Massaging Her While He Watches [M40s,F60s] (Massage)

“I’ve been trying to talk my wife into experiences with other people and she is interested but hasn’t fully agreed to, yet.”

The response to my ad offering a sensual massage piqued my interest immediately. I’m not a masseuse. I have no official training. However, since my ex really enjoyed massages I had taken the time to study techniques on my own. Eventually, I discovered sensual massage and spent a few months learning about that and practicing on my (very appreciative) ex. It turns out that having large, strong hands is an asset when giving a massage.

That relationship was long over at this point, but my enjoyment of giving a great massage endured. I had taken to posting advertisement offering them for fun, no strings (or money) attached. My pursuits had led to quite a few enjoyable evenings.

This, however, was a new wrinkle. It had not occurred to me that a couple would be interested in the female half receiving a massage. I was interested, so I read on. I’ll call him Ned. Ned wrote that he hoped a massage might lead her to want to do more. He hoped it might end with her having sex with another man.

I wrote back to him and told him to curtail his expectations. While anything is feasible the best approach is one, non-aggressive step at a time. I did, however, tell him I was interested. He didn’t want to tell her that he’d found me through an ad, so he said he’d tell her I was a client he had befriended.

After a few more messages back and forth I agreed to host both he and his wife, Dana, at my house the following Saturday morning. This would be different than anything I’d done before. I’d never had anyone watch. I had never given a massage to a woman without speaking to her first. She also would be the oldest to which I had applied my skills. Nonetheless, I had the familiar excited butterflies in the days leading up to our appointment.

On a mostly grey, mid-Spring Saturday morning, I stood where I could see out my front window without being seen by anyone outside. At precisely the agreed upon time, a car pulled in. I went to the door to greet them before they had to knock. They were friendly but both seemed nervous. I smiled, hoping to ease their discomfort.

As I held the door and they passed me, I got my first good look at her. Average height and weight for a nearly 60 year old. Her jeans and shirt were plain and I didn’t get the feeling the lack of makeup was just because of my suggestion it be omitted.

I led them into the living room where I had my massage table set up, a sheet draped over it for her to cover herself with after she undressed. As I all the time do, I invited her to make herself comfortable while I left the room for a moment. It is entirely unnecessary, but it lets a lady disrobe without feeling like she’s being ogled by a stranger. After giving enough time, I reentered with my already warmed oil and some towels.

Dana lay face down on the table, her head cradled in the headrest. I can all the time tell about a woman’s comfort with her own body by where she places the covering sheet. This time it was pulled up over her shoulders to her neck. Ned sat on the couch on the opposite me as I began.

While I arranged the oil and towels to be conveniently placed, I asked her if she had any sore spots or issue areas. She said that she didn’t, then after a short pause said, “I did wake up with a migraine this morning.” I assured her I’d see if I could help with that.

I folded back the top of the sheet, exposing her shoulders to the middle of her back. Putting the warm oil onto my hands and began to rub it gently onto her shoulders and upper back. She flinched when I first made contact with her skin. Part of giving a great massage is watching the signs the body is giving you. Her jump said, “Proceed slowly.”

I began to press into her flesh with my thumbs and forefingers along the top of her shoulders. “If you’d like more pressure or if it’s too much, just let me know.”

A muffled, “OK” was the only response. I could feel the tension in her muscles. I continued to work her shoulders with slightly increasing pressure until I felt some of begin to ease. I used my thumbs on the back of her neck, up to the base of her skull. There are two points there often used in acupressure to relieve headaches (and several other ailments.) While I did this, she sighed. It was soft, almost imperceptible, but it mean she was beginning to relax.

I massaged over the edge of one shoulder and down her arm. When I reached her hand, I took it in mine and used some slight pressure on each finger. This is something I all the time do, but because she’d mentioned the migraine, I also spent sometime on the webbing between her thumb and index finger. It’s another acupressure point.

I massaged my way back up the arm, back across the shoulders and repeated the process with the opposite arm. As I returned the the shoulders for the third time, I glanced quickly at Ned. He was sitting completely motionless, almost transfixed on what was happening in front of him.

I peeled back the sheets further to her waist. I saw her body tense a little again. This often happens when new parts are revealed. Even face down on a table with breasts concealed underneath, being topless in front of a strange man is somewhat intense for some.

She quickly relaxed again as I massaged her back from her shoulders to her waist. I was surprised at how porcelain like her skin was. It was almost an alabaster white. No stretch marks or dimples, even though she was slightly plump. My fingers sank into her flesh, leaving slightly pink trails where I applied pressure. I gently rubbed some oil into her sides, between her arms and her body. Doing this brought me into contact with the extreme edges of her breasts.

Also, while doing this, as I leaned over her, my crotch inadvertently brushed across her fingers. The polyester athletic pants I was wearing were smooth and offered little resistance to catch on anything. The tip of my cock plopped directly into her palm. Her hand twitched but then held still, unmoving. I realized she had overcome the instinct to yank her hand away. I repositioned myself to extricate myself from her upturned hand.

I moved to her feet and uncovered them, leaving the bottom of the sheet at her knees. I spent quite some time with her feet. They can carry so much tension and also have so many nerve endings they offer lots of potential for pleasure. I nearly all the time get some moans or a “that feels so good.” Dana, however, was completely silent. I took this to mean she was not vocal about her pleasure.

She had pudgy little feet and somewhat thick ankles. I moved on to those ankles and then her calves. They were also a little thick, but muscular. She clearly was either a regular walker/runner or worked on her feet a lot. The calf muscles are a little tricky to massage. I use my thumbs to dig in and relieve any tension I can discover.

Soon, I moved the sheet up to the bottom of her buttocks. I noticed Ned finally moved, sitting up to see a little better. I almost all the time spend a good deal of time on the back of the thighs. Most hamstrings are tight so I go inch by inch, working them pretty hard and deep. Starting at the knees and working my way up to the buttocks. I’ll swing to the outside of the thigh and work back toward the knee. Then, back up on the inside of the thigh.

As usual, I pulled her legs aside slightly to reach where I needed to reach. The beauty of the female form is that it is anything but uniform. Each one is unique and each massage done this way is like slowly unwrapping a work of art. In her case, even with her legs spread somewhat, her thighs came together in such a way that it obscured any view of her vulva.

My fingers pressed closer and closer until they were perilously close to touching her sex. She was so warm and soft there. That was one leg done. I moved to the other and repeated the process. I glanced at Ned as I started it. He didn’t even notice my looking. He swallowed pretty hard, his eyes glued to my hands on his wife’s body.

Once I again reached a hairsbreadth of her vaginal lips, I took the sheet off her completely. She now lay naked in front of me. I noticed Ned was red-faced and breathing hard. There was a vein now noticeable on his left temple. “Geez, I hope he’s OK.” I wondered.

As my attention returned to her, I noticed that while her body hid her vulva in this position, her buttocks opened perfectly to expose her tight little anus. I remassaged her lower back and then followed those muscles as they connected into the top of her butt. Her rear was, like her legs, slightly plump and also a little square. I spent time on the middle of each cheek. As I worked, they pulled away from each other exposing her sphincter a little more.

I massaged the outside of her hips, letting my fingers drop down slightly underneath her before coming back up. I watched her anus twitch a little. This continued as I worked along the bottom of the buttocks in the crease with her thigh. My fingers brushed against her anus slightly as I worked. She jumped once then relaxed.

As I pressed and pulled, the very back end of her vaginal opening came into view. The lips covering it slightly glistening with her dew but still covering the way way in. Before I finished with massaging that area, I allowed my pinky to brush against her in that exact spot a couple of times.

Then, I used my hands to give fairly strong pressure strokes from her shoulders to her ankles and back several times. Then, lightening the touch, then with just the fingertip. Also repeating that along the sides of the body. Then I gathered the sheet and throwing it over her body once again, told her should could turn over.

She did, clutching the sheet to her chest so as not to expose herself. She settled onto her back and pulled the sheet up to her shoulders, though not to her neck this time. I took my time reapplying the oil to my hands to give her a moment to settle back down. Then I moved the sheet off her shoulders and left it just barely covering her breasts.

I massaged the front of her shoulders and then her upper chest muscles. The muscles on the front of the body are thinner and require a much gentler touch. Still, I pressed slightly into tops of her breasts to reach the muscle underneath. Then I slid my hands underneath the sheet and down her sides, spreading the oil and just barely applying any pressure. As I reached down her sides, my forearms pressed against the sides of her breasts, lifting them just a little.

Extricating my hands I lowered the sheet to her waist. I gently stroked my fingers into her stomach muscles and obliques. While I did, I saw her eyelids flutter in my peripheral vision. She’d kept them closed to this point. I knew she was looking to see if I was judging her body. It’s not something I would do, but of course she wouldn’t know that. I was, however, admiring it. I love the differences I alluded to before in the female form.

Her belly pooched slightly and I could tell it came from carrying children in her womb. Lying on her back it spread out and lay nearly flat in spite of this. Her breasts were very unique. Smaller than I had expected but with a wonderful, almost teardrop shape. Her nipples and areolas were so pale they were nearly indistinguishable from the surrounding skin. I’d never seen anything like that before.

I glanced at Ned again. He was still very focused on what was happening but now he squirmed just a bit. I assumed it was because he was enjoying the show and having the appropriate physical response. I moved to her feet once again and moved it to her knees. There is nothing really to massage as far as muscle on the front of the shin or the foot. Instead, I spread oil over her skin in long, soothing strokes.

After just a couple of minutes, I moved the sheet again, this time just to the top of the thighs. She was only barely covered and had I leaned down at all, I could have seen what was still covered. The front of the legs don’t have as much to massage as the back, but there are still muscles there. I worked over her quads. The outside first, then the inside. Again, inching toward her most private parts and again spreading her legs a little as I went.

This time, though, I didn’t get quite as close. Instead, as I reach the edge of the sheet on the 2nd leg, I removed it completely. I heard Ned breathe in deeply. “Hold it together, man,” I wondered. Her eyes remained closed, her face pointed at the ceiling.

I massaged her where her leg muscles reached over the front of her hips. It’s a very sensuous place to be touched. Then across her body, just below her belly but still above her pubic hair which I noticed was more grey than the hair on her head. It was also very sparse. Not shaved, just wispy and thin. On the way back, my fingers went through it. I saw her leg muscles stiffen ever so slightly.

I ran my fingers from the front of her hips, down the inside crease of her thigh. The side of my pinky grazing her vulva. With her legs spread a little I could now see her clearly. A woman’s labia is a wonder. They are like a million different types of flowers. Each with it’s own shape, color and structure. Hers was folded tightly together like an unopened lily. There was almost no hair at all on her except for the patch below her belly button.

I began the same long strokes from ankle to neck that I did on her back. As I moved over her breasts my palms brushed her nipples but my fingers splayed to let them pass between. After a few passes I began sensual touches. Beginning in the hollow of her throat and then down the middle of her chest between her breasts. Light, trailing fingers. I let them brush past her nipples, a few times. Then a slightly firmer touch on the undersides of her breasts. My hand covered breasts with my warm palms over her nipples, just barely touching.

I could feel them start to stiffen just a bit. Her eyes opened and she looked up at me and this time I made eye contact with her. My hands resting gently on her breasts. I smiled slightly. She turned her head to look at Ned. She said nothing but her expression held the question. Ned nodded at her. “Just relax and enjoy,” he said.

She closed her eyes and turned her head back toward the ceiling. I traced my fingers over her belly, around her hips and thigh again. Again across her abdomen, then time allowing my fingers to stray closer to where her clitoris was hiding. Her nipples now had the slightest pink of color. Almost imperceptible. I pressed my palm against her pubic mound gently, but firmly.

Holding my hand there, letting the warmth seep into her, I continued to caress her upper body with my other hand. Color was seeping into her face and neck, too. I let my fingers trace the lines of her outer lips. Brushing lightly over her vulva. It to was beginning to pink ever so slightly. She widened her legs a little and I slid my fingers further between them.

Though her lips were still folded tightly on themselves, I could feel the hint of wet that was trapped inside. Ned looked as though he might faint. His eyes were wide, his skin flushed. From my experience, I sensed she was only a few minutes from an orgasm. I continued to vary my touches, keeping them light. Almost teasing but firm enough to ensure pleasure. As I touched her around her clitoris again, her hips twitched slightly.

Then, just as I prepared to move into my next group of touches she took hold of my wrist. My hand was still on her clitoris. She didn’t move, just held on to me. I turned to look at her and her eyes were wide open, staring at me. “That’s enough.” she said. Still neither of us was moving.

When a lady says enough, a gentleman stops. I consider myself a gentleman. I pulled my hand away from her body and wrapped her in the sheet as she sat up. Ned looked perplexed but after a moment started gathering her clothes for her. I turned away to allow her to dress in privacy.

When I turned back, she looked at me and said, “Thank you. My headache IS gone.” Then she was gone. Ned lingered in the door for just a moment and said quietly, “I’ll be in touch.”

We traded messages again after that. She told him that she wasn’t ready. I was concerned she was upset or offended but he said she wasn’t. She’d enjoyed the massage but she didn’t want to be with other people. At least not yet. I told him that in my experience she was close to release. I theorized that those feelings from another man triggered some shame she couldn’t suppress.

I offered to give another massage should she ever change her mind. We traded messages again a few times over the next few months, but they’ve never taken me up on my offer.

NSFW: yes

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