(M)assage turns into 15min sex (timed)

As usual a couple of notes: i’m italian so sorry for any mistakes and my stories are all 100% real.

I’ve at all times been good giving massages to girls.

One time a met a cute blonde, 20yo (i was 33) during a night out with friends (she was a friend of a friend of a friend).

We just started talking and, when she said she was at all times suffering from backache i told her i could give her a good massage. She ssemed interested, but not that much so i wondered that would go nowhere. No big deal.

Turns out she was interested. I get a call from her couple of days later and we meet in the afternoon at a local bar near my place. We get a drink and she tells me that she would really love a massage that she feels so stressed and whatever.

We go back at my place and i tell her to lay down on my big bed while i go get the massage oil warm and ready.

I get back 5 minutes later and she is waiting for me laying down on her belly just wearing her panties.

I begin giving her a massage, i have strong hands and the oil does it’s job. She moans every now and then and her moans actually run me on.

he has a very nice body and a soft skin.

i keep going for a while until she says “i’m getting…. a bit .. horny….”

Well, it happens. *grin*

I then begin moving my hands lower massaging her ass and she removes her panties without saying nothing. I check her pussy and she is a bit wet so i begin focusing on her “oh well.. you really are a bit.”

“you can fuck me if you want but please no more than 15 minutes, i dont like sex to go on too much”

I never heard of such a thing but whatever, i have a cute blonde asking me to fuck her so…

I grab a condom, take a look at the time, spread her legs and begin fucking her cute pussy.

I manage to cum in exactly 15 minutes.

I couldn’t tell if she did, she was enjoying it for sure but she just made me use her. Payment for a good massage?

She thanks me “that was perfect! thanks!”, gets dressed, kisses me and goes her way.

Can not complain.

NSFW: yes

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