[MFM] Sharing my Wife with my Friend

At a friends party, we had been drinking and playing Cards Against Humanity. We were all seated around a large table, my wife sitting between one of my best friends and I. We had been chatting before, my friend and I, about my wife and how he has all the time had a crush on her. I all the time encouraged him and told him my own fantasy of seeing guys flirt and grope her. Ive told my wife too on separate occasions durring sex.

After an hour of playing and drinking we decided to take a break. My wife asked if anyone wanted a drink as she got up to go to the kitchen. Several of us did and my friend got up as well and said he would help her get the drinks. He followed her into the kitchen and once at the refrigerator, my wife opened the door and observed the drink selection.

My friend, a bit horny and braver than usual due to the amount of alcohol he was drinking, leaned in behind her with one hand on the refrigerator door and his body trapping my wife between him and the open door. He is 6’2 and close to 400 pounds and my wife is 5’7 and around 140. She is completely obscured to anyone who may walk in. Looking down at her, he can notice the cold air is making her nipples hard. Not being discrete at all, mentions that he can see her nipples and makes a opinion about being lucky she wasnt wearing a bra. With the hand that wasnt holding the door, he reached down and started to feel her tits up over her shirt. My wife, also being a bit tipsy, remebers all the times that I had told her about my fantasy of her letting guys play with her. She doesnt stop him and casually goes about selecting drinks for everyone as my friend gropes her tits and plays with her nipples over her shirt. Once both of her hands are full my friend pinches her nipple one last time before stepping back to allow her to walk away. She hands him a few of the drinks and returns to the room where the rest of us are gathered.

My wife and my friend take their places back at the table and continue as if nothing happened. My wife gets out her phone and send me a message about what just happened. I feel myself getting hard as she describes it.

Later in the evening once everyone is starting to leave, I offer to give my friend a ride home, which he accepts. We say our goodbyes and we all 3 get into my car. My friend gets in the back and I suggest my wife should get in the back with him. I jump into the drives seat and begin the 20 minute drive to my friends place.

Barely 60 seconds into the drive, I can see in the mirror that my wife has her shirt pulled down and that my friend has one arm around my wife and is playing with both of her bare tits. Moments after that, he had his hand down the front of her leggings and he was fingering her. My wife had her eyes closed and was certainly enjoying the attention. I see him begin to kiss her neck and work his way down to her breast. He sucks and bites at her nipple which causes my wife to arch her back, his thick fingers pusing deep into her soaking wet pussy. Without hesitation, my friend begins to make his way down her body with his mouth. He gets to her navel and starts to push her leggings down. She bites her lip and glances at me watching in the mirror. I grin at her and she lifts her hips, allowing my friend to take off her leggings. Now bottomless with her tits out, she shifts in the seat, leans her back against the door, and spreads her legs, placing one on the back of my driver seat and the other on my friends shoulder. My friend positions himself between her legs and starts going down on her. His tongue flicks her clit and his fingers probe her at a steady pace. His free hand plays with her tits. I reach back and also feel her other breast. It doesnt take long before she grabs my friends hair and cums on his face, grinding her pussy into his mouth.

My cock is rock hard and screaming to be set free and Im sure my friends is as well. I pull over into a dimly lit parking lot. I get out and open the car door my wife is propped against. She laughs and nearly falls out. I tell her I cant wait to get home to fuck her and that she needs to bend over. She laughs and repositions herself in the car, her head in my friends lap, her weight on her knees with her ass in the air. I pull my cock free and slip it easily into her. I hold her hips and thrust hard and fast into her. My friend continues to play with her tits. Lost in the moment, I almost didnt notice that my friend had freed his cock from his shorts and each thrust I made would push my wifes head into his lap and his cock into her open mouth. I cum almost immediately upon seeing this. As I pump into her, she moans and my friend starts cumming as well. Grabs her head and buried his cock into her throat. Once he finishes we clean ourselves up and we drop my friend off at his home.

NSFW: yes

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