Maria The Dick Tease Part 2 (MF)

I didn’t get a chance to tease Maria any more that night—her parents drove up and her dad beeped the horn. I went home and wondered my dick was teased enough for one night. I took a quick shower and my phone was buzzing like crazy. It was a text from Maria: *Want more? Look out your window*. I did and she’s standing there topless cupping her breasts and pinching her nipples. My phone buzzes again. *Tennis tomorrow? I want to slap your balls around*. That little witch never gets enough does she. I text back, *Sounds like a blast.*

Maria is ranked in the top twenty high college girls in the state as a senior. Yeah she’s 18, but balls, she’s a tease. She picks me up to go to the tennis club and she’s stroking my cock all the way there. “That’s a nice dick; just the way I like it; long and hard.” I begin to twitch and she pinches the head, none too gently either. “You cum when I say you do.” At the club she takes off her warm ups and she’s wearing a skimpy pink skirt with a white sport bra top. My balls are aching.

I’m okay playing at tennis, but Maria has me running all over the place. Every chance she gets she bends over to show me the shorts sh has on under that skirt barely cover her ass. She wins the first set, I win the second, but she demolishes me on the third. I think we’re gonna the showers, but Maria works there. “No way pal; I have some work to do and you’re helping me.”

The club also has a room for gymnastics and we have to sanitize the mats. Maria is dick teasing me like crazy; she cup a luscious breast, lick her lips, squeeze my balls and she giggling like crazy. Good thing I have compression shorts on or my hard-on would be sticking straight out. I can only take so much and when Maria bends over and I can see her ass has swallowed her shorts and her butt cheeks are on display, I come over and pick her up, and bend her over the pommel horse. “It’s about time. That dick feels good, take me, fuck me from behind.” I yank down her shorts and drive into that sopping pussy. “Oh that a good thick cock, Fuck; pound that pussy.”

Maria is grunting like crazy and I can feel her pussy dripping down her legs. I love the sounds my hips make when they slap her ass too. “So teasing turns you on. Maybe you’d like it if I stroked that clit of yours?” Maria moans, but I don’t stroke it, I rub it nice and hard and her ass is shaking like she’s ready to cum in under a minute of her pussy pounding.

Maria is shaking more now and she’s almost whining, “Oh fuck. slam that hole; don’t stop, oh fuck, can you feel that? Your big cock will make me cum. Oh fuck!” Maria arches her back, slams into me and clamps down on my cock. “Oh fuck that’s good. Give me a second to. . .” Hell no! I increase my tempo and keep slamming that pussy with my cock. I reach up and pull her breasts out of her top and squeeze them until Maria moans. I pull her into me by her shoulders and while she’s still shaking from her orgasm, I slam into her over and over. “Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah; don’t stop ponding me, you, oh yeah!” Maria is arching her back again and shaking all over. I doubt we’ve been at it three minutes and she’s come twice. “I played with myself half the night; you are suck a tease with that cock of yours. Come on, I’m not done coming; fuck me raw.” I don’t stop and she’s shaking so much she almost falls, “Oh mother fucker, you having fun?”

I grunt, “You know I am. I’m like one of those machines that fucks you until you squirt. You need to squirt before I stop. I know you want to come again.” I reach up and fondle her breasts and Maria whimpers. I let go of her right breast and begin pinching her clit which is so swollen she sort of shakes every time I give it a squeeze. “You were going to slap my balls around huh? I think I’ll stop when you squirt all over the place. This is how a big dick teases that little pussy of yours.”

Maria gave a sort of a squeal before she squirted all over me. “You motherfucker! Think this is funny? Now we have more work to do.” Maria pushed me off her and knelt in front of me. Maria grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard. “Would you mind sticking your dick in my mouth? I want to lick my pussy juice off of it. Balls deep, I’ll lick your nuts until you cum.” Maria grabbed my ass and forced my cock down her throat until he was balls deep and her tongue lapped at my balls. As she pulled back, she increased the pressure on my dick until it popped out of her mouth. “You like that; you want more?” I grunted. Maria licked the tip while she squeezed my balls. “You have a very yummy cock; I’d suck you all the time, but I don’t have all day, you need to shoot your load all over my tits. Think anyone will notice your jizz seeping out from my top?”

Maria bobbed up on down on my dick until she felt me twitch. She clamped down hard on my balls for a few seconds before slapping my swollen balls. She pumped my dick with one hand and squeezed my balls with the other. She sucked both balls in her mouth and stroked me hard. “Oh I love that the best.”

Maria laughed; “Better than this? I’ll stroke your cock and massage your balls until you shoot all over me. Oh your balls are getting tight now; you’re almost ready, oh yes!” Maria sucked the head of my cock in her mouth to catch the first spurt before letting me explode all over her sweaty tits. “Oh yeah, that’s what I like; look at all that cum. It’s okay, I’ll drain you.” Maria kept pumping me until I went limp. She tugged her top down and massaged all my cum into her sports bra. “Now clean up the mess you made. If my parents go out tonight, I may let you have a bit more fun.”

Maria pulled up her shorts before giving my balls one last squeeze. Maybe having your dick teased wasn’t so bad after all, as long as it ended with a good draining. We’ll just have to see won’t we.

NSFW: yes

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