[MFMF] The best way to say goodbye

First of all, in my previous post I introduce myself, so if you have any doubts I would recommend you to check it out.

To sum things up, my boyfriend and I decided to open our relationship for an entire year, in order to improve our couple and explore new things we were willing to do.

Many people asked me to distribute more stories, and this is surely one of the hottest.This story happened in May 2022, and it was our first experience in couple swaps.

Quick introduction, Alex and Liza (not their real names), were my bf’s coworkers. We all knew each other for a long time and we all hung out every time we had a day off.We had dinner several times, and also went to the movies and nightclubs from time to time.

Liza is 31 years old, and she is basically the complete opposite of me in terms of body shape. She is blonde, with green eyes, small perky tits and a nice big and round ass. The only thing we both distribute is our small waist.

Alex is 33, and looks like the stereotypical geek guy, except for his body, he is really toned and fit. A weird but attractive mix.

The reason we got together that night is because they were leaving the country the following week and we all wanted to have a nice farewell reunion. And thank them for all the times they helped us.

We went to a pub that evening and shared a nice meal and lots of drinks. Liza was wearing a gorgeous black dress, which made her ass look even bigger and her green eyes look even brighter. Alex was wearing a shirt and tight jeans, that accentuated his muscular legs.

The night went on perfectly, we were having a lot of fun and kept remembering about the good times we all had together.

At one point, the pub staff told us that they were gonna close and we could order a last drink before leaving. We thanked them and instead decided to head back to our apartment, where we had some more beers ready.

After we arrived, we just laid on the couch and started watching some videos on YouTube, and after that we decided to play a cards game that we had for some time. The game is basically made as an excuse for drinking and asking spicy questions, which was perfect for the ocassion.

As the game advanced, questions began to be more personnal and at one point we found out that they had decided to get pregnant in the near future. We congratulated them and wished them the best, mentioning all the sex they were gonna have in the process.

They thanked us and asked if we were thinking to do the same soon. We looked at each other and laughed.”We got some other things going on right now haha” my boyfriend answered.I smirked and kissed his cheek.

“Really? Like what? Work stuff? Projects?” Alex asked

“No, it is related to our sex life, we have an open relationship”. My bf looked at me with surprise. We never said anything about this to our close friends, we didn’t want them to judge us, but what can I say, I was a bit drunk, we all were.

“Open? Like fucking other people?” Liza was clearly curious

“Yeah, it’s a bit more complicated, but basically, yeah…” my bf replied.

“Wow” she said while looking at Alex, “that’s pretty wild” then she took a sip of her beer and kept going “Alex and I only had a threesome, with a girl we met at a bar”.

“Did you enjoyed it?” I inquired.

“He did, I felt a bit left out haha” she blushed and grabbed his hand.

We all laughed about it but it was clear that they were really shocked and interested about our situation, because they kept asking questions and asking for examples.

The game progressed and at that point the last cards showed up. This cards include some challenges involving stripping, kissing, and more things designed to experiment with your partner.

We asked them if they were eager to keep playing and alex instantly said “I am!” Liza followed “of course I’ll play if he plays”

My bf smiled and said “keep in mind some of this stuff might involve some… contact”

Liza grabbed the top card and while grinning said “this is our last night together, God knows when we will meet again, let’s just have fun”

The card read: “the other player will have to get rid of a piece of clothing””That’s what I’m talking about!” She celebrated. “And I guess that means I can choose any player?”

I nodded and saw how she instantly looked at me in the eyes, and selected me.

“Ok ok, I will take my socks off” I laughed. “Don’t you dare” they all said. I guess it was worth the try. So I kept them on and took my top away, revealing my black bra.

They approved and even clapped for me, which made me laugh.

Cards were drawn and after some challenges like massage your partner, more stripping and some kisses, it was alex turn. “Kiss the other player for 10 seconds (tongue included).Liza saw that and said that it was an easy one, while approaching him.

Alex stopped her, and while reading the card again asked “can I choose any player?””Wait what?” Liza said”Yeah, I kissed you already, I would like to try something g different, to make the game more interesting” while he was talking he looked at me the same way Liza did previously.

“Are you both OK with that?” He asked while looking for approval in my bf and Liza.

They both agreed and we went for it. My bf checked the clock and counted ten seconds. It was a great kiss and he was clearly enjoying it.

Beer cans were piling up on the table and the game became more and more wild. After one hour of playing we were all wearing only underwear, except for Alex, he still had his jeans on.

Only one card left. My bf picked it up. “Give or receive a lap dance”.Liza and I agreed to do it, I was going to do it for my bf and she was doing it for alex.

“Before we start, let me do something” Liza said, and then unbuttoned Alex’s jeans.I took a glance and was able to see the tip of his cock peeking on the top of his boxers. The boxer were Grey and I was able to see the bulge made by an already throbbing cock. If I had to guess I would say it was around 9 inches and thick.

Alex and my bf high fived and laughed as me and Liza approached them and started dancing and rubbing against both of their hard cocks.

We danced for some time until my bf grabbed me and made me sit on top of him, we started making out and barely noticed that they were doing the same thing.

Then I saw her looking at us while smiling “you kissed my man” she said. “I want revenge” She laughed.

“All yours” I replied, and watched as they kissed, while also looking at Alex’s cock, throbbing and leaving a wet spot in his boxers.

“Well, I think it’s time for us to leave and let them enjoy each other, don’t you think?” Liza said while running her tongue over her lips.

“I can’t let you drive! You are drunk as hell!” My bf replied while looking at Alex.

After a few minutes discussing it, we agreed that they were going to sleep in our room and we were gonna take the couch.

They got in the room and almost instantly we heard some moaning. We laughed and I walked towards the room, with the idea of closing the door and giving them some privacy.It was dark inside, but thanks to the lights In the hall I was able to see Liza blowing Alex, she was in all fours with her big ass pointing towards me.

I stood up in place for a few seconds, enjoying the view without even being noticed.It was mesmerizing, her ass was moving as she sucked, and I felt almost hypnotized my it. I didn’t even think, I just walked inside and gently caressed it.

She was a bit surprised, of course she wasn’t expecting that. But then she turned her attention to me, smiled and went back to the blowjob.Alex, he just blinked at me and kept pushing and pulling Liza’s head.

I instantly went back out and waved at my bf. He was gonna the toilet so I decided to wait in the room. I laid next to Alex and rubbed my hand all over his body, until I approached Liza, stroked her hair and proceeded to kiss Alex’s neck.He moaned and placed his right arm around me, grabbing me by the waist while Liza kept gagging and drooling all over his ready to explode dick.

My bf showed up and while smiling asked if there was some space left for him. They moved to side and I proceeded to imitate Liza. Getting on my fours, ass pointing towards Alex and waiting for my bf to put his cock in my mouth.We stayed like that for a while, the girls sucking and moaning and the guy caressing each other’s gf, slapping and even fingering us.

I was already soaking wet and turned around, ready to be pounded by my bf. He moved my thong to the side and began pounding harder and harder. I was so turnt on by the scene that I didn’t even realize Liza was undoing my bra, which made my breast swing like crazy, only stopped by Alex’s hands.

I did the same for her and as soon as she was completely naked, she climbed on top of Alex and began riding him. She looked gorgeous, controlling the pace, the depth, her blonde hair flowing over her pale and freckled back.

We fucked and moaned for some time, checking on each other, and enjoying the sounds. Ir felt like a competition, the guys seemed to be doing their best to make us cum as soon as feasible, and we were extremely into it.

The time came, and we both orgasmed a few seconds away from each other. I looked as Liza clawed her nails in his chest and I just quivered and fell on the mattress, gasping for air. The guys were still ready for more, and it was clear when Alex positioned her in doggystyle and kept fucking while she was still trying to recover from that first orgasm.

I remembered Liza saying that she felt ignored during their 3some, so I was going to make sure this was different. I snuck underneath her and started kissing and biting her diamond hard nipples.My bf, was waiting on the side, still with a full erection so I asked him to get closer, in order for me to give him a handjob.

But Liza had a different idea and before I could do anything, she wrapped her lips around his shaft. We both smiled and allowed her to enjoy being spitroasted for the first time, and based on the sounds, she was loving it.

I had a great seat in this scene, I was able to see her tits moving back and forward, my bf’s cock reaching her throat and if I looked down, I was able to see Alex balls slapping against her soft pussy.

We stayed like that for a while until I noticed she had stopped moving, and was focused on the dick in front of her.I peaked and saw Alex opening a condom and putting it on, “that’s weird I thought, why is he doing it that after fucking her bare for so long”. I just ignored it and went back to work, taking care of her clit and breast.

All of a sudden, I felt it. Alex went balls deep inside me and made me let go a muffled scream. The feeling of his thick shaft making his way in and the fact that I wasn’t expecting it at all made my legs shake and the only thing I did was wrap them around him and pull him towards me.

He grabbed my ass and lifted it up a bit, to make it more comfortable for both of us. Liza then moved to a side and the next thing I know is that she was laying on her side, legs open and my bf was laying right behind her, with his dick drilling her pussy. I took Alex like a champ and put both of my legs in his shoulders, in order to give him the possibility to go deeper.

Next, I told him to fuck me like my bf was fucking Liza, because it is one of my favourite positions. He agreed and allowed me to place myself in front of Liza, with my legs opened, just like her.

We kissed while they kept pounding and pounding. Our hands exploring each other bodies, she grabbed my bigger tits and I clenched on her round ass. Our clits were taken care of aswell, as we both enjoyed that.

It felt like a porn movie, not going to lie. Watching my bf fucking that beauty while being stretched by his coworker made it look like something out of our wildest fantasies.

I came first this time, and I just remember kissing her with passion and biting her lip (a bit too strong maybe, I gave her a small cut). She didn’t care, she kissed me back and gently placed her hand around Alex’s shaft, stroking him in and helping him cum. He did and gave the last deep pumps inside me.

My bf was struggling a bit, I know how hard it is for him to have an orgasm while wearing a condom, and specially if he drank before. So I made sure that Liza was satisfied before taking care of him. I rubbed her clit harder and harder and choked her softly, she then looked at me and let a loud gasp out.

I kissed her again, told my bf to stand up and kneeled in front of him. Removed the condom and told him to fuck my face, he didn’t waste any time and proceeded to do it. Liza was kind enough to help me and used her tongue to play with his balls. I felt his dick pulsating so I knew it was coming. Took it out of my mouth and jerked him until he dropped a big load all over my face, tits, and also a little on Liza’s face.

We looked at each other, laughed a bit and took turns to get in the shower. My bf first, Alex next and then me and Liza went together.We didn’t do much in there, just helped each other with the soap and also a few kissed. She complimented my body and I did the same for her. And she even confessed that they at all times saw us as a hot couple and even talked about how they wondered we fucked. “We were right, you are both great”.I smiled and told her that It looked like we all enjoyed a lot.

We all went to sleep and on the next day we said goodbye.We hugged and thanked each other for the great night we had.

We often message each other, but nothing sexual. We like to think it was an opportunity to show how much we liked and enjoyed each other business.

Liza is pregnant now and I know they will be a gorgeous and happy family, and I’m glad that we helped them achieve a fantasy that they didn’t even know they had to fulfill.

Hope you enjoyed it, I still have some more stories to tell, and I might even try to convince my bf to distribute some of his. We’ll see! Haha

NSFW: yes

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