Meeting up with an ex

So I’ve been talking a lot with an old ex of mine. We had a pretty active sex life, but we were young, so we were not to experienced yet. It’s been about five years since we’ve seen each other in person, but lately we’ve been snapping and talking on the phone almost daily. She’s since moved out of town and now has a husband. As our talks got more personal she relieved to me that her marriage has become more of a roommate situation. Hence the sudden interest to talk to me again. Things didn’t work out for us at the time for reasons I maybe distribute later on but neither of us really wanted to split.

As our talks became more heated she told me she’s grown a kink for rough sex and rape role play. Something I myself have also grown to enjoy. I became so turned on at the idea of playing around with her again as her body was still the perfect curvy shape only her tits had since gotten bigger after child birth. She now has a amazing set of triple Ds.

So a opportunity finally came where she came into town to see her family without her husband due to him having to work. She let me know when she could sneak away so her family wouldn’t see who was picking her up. She made the excuse that she was gonna go shopping with some old friends. We were actually gonna go shopping but I had other plans first. So I finally pull up and she gets in. Not seeing her in person for sp long as see she’s just as fine as ever, but now I know all her new kinks. I quickly drove away before her family could see us. She asked where we were going first and I said nothing. I pulled into the first empty alleyway I could discover , parked my truck and immediately leaned over kiss her while squeezing her thigh and gropping her tits. I obviously caught her by surprise so she fought me off a bit and tried to move my hand from her tits. I roughly grabbed her hands and tossed them out of the way to continue grooping as my other hand had slid up her thigh and forced her legs open. My hand now under her skirt and rubbing over her panties. I stop kissing for a second to see her reaction and I can see the lust in her eyes but she continues to play along. She tries to fight me off again but this time I put my grip around her throat and bite her lip. I stop rubbing over her panties to unbutton my pants and pull my cock out. She sees it and tries to withstand as I slap her to behave while I grab her panties and yank them off. I can feel how wet she’s gotten as I slide my finger in her. I pull up her top and yank her enormous tits out of her bra while I continue to finger her roughly.

I stop to pull my seat all the way down and order her to ride me. She replies with “you can’t tell me what to do”. I follow up by slapping her and pulling her on me. Once my cock rubs up against her pussy she fully gives in and guides it in her. I pulls her down so groop and suck on her tits as she full on bounces on me. So much so that she hits her head on the truck ceiling a couple of times. I constantly smack her ass leaving red marks all over it all while kissing and biting her tits and neck. I thrust my hips with hers until I’m ready to blow. In the heat of the moment I didn’t bother to ask her if cumming in her was OK. I grabbed her hips planting her down to the base of my cock and blew one of the biggest loads I’ve blown on a while in her. We passionately kisses with my grip on her throat as my cock throbbed in her, releasing every drop of cum I could.

Afterwords we caught our breath as she stayed on me. Her body collapsed over mine with my cock now going soft still in her. I got a simple but welcoming “that was amazing” from her. After some talking and fixing ourselves back up we continued our day by going out shopping before I took her back to her unsuspecting family. While we were out she told me she could feel my cum dripping from her pussy. Luckily she put her panties back on.

NSFW: yes

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