Married (29f) fucked my neighbor during a massage while his wife was downstairs waiting for me to massage her too

*If you haven’t read my other stories/confessions about how I started sleeping with my neighbor you might want to*

So for work I’m a physio and massage therapist. I work out of a clinic but also do at home and mobile work. I at all times keep it 100% professional… except a couple days ago at home in our massage room.

Our neighbors had asked if I could give them each an hour massage to help with their tight backs after they got back from a road trip last week. I of course agreed as I see lots of people out of my house , only thing is my neighbors wife had no idea that he has been fucking me when she’s not around for a while now.

So they came over and I said I woukd massage Scott (the husband) first . My husband stayed on the main floor with his wife having a drink and chatting while I took Scott upstairs to the massage room. I already knew what was gonna happen. We got in and he juat got naked and jumped on the massage table. I did actually begin off by fixing his lower back and worked on him for a bit but then when it came time to flip , he flipped over with a huge hard on. Instead of massaging his chest I put more oil on my hands and started stroking his dick softly up and down while we talked dirty and about how his wife was just downstairs . I kept jerking him off for a while even rubbing his balls and ass with oil.

Then I crawled up onto the table and slide his dick inside me as I slowly lowered on top of him . We were trying to be quiet and I just road him sensually and slowly for a while untill I felt him shake and cum deep inside me. I continued riding him for a min untill I quietly came all over his dick .

We then quietly got dressed and I left the room, he followed shortly after. He went downstairs telling his wife how wonderful he felt and that it was her turn for a massage. She went into the room and got on the table and I followed in . I started working on her back all while her husband’s cum slowly started to leak out of my pussy and down my leg. She still has no idea about us while I know Scott was downstairs telling me husband every detail of how I rode him on top of the table.

That was their first massage from me and I have a feeling Scott is gonna tell his wife they should make it a regular thing. It was extra hot for both of us fucking while she was right down the stairs.

NSFW: yes

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