully hard the whole walk. I did my best to hide it with my suit jacket. 

The restaurant was pretty busy. The bar was filled with people who clearly came straight from work, some solo travelers and some people enjoying happy hour. It was great to see so many people out after all the COVID shutdowns. 

We sat down, ordered drinks, then later food. And she seemed like she had something to say. 

Finally, she asked, “Can I tell you some thing? Well some things?”

She started by confessing that her real name was Paige, not Carly. She said she made up a name when we first started chatting because she hardly knew me. I understood.

Then she thanked me for making her feel so comfortable and explained that she had a good feeling that today would go well, but since we had never met she didn’t know, and was nervous until we met and then immediately felt everything would be okay. She said how much she enjoyed it and how sexy she felt during the afternoon. 

Then she said she felt she had overstepped our agreed upon boundaries and asked if I was okay with everything. I assured her all was fine. 

She asked if it would be okay if we didn’t take any more pictures or videos after dinner. Sure. 

Then she said what I think she was building up to.

“I love cum on my skin, but another reason I wanted you to do that is because I wanted to ask you something else, and didn’t want to take advantage of you. I know guys have a hard time saying ‘no’ when they have been hard for a long time and are dying to cum.”

I was confused, yet curious. 

“You know I have read all of your stories. Do you really love pleasing a woman as much as you say in your stories, or is that just added to make the stories better?” she asked. 

I explained that I do love it. Just as much, if not more, than anything sexual. 

“You know I have had some fun, crazy sexual experiences. But no one has ever just focused exclusively on my pleasure. You can say ‘no’ if you want, I will totally understand, but would you be up for us moving our line a bit so you could do that to me after dinner?”

I was not expecting this. At all. 

I told her that I would love to, that she is beautiful, sexy, fun, clever, kind, and it would be a pleasure for me. 

A massive smile from her. 

“But promise me that no matter what I say or do, that you won’t let us fuck. I don’t want to cross that line. But I don’t know if my body will take over my mind in the middle. You can’t let me. No matter how much I disagree with you. Promise?”

I agreed. 

She then excused herself to go to the restroom. I loved watching her as she walked away, and then noticed several other guys enjoying the view also. It was then that I realized my balls were still damp and sticky from her juices. If I wasn’t already hard enough, that made me harder. 

When she came back she handed me her phone. “You’re going to need this?”


“Because I am going to give you this.”

Her hand was in a fist as she reached it across the table. I put my hand out and she put something in my hand while her other hand closed mine around it. 

“Put your hand below the table and open it.”

There were her wet panties. They were black and I could cleary see the cream marks. 

“Put those in your pocket and then put the phone under the table and start recording video.”

She spread her legs and hiked up her skirt a bit. She had the little vibrator inside her. 

“I thought we were done with video,” I said. 

“I said no more after dinner,” she replied. 

The place was busy with mostly people from after work. Despite our age gap, we didn’t look out of place in this setting. The only looks we would attract were men (and women) who occasionally glanced at my gorgeous dinner companion. 

She played with herself. I could see most of it on the phone screen. She told me to lift the camera up to pan around the room and then put it back under. 

She played for less than three minutes before letting out some stifled sounds of an orgasm. I wanted to pull her foot up and begin massaging and teasing her for what was to come. But her legs were not long and our table was not very secluded.

We had dinner and talked. She was great. I really like her. But not in a way of ‘I love her and need to run away with her’. Just that she was clever and funny and thoughtful. So damned sexy. And so pretty. 

After dinner I went to the bathroom. No idea how I was gonna pee with a full erection. But needed to, badly. Eventually worked it out. 

I met her outside and she had her hair up in a bun. Looked like a secretary porn fantasy come true. 

Back at the hotel she asked if I was sure I was okay with what we talked about and if I was sure I could keep my promise. I assured her I was more than okay with it and I would keep my promise. 

Back in the room, she unbuttoned and removed her shirt. Then started to unzip her skirt. I told her to stop and sit on the foot of the bed. She sat there in her skirt, bra and heels. I grabbed the chair from the corner and sat in front of her. 

I grabbed her feet, put them in my lap and then removed one of her heels. I started massaging her foot, then calf, and lower thigh. I leaned forward and licked her foot. Top and sole. Took each of her toes in my mouth and sucked them. 

I was planning to take my time and give her all I’ve got. 

I did the same with the other foot. Then started kissing up her inner leg. Pushing her skirt up as I went. I licked up between her legs and all around her pussy, but not touching it. I’d make sure a hot breath hit it once in awhile. Then I reached behind and unzipped her skirt and she helped me shimmy it off. 

I lifted up her legs and licked her taint before going lower and licking the length of the ass crack. I swirled my tongue around her hole. Then worked my way back up. I so so slowly licked up along her lips. She had an innie or a simpson or whatever you want to call it. 

I slowly went up. Not even penetrating the lips. Got to the top and lightly flicked at her clit. Then back down. I repeated this multiple times, each time going a little harder, faster, and deeper.

I’ll never forget the way her body moved as I did it. Or the sounds of her breathing. And the occasional little whimper noise. 

I was really determined to take my time and make this a great experience for her. I must have done that for 10 minutes or more. She would thrust her hips up and I’d pull my head back. Telling her to relax and let go, “I am in control of your body now.” 

I finally sucked her clit into my mouth and while sucking it into my mouth, flicked it fast and hard with my tongue. When I could feel her getting close, I would release it then lick up the juices that were flowing everywhere. I’d lick her lips. Suck one. And after a few minutes I’d suck her clit into my mouth again and flick it furiously with my tongue. She must’ve gotten to the brink four or five times. Sometimes I would reach up and squeeze her tits or play with her nipples as I was doing it. 

Her hands would grab the back of my head and try to push me to finish her. 

No telling how many times she said, “Please.”

Finally, I decided it was time. 

I couldn’t see much. She had her thighs squeezing my head. Her nails dug into the back of my head and her hips bucked. But the sound when she finally came was amazing. Every muscle in her body flexed at the same time. Then instead of just going limp, her body sort of heaved up and down four or five times before she went still. 

She was quiet for longer than I expected. Except for her heaving breathing that was slowing down. I didn’t know if she was having regrets or just coming down. 

I cleaned up all the juices I could discover. Including down to her ass. I then buried my tongue deep inside her to suck up all of the juices I could get. Some pussies just taste really good. And I when I am in this state, I want to lap it all up. 

I avoided her clit, which was surely too sensitive at the moment. I kept tongue fucking her. Hard and fast. Her body started reacting. Her hands were back on my head pushing me deeper. 

Fuck me now. I need your dick inside me.”

I guess she knew herself pretty well to warn me in advance that this could happen. I just kept going with my tongue. Then finally inserted a finger inside her. Curled it toward me to discover her g-spot and my mouth went back to licking and sucking her clit. 

And then another orgasm. A little different than the first one. Her body more shivered than heaved. 

I stood up and realized her bra was still on. Well, if you can call it on. It was not covering anything. 

I rolled her over slightly and removed her bra. I pulled down the sheets and comforter and then pulled her up to the top of the bed and covered her. 

“Take off your clothes and cuddle with me,” she said. 

I did. She laid her head on my chest. She almost absent-mindedly started playing with my balls and slowly and gently stroking my dick. It was almost like someone playing with a fidget. I kept reminding myself to keep my promise. 

After a while she asked if we could keep going. Before I could even answer she was straddling my face, looking toward my feet with her ass right on my mouth. 

It seems she wants my tongue in her ass. So I went for it. Deep inside. She rode my face with that roll of her hips. 

After a while I asked if she could turn around so I could see her face and tits and she rode my face. She rode my face hard, grinding into me with force, to another orgasm. 

She licked some of her juices off the side of my face and smiled. Then we cuddled and talked for a while. She stroked and played with my dick as we did. Then she said she was tired and asked if she could stay the night. Of course she could. 

She asked me to spoon her. My hard dick could not have felt comfortable against her back. She scooted up a bit, spread her legs, grabbed my dick and slid it between her legs as we continued spooning. 

My hard dick was right against her still hot and wet lips. Just the head was sticking on her side and she used her thumb and finger to play with it a bit, precum was oozing out in amounts I had never seen, and then we fell asleep. 

I woke up to her head on my chest as she caressed my chest and stomach. 

“This is the first time I’ve seen your dick soft,” she said looking down.

And of course that lasted about 1 second after I woke up. 

She thanked me for not crossing any lines, for making it all about her, and told me no one had ever spent a whole evening making it all about her pleasure. 

She started stroking my dick again as it was hardening. Then she asked if it would be okay if she made me cum, as a ‘thank you’. 

She said she would feel guilty about her boyfriend if we fucked or she blew me. But asked if there was anything special she could do other than stroke me. Like did I want to cum on somewhere in particular or something. 

I told her I had an idea. I asked her to get on top of me and ride my dick without penetration. To just slide her lips over it. 

Fuck, that was so hot. Her juices covering my dick. Her body rocking back and forth. The way her hips moved. But most of all, looking at her great little tits and pretty face. 

She found a groove where the head of my dick hit her clit as she rolled forward. It seemed it felt as good for her as it did for me. I was trying to hold out as long as I could because nothing like this would ever happen for me again. I wanted to savor it. Remember everything. But then she started breathing heavy and I could hear her orgasm coming on, I just exploded. My mind went black. I don’t know if I came too soon for her to finish because I lost all awareness. It was probably just a few seconds, but seemed longer. 

She laid down on top of me. My cum and her juices smeared between our bodies. We laid there for a bit and then my alarm started going off. I had a breakfast meeting and then had to fly home. 

I asked her if she wanted to shower first, or together. She got up and started packing then grabbed clothes out of her bag. She wanted to leave our fluids on her for a while longer. She put on some lulu lemon-style leggings and a t-shirt, no bra or panties, and sneakers. Gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and headed out the door. 

I didn’t have much time to process. I showered, packed, went to my meeting, ran to the airport and got on the plane. On short trips i usually just bring one suit with a change of shirt or tie. As I stood in line at the security checkpoint, I realized her panties were still in my pocket. 

I took sneaked whiffs and licks of them on the plane before heading to the bathroom and jerking off while sucking her taste from them. I threw them in the trash to hide the evidence of our encounter.

We have chatted often since. We both enjoyed it. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t know if I will ever see her again. 

She has yet to post any of the pictures or videos. She does sometimes send me a short gif she edited from one of the videos, or a picture. 

NSFW: yes

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