making myself shake and squirm in pleasure – Short Sex Story

i have all the time give myself strong orgasms , but none as strong as when i finger fuck my pussy into pure bliss
i like to begin by slowly teasing my clit with my finger and teasing my slit, until my pussy is dripping wet just begging for my fingers inside of it , when the urge becomes too much i slip my fingers inside and start to move them in and out of my dripping wet tight cunt , the pleasure begins to feel immense and whimpers and groans escape my throat as my fingers start to move faster and faster in and out of my pussy , i have now lost control and my hands got a mind of its own , desperate to slam 2 fingers in and out of my soaking pussy until i can’t take it no more , my room fills with the sound of my fingers moving desperately in and out at a incredible speed and my moans as i scream out ‘oh my god’ the pleasure keeps building up and i keep on going faster and faster , i raise my legs into the air so i have more access to my dripping pussy and my fingers feel even deeper inside me now, as i pump them a gush of pussy juice comes flooding out soaking me , but encouraging me to go even harder, i’m in heaven now , hearing my moans along with the sound of my fingers being slammed into my pussy , the feelimg of an orgasm begins to create up and i carry on , desperate for it , suddenly a massive wave of pleasure better than any ever before comes over me , my eyes rolll back in my head and i let out a loud guttural moan , i feel my pussy contract around my fingers as i start to shake all over , my legs in the air as my fingers try and chase the feeling by moving in and out slowly , but the orgasm has taken over my body , a massive gush of pussy juice leaks out of my little hole , soaking the bed around me , still twitching and unable to even see due to the immense pleasure i just felt i pull out my fingers , they are soaking and covered in my sticky fluids , i bring them to my mouth to taste my own creamy liquid , my hand reaches down, ready to begin again….

NSFW: yes

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